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I'm assuming/hoping that the relative closeness with Drive (via URL) means that the API might be similar
I think Keep is an example app using the Drive API, there might not be a Keep API ever
Hmmm...not sure about the Drive API, so far stuff from Keep does not show up in synchronized Drive files. I'm too lazy to check the Drive API doc right now...but was there a way for apps to create files that are hidden or in some other way excluded from file synchronization?
Keep data isn't in the Drive UI yet. It's certainly not going to show up in the API either.
I can think of some great use case scenarios for our GAFB customers! I am excited to see where KEEP goes!
There will have to be an API, Glass will be the main stay for this.
any updates here?
i've been playing with google app script, the Drive department, nothing there that hints at Keep / notes API.
has anyone used the unofficial notes api to make anything? 
Made a quick Apps Script to test this.

 I can can get a token and make a restful call but get: 
  "errors": [
    "domain": "usageLimits",
    "reason": "accessNotConfigured",
    "message": "Access Not Configured. Please use Google Developers Console to activate the API for your project."
So without it being exposed to to turn on in the console, we can't get access.
There might be a way to activate a project for unlisted/private APIs.
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