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Progressive Web App Example code

In preparation for presenting Leverage the Power of Native with Progressive Web Apps at WindyCity DevCon this past week. +Pearl Latteier and myself developed a sample app we call Sprinkle. It is written in ES2015 and uses a service Worker to cache offline rich media pulled from the Unsplash API.


#gde #webtechnolgy #html5 #opensourcecode
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🤙 Added a build step with ES2015 compilation and a fetch polyfill. It's working in Safari 9 now.
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Abraham Williams

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The abortion rate is at an all-time low — and better birth control is largely to thank - Vox
Use of contraception, especially the most effective methods like IUDs and implants, did much more to reduce abortion rates than restrictive laws.
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Abraham Williams

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Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve entered into an agreement to acquire Fabric to join Google to continue the great work that Twitter put into the platform. Our missions align closely: help developers build better apps and grow their business. The expected integration of Fabric is part of our larger, long-term effort of delivering a comprehensive suite of features for iOS, Android and mobile Web app development.

This is a great moment for the industry and a unique opportunity to combine the best of Firebase with the best of Fabric. We're committed to making mobile app development seamless, so that developers can focus more of their time on building creative experiences.

Learn more here:
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Abraham Williams

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RIP Google Contributor.
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Never heard of it :/
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Abraham Williams

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Events is coming to the new G+
You asked, we listened. From helping you see more of the comments, photos and posts that matter to bringing back Events, check out how we’re making the new Google+ work better for you:
From better commenting, to showing you more of what matters, to bringing back Events, we’re making a bunch of improvements to Google+ based on your feedback.
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Very much appreciated!
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Abraham Williams

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Maybe Alphabet will bring them back when they run out of letters for companies to start with.
🎶 Where have all the letters gone? 🎶
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Interesting that this article seems to contradict what the nice ladies of the Living History Center taught me - but clearly there is something to this story - Thorn almost looks like the Y that we see in the shoppe signs
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Abraham Williams

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Obama takes subtle jab at Trump in final press conference
President Obama on Wednesday thanked the Washington press corps during his final news conference — and in a not-so-veiled message to Donald Trump pointedly talked about the news media’s vital…
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Abraham Williams

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GOP makes plans to invalidate Endangered Species Act
With the ascension of President-elect Donald Trump, Republicans see an opportunity to roll back the Endangered Species Act, which has become one of the government's most powerful conservation tools. The GOP contends the act has been used by wildlife advocates to block economic development and to hinder drilling, logging and other activities. Over the past eight years, Republican lawmakers have sponsored dozens of measures aimed at curtailing the ...
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Abraham Williams

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Bush Counting Down Days Until He Is No Longer Worst President in History
“I guess you could say I set the bar kind of high, worst-wise,” Bush chuckled.
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Abraham Williams

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WhatsApp Security Vulnerability. Back in March, Rolf Weber wrote about a potential vulnerability in the WhatsApp protocol that would allow Facebook to defeat perfect forward secrecy by forcibly change users' keys, allowing it -- or more likely, the government -- to eavesdrop on encrypted messages.
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WhatsApp Security Vulnerability - Schneier on Security

WhatsApp Security Vulnerability. Back in March, Rolf Weber wrote about a potential vulnerability in the WhatsApp protocol that would allow F

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