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Recent studies show that #addictionrisk exists even with short-term use of #opioids:
A study revealed that one in ten postsurgical patients who used opioid in the short period of time became also addicted or dependent on the said substance.
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Mixing #drugs and #alcohol can be a dangerous decision. Think twice and seek help for #addiction:
Drugs and alcohol can be dangerous on their own, but when combined, the outcome can be deadly.
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How much do you know about #meth? Would you recognize the signs of #addiction?
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There are different ways to approach #addiction #treatment—but which is best for your needs?
Inpatient and outpatient treatment offer different advantages—but which form of addiction treatment is right for you?
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What are some of your go-to strategies for overcoming #stress in #addictionrecovery?
Stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart disease, ...
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“My honest ratings for my recovery, I used to choose the best drugs around, when it came to my recovery, I chose the best rehab I could find, for future growth” #TestimonialTuesday See what others are saying about Above It All:
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If someone you love is struggling with #addiction, get them the help they need at Above It All:
Does your family member or loved one need addiction recovery? And if so, how can you offer encouragement and support? Above It All explains.
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How you talk about #addiction does matter. It’s time to start choosing our words more thoughtfully:
More thoughtful, positive, and accurate language regarding addiction can help dispel the stigma associated with this illness and its treatment.
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Football season is about to kick off! What are your favorite #sober #tailgate activities?
Have a blast waiting for the big game with these tips for hosting a sober tailgate that won’t ruin your recovery efforts.
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Kyle Avarell addresses the real problem behind the current #OpioidEpidemic
Time and time again we hear stories about overdoses happening all over the world due to the overprescribing and abuse of prescription drugs. Though these prescription drugs are usually given to help the body during a time of pain, after some time they can begin to take a toll on the individual and his/her body.
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#Sobriety doesn’t have to be boring – it can be a lot of fun if you keep a positive attitude:
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Addiction Treatment Center
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"So from my family and I THANK YOU for your great staff and service"
"So I went home right after work and started to look up rehab centers."
"So dont give up and give them a look promise they will help you!"
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Terri Weeman's profile photo
Terri Weeman
3 weeks ago
I was very apprehensive when I went to Above it All, but it was the best choice I've ever made. I felt like I was where I needed to be and everyday I thank God that I found this place. Not only a great place to get sober but the follow up was unbelievable as well, I was still getting calls for over a year to see how I was doing, if I hadn't changed my number who knows I may still have been getting those calls four years later. So from my family and I THANK YOU for your great staff and service
• • •
Response from the owner - a week ago
We are dedicated to helping both our clients and their families to find a life free from substance abuse. Thank you for this amazing feedback!
Amy McHenry's profile photo
Amy McHenry
a month ago
An amazing program, gorgeous mountain setting, and dedicated staff who truly care!
Response from the owner - a month ago
This feedback has been shared with our team, Amy. Thank you so much for your willingness to send us such a wonderful comment!
James Haynie's profile photo
James Haynie
2 years ago
I was a client of Above it All treatment center as well as an employee. In my stay as a client I was a difficult person to deal with to say the least. I thought of every reason why the program would not work for me,I looked for every way to make the treatment staffs job harder. Every time I did so I was treated with compassion. Everyone on the staff treated me like I was a human being who deserved respect(if you had the chance to encounter me in active addiction you would know how difficult that was). I was always treated fairly and everyone including the owner(Korey Avarell) went far beyond their responsibilities to help me. I have stayed clean for almost three years now even returning to A.I.A. to work. As an employee I have seen the great personal sacrifices that all levels of staff make in order to help men and women like myself. I have seen how readily they take on these tasks and how often they are what separates A.I.A. from any other facility I have ever worked for. The compassion given is not simple customer service but a genuine concern for those they endeavor to help. Neither as a client or staff member did I ever see a client thrown out of treatment because they couldn't pay. I have also never witnessed a client complete treatment and not have a discharge plan. I have personally seen all levels of staff go above and beyond to get all clients the proper medications,diet,exercise and living quarters to enhance the quality of their treatment. This place and those people showed me a new way of life. My greatest thanks and deepest gratitude to all of them.
• • •
Response from the owner - a month ago
This thoughtful and thorough feedback about our facility is appreciated more than you could ever know. We are touched and honored by it. Thank you so much for taking the time to share it.
Olivia Gorton's profile photo
Olivia Gorton
4 years ago
We used Above it All drug rehab for my grandson who had recently developed a problem with drugs and alcohol. He had had behavioral problems early on as a child, but the drugs and drinking sent him on a downward spiral in recent months. Thankfully, we were able to get him into this treatment program at just the right moment. He is doing so much better now. He is continuing his treatment outside of Above it All now, on his own, but his continued success comes from the values he learned from his time at Above it all.
• • •
Response from the owner - a month ago
We are so grateful for the chance to help our beloved clients and their families each day. Thank you for taking the time to remind our team why we are here and why we come to work each day.
Jill Gatsby's profile photo
Jill Gatsby
in the last week
This is a dangerous rehab filled to the brim with criminals. This program will not save your son or daughter's life. This is another AA program run by common criminals and people with such low level educations that most of them never finished high school. Most HOUSE MANAGERS that work here are ex-cons and supposedly ex-drug addicts who are now on the "Right" path. There are at least 3 House Managers that are dead - who worked at Above It All - they all went out and overdosed. These were the men in charge of taking care of your sick addicted son or daughter. While AA is a free program designed for alcoholics, The AA BASED - REHAB PROGRAM is designed to financially destroy families while promising to help their addicted adult children. Families who are vulnerable will sell their house to put their kid in a place like Above It All - and there's a 95 percent chance or less that there will be any long term recovery. Within weeks of leaving these recovery centers 95% of all "clients" go out and use again (and the rate is higher for relapse when the drug of choice is Meth or Heroine). I know of one guy who died at ABOVE IT ALL treatment center - as they call it - of what the medical report says was of an ASTHMA attack - He'd been locked in a shed at this "Above It All" facility to sweat out his "Detox" and he was left there to die. He was 23 years old and his name was Jarrod McEntyre. Then this same rehab supposedly sent a 21 year old kid packing in the snow and the kid went missing until a year later after the snow thawed and they found his body. The police suspect foul play - Murder - The people who run Above It All, and most of these rehabs are drug addicts themselves and ex-cons - still running a con - and this time with your kids. Beware. If you send your kid here because he's addicted to pot or he's drinking too much - send him to Above It All and he'll most likely emerge a full on Junkie - with pro needle shooting skills. BTW I spent 20 years stone cold sober, and in AA and never went to rehab once. What I see coming out of Above It All is not a recovery program. It's just a scam and a very expensive and over-priced retreat for suckers.
• • •
Nicole Bieber's profile photo
Nicole Bieber
4 years ago
Above it all has the BEST addiction program in Los Angeles! my cousin went here and she said it felt like a vacation from all her problems... It was such a beautiful place that it gave her the time to remember what beauty is all about. Told me that she recognizes all the simple things in life that are worth living for. I can't thank you guys enough we all were so worried about her! She has been clean for 4 months, and keeps telling herself every day she isn't going to touch alcohol again!
• • •
Response from the owner - 4 weeks ago
Your comments made our team smile. We sincerely appreciate that you took the time to write us, especially with such wonderful feedback. Thank you.
Jordie Belvin's profile photo
Jordie Belvin
4 years ago
My boyfriend and I are in Central Arizona. When I got pregnant, we had to address his addiction problems. It was imperative that he get clean and stay clean, not just for him and I but for the little one we were getting ready to bring into the world. Even though we are in AZ, we decided to look into CA drug rehab centers. Above it all was very good. Their staff and programs helped Thomas to find a new life free from his dependencies. I would fully recommend Above it All if you or someone you know is suffering from addiction.
• • •
Response from the owner - a month ago
This incredible review has been shared with our team. They are so happy to read when our clients and their loved ones are doing well. Thank you for taking the time to share with us and others.
Jimmy Nix's profile photo
Jimmy Nix
3 years ago
Above It All at Lake Arrowhead is truly an amazing place for rehabilitation. They have completely taken care of my uncle and he has been sober for 2 years now. He is so full of life and was given the tools to succeed. I have so grateful for what they did to my family!
Response from the owner - a month ago
We are so excited when we hear that our clients are doing well in their recovery. That is our mission and feedback like this drives us to keep moving forward with helping others each and every day. Thank you.