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Redefining the Art and Science of Hermeticism
Redefining the Art and Science of Hermeticism

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The Mutational Alchemy Tarot is available for purchase:!/The-Mutational-Alchemy-Tarot/p/56027132/category=8801183

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That which is above Kether is inaccessible in this immediate tree but the sphere itself is installed in Da’ath The Seat of Knowledge [...] If one can maintain an asana within Da’ath (usually considered impossible as this is the Abyss) then one can wield the “Double Wand of Power” the circuit of Ain Soph. 

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9³ y’all,
As of this time we are still working out the details for the funeral arrangements. A service will be held as soon as everyone decides what they would like to hold it. ALL are welcome to attend, so stay tuned for dates. If you have any photos you would like to share at the memorial of yourself with m1thr0s 729 I would appreciate it, please send them to i z i n i n g i s h z i d d a @ o u t l o o k . c o m. Thanks.

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There is No God but Man, explained.

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I am sorry to be the one to have to announce m1thr0s 729 has passed away quite unexpectedly as of 11:19 AM this morning Pacific Standard time. We’ve never had a lot of very close friends but I ask that you assist in his burial for some small amount if you can if his work touched your life in any way and I know he personally wrote to thousands of people in his lifetime.  Here is the GoFundMe page if you would care to help with basic funeral expenses:

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"I've been seeing what's going on with this country since I was 13. I was talking about the rise of Nazi America back when using that vocabulary was shunned on all sides by every group of people that I might engage it with. So I just stopped talking about politics. America is going to fall. The question is, which way? Cuz' there's several possible ways for it to fall and not all ways are equal. Some ways work out to a real win-win situation. Some ways work out to a lose-lose situation. Some ways work out to a combination, a little of this, a little of that. I'm interested in the win-win situations, how to make those happen, which is of course the hardest, mainly because people have their heads just totally screwed up their asses. Trump could lead to the win-win situation indirectly because of what other people do in relation to what he does." - m1thr0s
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