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beauty arises on the way to simplify...
After this statement, the next one was "If you can explain a complicated problem in a simple way, then you did not understand the problem" ;-)
So it's pointless to say 'I can't find the words to explain it'. Rather say 'I DON'T know the problem' even when you might think you do ;)
I was just making fun:) +sabari nath that is very interesting...gives a new meaning to the statement above 
Very true and true to his word. He managed to explain gravity by the best possible analogy and his success in science was the victory of aesthetic simplicity over mathematical gymnastics and fudging through inspired insight. [Best example of the opposite is Ptolemy and epicycles]
Jason B
Why are all the good quotes taken by Albert Einstein already? 
yup its true i agree.........but ur right jason...if this goes on in futre people will only read qutes ....no one will make one
If you only use big words, and you can't find little words to say the same thing, then you don't actually know what the big words mean.
My job at work is to male processes simple and easy to understand for customers - I live by this rule.
Although I think many of his quotes are abused and misinterpreted. I think that this one is incomplete, too, in fact. The other part is something like "but not simpler than it can be".

I've studied general relativity and that is everything but simple.
You see, the stock market works like this - you buy low to sell high.
I'm an expert.
Good saying I used to like Albert but did u know he cheated on his wife.
With an Russian spy which made me loose all my respect for him.
It's maybe because she didn't understand the problem he was trying to explain to her.
Sounds complicated; can you simplify?
So how does that whole Higgs Boson particle thing work? 
some truth are hard just because they are so simple...!!!!
modern physicists need reminding of this and many other things this great man said!
Couldnt have been said better. Einstein was the shit.
Sometimes it is difficult to simplify stuff Or simplifications may become a problem. If you have nit understood it simplifications will become the problem+Jamie Gaize 
How would you explain simply that honesty is good, that money ain't everything in life, and why the grass is green to a child ?
simple is that you are the best scientis
Albert cheating on his wife I lost all respect for that man
Thanks Albert! I will use that in the future! (If I remember)
i guess why i don't go swell in physics class
If Albert really said all that is claimed to his name, he could be bigger in the literary world than in the science world.
If u Can't explain It Simply, You dont understand it well enough/
but a simple explanation does not mean you understand it
And he never explained anything simply himself... leaving us to wonder  with riddles and strange symbols that he was the only one to understand very well... Anyway, I believe he might have been a dude to spend a good time with, lifting up elbows and swallowing exciting nectar which make you see the invisible... A great guy I can tell you!
This is not an Einstein quote. It is a modified version of something Richard Feynman said, about explaining something on an undergrad level (which is still not necessarily that simple).
100% correct  i  agree  with  it
Tell that to Karl Marx! Have you ever tried to read Kapital?
Yes i knew it already because of our sensible preacher in our time bro. Eli soriano just simply the way how to speak and explain of every detail in different manner as simply logical to amaze.
No sir... People cannot explain things simply because they're stupid. Critics are a good example of stupid people....
Einstein ran into difficulties for much of his life when he tried to unify. His first love was gravity and it is a weak force. When I jump off a building it is overcome with ease when I hit the ground. Strong nuclear forces. He was unable to unify. Gravity remains a mystery, like other forces, as it is believed to be instantaneous. It is not possible to conceive how force at a distance can exist. Bergson, I think in Creative Evolution, offers remarkable pointers on time. There may be an ether. It may be important to know what a graviton looks like. The speed of gravity may also be important. I have had two small scars on my skull since birth. I may be a medical experiment. Hemisphereectomy? Einstein's brain is missing? Betrayed by my own. Jewish mind and English body?
Yes.. It is totally true.. Simplicity only possible as long as we overcome deep complexity as jobs said ^^
This is one of my favourite Einstein quotes
Couldn't agree more!
so most of my college professors didnt  know  shit.
And also if u don't understand it well enough, you can't explain it simply.
yes .... , Too great  scientist is !
Dette M
Simply true, 
Wow.  Who quotes themselves?  Who does this guy think he is, right?
I'm not so sure it's original from Einstein since He got so much trouble to explain his relativity teories series to Scientist World in His era.
And that people was why the man was a genius!
Idhi neneppudo naa buzz lo cheppa
if u did not understand well,u cannot explain simply:-)
That would explain the blather from economists! 
Albert:  Good to see that you've survived that "time/space" thing!
What's everyone doing ! I'm new on google could anyone help me to work it out
He sure gets your attention, so what does it matter who he thinks he is or even who he is. To me it's about the words being said that has the power to make you stop and ponder.
I'm new on google+ could anyone help me ?
I'm new on google+ could anyone help me ?
I heard that Ainstein even forgot her wife's name.
Grmbl, this is a Feynman quote, not an Einstein quote... actually it is not a quote of either, merely an attribution.
Both Einstein and Feynman have said things similar to this, but at least Einstein never meant it like it is presented here.

Don't believe every 'quote' you see on the net just because a picture of the person that is alleged to have said it is posted next to it.
How the frig do I use this site?! Einstein!? Help a sister out mang! Someone intelligent add me please :D
its right................
Oh sorry akihero I wrote it by mistake. My pardon.
The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.
Love that one! That is actually the foundation for the way I explain stuff in my books and when doing keynote presentations.
An actual quote he actually truthfully said for a change.
I like the way Shakespeare put it: "Brevity is the soul of wit."
It may not be einstein- too lazy to google it- but neither were murphy's law written by murphy but someone else by same name.
As kaalidaas said"what is there in a name"
In movie IQ,walter matthau plays einstein. Tim robbins a car mechanic.
Tr - do u think intelligent life exists on mars
Ae- i'm looking for one on earth
Assigning names will get our sense of history right. Understanding or enjoying will improve present and future.
god dammit this crap all the time when i hit explore,, i wanna see funny stuff... stuff that makes me go wow, not stupid fkn quotes
My friend Einstein I do understand from your face all
Great advice for my pissertation, oops, make that dissertation.  Is everything a social construct?
They didn't say this guy was a genius for nothing. 
So very true.  And there is so much I can't explain.
Every SEO Guru should read this prior to giving a how to seminar.
dood albert needs a makeover!
oh my goodnes...one to grow on

MH ziba
i know but some noy know
As Roma
Follow us if u love AS ROMA
If you understand it well enough, you could write about it in a whole book.
or my favorite -- If you can't describe your business model on a cocktail napkin, it is time to get out
a genious and areal man
OR it's a system comprised of tens of agents, each of them having internal rules. An Emergent System.
Not everyone was or is a genius. Some people the commoners I should say need a little help. Plus if you try, really try you too can come up with a cool quote. I did. Music is man's greatest activity. See its easy. And Im not even close to being a genius.
May be not but we will given time and Albert said there is enough of it to last for ever
Think about these words carefully&then answer?What do u think
absolutely very very true....a knowledgeable person has enough words and ideas to explain 
I agree with Albert because he knew better.
that's funny   I just had this conversation a few days ago   about the importance of language for conveying ideas. My "argument" was that if your language is limited - you cannot express and possibly not even consider - things of any real depth.
BUT  simple thoughts is not what Einstein's quote is pushing - UNDERSTANDING a thing deeply   and then conveying an explanation in a manner that even the simplest can understand - THAT reveals deep understanding of a thing.
Always explain the technical in a way that the audience has experience. Never assume and never use the term "obviously it is....."

Very arrogant.

I am in the streaming media field and I could easily explain how it works using terms like encode, transcode, transmux, bitrates and it would make complete sense to me

What I do do is explain these things by using use cars travelling via roadways, or water being poured down a pipe paradigms.

When people hear that, they get it.  :0)
How true. The purpose of any language is to communicate.The simpler the better. That is it period. 
Genius ...He wasn't a school man...when he was a boy his teacher told his parents that he had a learning problem......His thinking was out of earth!
I suspect that many of his greatest quotes came from arguments with Bohr and company, trying to refute the new crazy quantum mechanics. Just shows that if you push a genius they will come up with all kinds of clever retorts and quotable phrases. It's a shame that Einstein was wrong!
What I mean to say is ... It is actually simple. Let me put it this way. ....OK. You got it.
Quantum Theory is the domain of our existence and we live amongst multiple parallel universes with different atomic structures
maybe , there are many things we understand them , but we can't explain them well 
This is very true about somethings, yet not about others. Since it can be challenging to explain things simply to people who have no concept of the topic or lingo you're using. 
If you can think it then you can make it real.
The combined collisions of atomic intelligent design and multi- Universal atomic explosions are unfathomable
Very true, a simple answer to a complicated question mean you know what your talking about.
Its true...both ..by....
Theoretically & practically....(:
of course prof. einstein said that in german.
We live amongst perhaps Billions of species and life forms both of intelligence and otherwise within our universe
The Internet is abound with unsourced and misattributed quotes from Einstein. Funny how many are fairly inept and inane, too. Poor Einstein. 
so very true, always, all ways.... 
perhaps united in the heavans we shall meet these billions upon billions of species within our universe
for why would their story be much different than ours in different spacial time and place amongst us
Define "simply"......
The very scope of solving our worlds problems dwell within in us having evolved our intellectual capacities within our great brains designed through millions of years of evolution, genetic mutation, and intelligent design
well enough said, shame on Einsten that most of his popular tots were not his. it simply a remnant of dis order.
I did not realize Albert Einstein is still alive, so tech savvy or pretentious enough to quote himself.
If so humans cause there own mass extinction upon hundreds of years thousands of thousands of species will evolve and new intelligent life forms will evolve
Einstiein was way before his time, its time people place more value on his "smarts", make him more exposed to the kids of today..I belive this will curb simple "stupidity".too much time placing value on TV shows like american idol, survivor, and brainless show like that "dumb" down average person,,it take no brains to veg out on shows like that..and that is what America is becoming,,brainless twits..lazy and fat..couch farts..back in the day we challanged ourselves and advanced mentally..now  look at us..
fully agree and it is causing the disintegration of our peoples and the masses in non-compliance of American Ingenuity and freedom of thought.
Whenever my high school science teacher would ask a question, if you responded "I know, I just can't explain it.", he would yell "Then you don't know!"
are we even sure that Al even said half the things attributed to him?
It's a nice thought to think he might have. Keep the dream alive !
some solutions for changing the world, slowing down human populations growth by educating women in third world countries and having a solvent micro-and-macro energy policy
Too bad some of my teachers years ago didn't know that.
This is very true!

When things become complex, somebody is not confronting the actual truth...
The only way to educate our youth is to educate them ourselves above and beyond our education system and read lots of books, compare and contrast lots of news sights, and watch as many documentaries as possible
and sit in the front row and ask a lot of questions of your teachers and professors if you want to get an "A"
sometimes we as humans need to set down our laptops, ipads, ipods,  and smart phones and sit quietly amongst the stars and talk to and have a conversation with the person next to us
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing......
Absolutely correct.......Sir Genius
True that,most people mistake simplicity to stupidity .....
Einstein was also a dog that could not talk so by his own logic, he didn't understand English well enough (back to the future, anyone?)
Usually, the simplest of answers solve our most complex problems, better education, solvent sex education, and transparency
Yeah,dont get me started w/ this because all my friend think if they know it they know it but do you understand it i say. then they walk away.awesome quote
but the simple way to some wil not be simple to everyone in every thing
It is from Nicolas Boileau (1636-1711) "ce qui se conçoit bien s'énonce clairement et les mots pour le dire arrivent aisément"
i dont think so..........4.example   LEADERS
but the simple way to some wil not be simple to everyone in every thing
but the simple way to someone will not be simple to everyone in every thing
Renan A
Lately I've been having that problem a lot
If I could only find the words to describe how this makes me feel..... :-D 
Then a lot of school teachers need to be fired. Having knowledge doesn't make you a teacher.
The point is if you cant change the way you're explaining it, put it into simpler terms for someone else, so that anyone can understand, then 'you don't understand it well enough'
When you understand a subject you should be able to explain it to a 3 year old.
so that the ideots can also get it
E=MC*C   unbeatable equation
he is dead.....and absolutely true mr. Einstein 
yes it true if you can`t explain you don`t know it
A good and simple explanation that simple explanations are good.
One valuable thing to point out here - the false logic just because you can explain something simply, that you must understand it.

Said in classical logic equation terms, if Not A then Not B does not lead to if A then B is true as well.
But that don't necessarily mean you can fit the whole answer into tweet-size bites.
It is true if the who is explain knows well the language used to explain that thing, but it isn't true if the language is not understood because he or she can lack some of vocabulary.
Ray A
I agree
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