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It would not need to be a very large island.
I wish there was an Island that you could just send all the stupid people... wait I get it that's why we'd need an island.
If such a thing existed, the idiots of the world would become threatened by its potential and destroy it.
He theorised about small amounts of matter releasing large amounts of energy and eventually that was used by others to create nuclear power and atomic bombs. Einstein himself was a pacifist and never intended his work to be used in a destructive way.

Simply stating that he created or helped to create nuclear missiles is almost entirely incorrect ( not to mention that the only nuclear bombs used on a population were dropped from aircraft and not launched as missiles.
If he had known, he'd have become a watchmaker. He even said so.
was he reading Utopia at the time?
In some ways he helped yes, but that was at a time when both Germany and the United States were both actively researching the possibility of building a nuclear bomb. They would have been built with or without him in the end. It is probably the curse of great minds to see their intellectual pursuits and advances used to kill ourselves when they should be used to help.
+hugo isntbi Don't blame money, money is nothing more than a tool. There will always be something of value for people to seek in its stead. Instead resist the acceptance of violence and coercion which is so embedded in our culture, around which our culture revolves.


Someday there will be...i'm saving up to buy one and toss all The Stupid off of it.
Alcatraz...... but of course, there are requirements. :)
In a society of bumbling idiots, we cannot create a mantle called "cop" which they can take on and receive power.
+hugo isntbi I wasn't implying you were a statist, sorry if you got that impression. I just think that video is a great explanation of ideas of voluntarism.

The Venus Project does not address the core problems of society; that problem is the acceptance of violence to address problems. Violence in the form of enforcement of laws with force for "crimes" which themselves are not violent aggression. Working for less than minimum wage, for instance.

The Venus Project suggests that science, imagination, ingenuity and abundance will create an ideal society. But this isn't a new idea at all. We already have these things in action.
I agree. The core problem we face as a species is our belief that things aren't that bad and someone will fix it. Someone else that is. As a species we have the developmental skill of a drunken teenager, in a rage.
As Jacques Fresco says. "This shit has to stop "
We can all choose to be responsible, pass it on!
That quote turns good will on its head. Wishing for an island of this type is very egotistical, selfish, and greedy. Otherwise, those acts of 'good will' lose their definition when not done in the contrast of darkness. A brilliant mind is not noticed either... when it is only one of many in a collective.
whoever said that was an idiot
just get in touch with Einstein and tell him u have the right place to sell. Best of luck for ur marketing skills.Use it to the maximum.But the problem is that without idiots, you will have no life to enjoy.
theres an island for sale in Fermannagh for 750,000 euro
you've heard of the "village of the dammed" and "village idiot"? well, I live in a village of dammed idiot's. longing for people with wisdom and thoughtfulness
seriously,it's like the Flintstones meet's Gilligan's island
somethings might just be impossible I don't know , example , I'm working out on my easement on the road yesterday and a kid from across the street comes over to my side of the street and decides to urinate right in front of me , now you see why I say I'm in a village of dammed idiots, these people here are honestly morons
I would also like to go there :)
The stupid and incompetent would accuse the inhabitants of plotting against them and carpet bomb it :S
OK then!! thats nice. Heres an idea why not create a world wide club!!
i'm moving to the moon ,
But whithout stupid and bad will, there is no way to tell who are wise and good will.
the island is surrounded by the water
with a bar, coca-cola, hambuguers and chips
时而风平浪静 时而狂风巨浪 时而怒潮汹涌
Cool and isn't that guy like 200 years old
I wish there was too. I could exploit the hell out of those good natured folk.
I think they made a TV show about that, but then it got really weird with hatches and nukes and time travel.
WTF ? why you still not die???
That wd b such a waste of their wisdon & all the goodness!!!
I totally agree...wpuldnt life ne beautiful. 
I think it would be better if the wise people of good will were scattered throughout the general population rather than gathered all on an island.
Island? thot you said Ire Land...(oder irre Land auf deutsch)..the only
"problem" with all this is, that, in order to judge the "stupid" you have
to be smarter than "them"...which means, of course, that the other "them"
wot are smarter than thou, are thinking that YOU are stupid....
why can a chimp pass rapidity and recognition tests that a human fails
miserably? are they "smarter?" what happens to a country that "exports"
it's brightest and smartest, leaving the rest to breed?(Ireland) ... when
do the chinese wake up to find there are no females with which they can
breed, cos they killed all the female babies? do farmers and Arabs use
genetics to choose who will sire the cow or the mare? do their cows give
more milk and their horses win more races because they are "thoroughbred?"
dare one talk about such things in 2012? Are they even valid? What about
the beautiful accidents, ie, the non-mozarts who were NOT born into a
"musical family" and thus had nothing to inherit, who were just "born" with
their talent? Imagine selective breeding applied to humans...jada jada
jada...who knows the secret of the black magic box? The Lady Loves Milk
Tray... :-))))))))))))))))))))))
Another planet..ja, is a good idea, but, the natives may well compain about
the infection...:-))))))))))))))))
and , just maybe, al of you posting, are reading here, are, just, d i f f e r e n t....:-))))))
I wish that too but unfortunately there is not an island like this
An entire basket of fresh apples can get decayed if there is one decayed apple among them
Jesus Island,
How are the beaches?
I suspect it would be a really small island, and the rest of the world would simply be wrecked by the rest of the population
Humanity is not black and white it is grey, be accepting of one another.
Humanity is not black and white it is grey. The greatest intelligence in
thought is that we have to accept each other.
Seems to contradict some previous things I have heard him say. He never stuck me as the kind of person who wanted to leave have no contact with anyone of normal intelligence.
This is not about intelligence its about wisdom. Some of the wisest people can't read a book. He did not see him self as better and needing a place filled with people on his level. Just a place were people had common sense and were not all out for them self.
didn`t he say that he is just curious,but normal in every way.
citation needed... Doesn't sound like Einstein unless there's more context around it.
It's well explained. I count it as a simple logic and I digest it with extremely powerful words of wisdom!
AMEN.........I guess I am really tired.
yes there is a place somewhere for the people having good will
wish it, too... and i wish, that there would be a place for me and that i am worth for it (hopefully)
Impossible. Humanity needs Politics and Religion.  This little Island called Earth would be a disaster if we think that way. In Fact, the person who had an idea like that was Adolf Hitler. Even though he was completely wrong, he convened others to kill people that he thought wasn't worthy to live in the "Island".  On the other hand I agree with Albert Einstein.
So many unwise people took him as a fool and did everything to stop him. Other people that thought they were wise and that He was crazy. 
Crazy is the new/old smart. I'm with einstien 100% on this.
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