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Let me attach my credit cards to this and then it will replace the Coin.
+David Lyons That's kind of the point. It's a card in it's own right that proxies (via Wallet) to cards you've linked to Wallet. You can change the linked card at any time via the Wallet app.
+Jeff Craig you know, i didn't think about the fact you could change the card it uses (if it will use your cards -- I thnk the verdict is still out on it. I only read "Wallet Balance" when I ordered mine) via the Wallet app. I only thought about it being done via the computer.
What +Brian Johnson said. If I can link it directly to a card: awesome, especially if it's lightning quick to change the linked card in the app. But I also got the impression that it's wallet balance only.
+Brian Johnson I've had one (perks of being a Googler). It will try to use Wallet Balance first (just like using Google Wallet does now)/. If your balance isn't high enough, it will fall back to the card on file.

While I didn't test this precise iteration of the card, I doubt that behavior has changed.
+Jeff Craig didn't the fine print state that you'd be charged a small fee to top up your wallet balance if it was insufficient or even if you're adding to it? Might want to look that part over. :( 
+Arash Soheili Credit OR debit will have a fee... only if you transfer via a connected bank account is it free.  
I cant help but wonder if Apple had done this, how many of you would be singing its praises or raining fire and damnation on Apple. 
+John Beebe if Apple had done this, I'd be jealous since I don't keep any financial information with them.

And, honestly, if Apple had done this, I wonder if it would be open to all like Google Wallet Card will be. Unlike Google, Apple makes their products Apple only....

Granted, the card would be device agnostic, but I wouldn't put it past them to make you somehow prove you were an Apple customer.
Damn, The Google Wallet app and card are not available internationally yet. anyways, thanks for the news! 
It is remarkable how similar Coin and this are , yet potential users have already picked their camp and are ready to get after it for who has the better product. 
It's not even remotely close to the same benefits that Coin offers  +Kirk Mead. The Google Wallet Physical card is literally a prepaid card which funds from your Google Wallet balance. The only way to fund a Google Wallet balance for free is through your bank account. There's a 2.9% fee for adding funds from a credit card. You can't just easily switch back and forth through the app to select your card of choice...
Hey +Rob Miller! Oh I know. I was really referring to the need for a mobile and an app along with a single card through which to access any number of others in both products. There are indeed some basic, superficial similarities.

...oh, and the need for potential users, in the pursuit of validation, to choose camps, to otherwise demean or praise a product concept or execution solely "on principle" or on it's theoretical short-comings or merit. Or a general blindness of detractor to reasonable use case arguments or rebuttals of their sometimes overblown critiques blah-blah-blah, etc "the end..." Cheers!
+Drew Everett The overdraft is a good point. Not sure but I would assume it would transfer via cc and charge you the fee. But it's best to just email Wallet support. I found Google to be very responsive via email.

Reading the help section it seems that if your Wallet balance is not enough then it will simply decline the transaction using your Google Wallet Card.
+Drew Everett  I just received this card and realized I have very little use for it. I'll be brief, unless wallet automatically withdraws from the underlying account/card it is linked to - allowing me to carry few cards, and that relationship or pairing is managed through Wallet, there are very few practical reasons why I would use it over the other cards currently in my wallet.

It looks very clean though.
+Kirk Mead ya, if it had the Coin functionality but controlled through the app, it would be awesome.
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