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I'm hoping My Google will be a big dashboard covering everything Google Now.
iGoogle has been discontinued, it's time for My Google. It's not clear what's behind this new service or if it will ever be released, but one thing it's clear: a Chromium bug report from a Google employee included a few links...
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Why call it MyGoogle and not Google Now if it does what Now does? MyGoogle is kinda lame.
I like myGoogle. Google Now is a single Service of Google's. myGoogle seems like it will encompass multiple Google services in one place. Maybe similar to iGoogle.
Google Mine was strongly integrated with G+ at the time of the leak so I'd assume MyGoogle is separate.
It's possible that MyGoogle will be the launch name of Google Collections.
Any chance that this is an internal page for employees? 
sadly, nothing quite that exciting.  Just internal HR stuff.
An ever evolving, dynamic personal assistant - Yes, yes.  One that dissolves barriers, eliminating 8-9 steps in a 10 step process.

You folks at Google are lucky dawgs - I wish I could get back in the game and spend some time in real-civilization, yet Alaska, law and family are my world now.  Even now and then I get to slip off to cyber-space to explore opportunity.

It's amazing to me, never before has there been this much opportunity for those eager entrepreneurs.  Good times, irie, irie.
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