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Hope for today.....live for tomorrow
Yeah this is more appropriate
Learn from yesterday
Hope for today
Live for tomorrow ... 
It also says us that we should be aware of what wrong we we've done in past. Inspires for living a happier today. And stimulates for chasing our hopes.
Absolutely amazing the number of childish "First, Second, etc." Trolls on this comment section. I can smile in thinking of how nice it is to give such balloons to people feeling down.
Absolutely surprised by childish offensive comments made by Dale Leisenring ...

Please log off if you want to live in a real Cyber World ... 
I agree with Liang, here. Didn't we all learn in kindergarten to not say anything, at least if you don't have anything nice to say! Grow up Mr. Leisenring!
You guys are missing the point. Einstein was very Buddhist in the sense that he was all about living in the moment. So learn from yesterday, live for the now(today), and hope for tomorrow because there are no guarantees. 
CORRECT, but I think he may not be 100% correct, he is human after all, just have to learn to judge...
For tomorrow, we can only hope
Albert.. I want cupcakes everyday... How can I do that...
Ben Xie
Awesome, we've got a bunch of people who want to be first AND we've managed to condense Einstein's brilliant saying into "YOLO." Wonderful society we got going here.
good, every one should think.
hope is not enough if there is no attempt 
Forget Yesterday, damm Tomorrow, Raise Hell Today..
hey man, how do we know that all these quotes are from Einstein??
you are right Frank. We do care. (I do any way).
We could do the research neccessary to confirm, or deny, that he actually said all of these things that are being attributed to him., or we could try something completely non-scientific. We could have faith.
ya how do we know these quotes are from Einstein
49th comment! Woop woop!!!!!!!!! Partay!
when you live for today, what is left for tomorrow?
i think , present ko puri tarah aap handle karte hain tabhi future ke bare me bhi kar sakte hain, otherwise live for today
66th!! Oh and to all of you trying to "troll" genius I say to you don't! Accomplish what Einstein has accomplished then u may alter or so called "improve" his intellectual stamp on this world!
I try every time.
and yup... zero sourced attributions of this quotation to Einstein
"I find it quite meaningless. Here is what sourced attribution means. It means that simply stating that some random set of words was said by someone who is dead is not enough to establish the authenticity of that thing as said by them. In order to establish that authenticity it is necessary to point to a published work of theirs - be it lecture, article, essay, book, or conversation attributed while they were alive and not subsequently disputed by them - where the quotation in question may be found. When you misquote someone who is alive, they have an opportunity to correct or refute that attribution. When you misquote someone who is dead, they have no defense, except from those who care enough to research and refute false attributions. It is a vile practice."  --Douglas Adams
Some times what we learn from yesterday; do not let us live for today & hope for tomorrow.
همین حرف رو چند قرن پیش، دانشمندای خودمون می زدن... مثلا خیام
"hope for tomorrow" as in will this plane land?!
+Ivan De Gennaro Aquino though that is often tagged on to the end of this, and is authentic, this is not an authentic Einstein quotation. the actual context for the portion you quoted is as follows: One cannot help but be in awe when contemplating the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of the mystery every day. The important thing is not to stop questioning; never lose a holy curiosity. (from a statement to William Miller, quoted in LIFE Magazine)
trres belle image,la beaute du ciel,esprimant la toute puissace de DIEU le createur.qui dit mieu?
know your history to know your destiny...
Don't believe every quote you read on the Internet - Albert Einstein
I love this quote!!  I wish people did learn from past mistakes.
the world would not be in such a mess if it had learn from the information left by the past generetions, the signs were all there.
Live for today, because you do not know what the future holds.  Only God knows the future.  HOPE  for tomorrow, becuse that is the best thing to do.  The only thing we can do now is PRAY.
A brilliant quote and a practical one
Follow these words and your life will be so awesome :)
or "Hope for tomorrow learning today from yesterday"
 Don't go for looks, they can deceive. Don't go for wealth even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile.
Hummmmm? Before E=mc2 or after???you see.... it is relative, what is NOT relative is the fact we all were created Eternal beings,live, believe in God's replacement for our sins (Jesus) did it, then: Eternity with Him / not believe: then = Eternity without Him....... simple,isn'it? I hope YOU decide the correct one. :):) p.d. The Bible is NOT RELATIVE, IS THE TRUTH. 
I believe in bible as a true book, when it was in an original and true form, not the bible we have in our hand today is changed to our desires and was written centuries after Jesus ( Peace be upon him ). Other then that, My friend Mario's comment is great.May God guide us to right path Aman.
+Salah Shamsi Thanks my friend!!! I'm glad you are a BELIEVER...... see u in Heaven:)./+Jacques Bochard: who can stop sharing the joy and love of truth?? I CAN'T:)
i like this, its true, but all r like this one
..and what did u know that we didn't/don't..hmmm..oh yes the NWO, thats right -fuk u, hope u rotten in ur masonic hellhole!
past never come back 
what happen in future we don't think
so.... live for today & enjoy all moments
This is a hard one to live by but if you can you'll find happiness.
i like this.i wish i could think of like this
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