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Someone explain exactly how this is helpful? It's far too generic to be honestly applicable to any situation IMO. Define "our problems" and then define our "thinking". K, go.
Thats truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! ??????? ??? @@@@@@@ @@@@@
Isn't this simply the root formula to problem solving in general?

Quote: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results."

Current consensus is that this quote came from the author Rita Mae Brown in her book Sudden Death on Pg. 68 from 1983.
I guess none of you are familiar with "syntax errors". Logic can be sound, but specific details in the execution of a plan, or theory) could be off. That doesn't mean that your ENTIRE method of reasoning is at fault. It could just be a typo. This quote is too ambiguous to be worshiped the way you people are doing.
Opposite of multiplication is division
Problem solved.
I don't worship Einstein. I respect him. And sometimes ambiguous is just that, ambiguous. My ENTIRE method of reasoning is not at fault. I have to remind myself often of a saying, "Keep it sweat and simple." It may behoove you to do the same. You never know, it just may open another world for you.
omg how can someone be so brilliant? (says the girl who uses text language)
Lol @ +Mrinal Saurabh . It's because Einstein is super dooper awesome to the hundredth power. He created Google +, don't you know? LMAO.
Very true! In other words ‘take a different approach to problems’ –couldn’t he have just said that? lol
hello,uncle albert,i miss you every much,can u help me do the assignment?
we should have never been thinking to create them...
No one creat problems they appear in front of u suddenly now a days.regards.
Absolutely and Alberts definition of insanity.
uncle albert was so free to create time,create trouble,bad kid
The most simple things are the most profound. If something is not quite going right for you, come at it from a different angle.
some problems can be solved by looking at it in a different perspective
i respect him and his saying....
he is a meterious philospher
Its just like another famous quote by "Al"... Insanity is repeating the same thing over & over, expecting a " different" result!! Think about it...makes sense to me!!! ;)
he's toooo complicated!!!!!!!!!!! i dont like to think sooo much
he was an great scientist and i agree adove solution!
yer true one need to have plan b to pick up
The problems don't exist, either the solutions. They both are human brain inventions. If one start to think about the physical world and the human ideas world ( abstractions) in a different way: for example, in a way where there are things that you can transform in other things but there are others that you cannot ( and you have to accept them in the way they are) and in a way where every idea in your mind you can change it, you stop seeing problems where there are not problems. You start to feel good and relaxed, you start to see only solutions to everything, at the end, you will have to conclude that your problems and problems in general don't exist, it's you and people who invent problems and I don't understand why if life is cool, being alive is cool and that's the only important.
so simple, yet so true...
YES!!....but where does bread and beer fall into??
Yeah now I know why I suck in physics
Similar to
It's no paradox,but a great truth born out of
All of Human History, that Mankind can progress only
with a reversal of thinking and a clash of opposites.

A Cure for Cancer and proof of God
N60 www.revelations.iinet.net.au
By the way that saying is owed to
J Bachofen 
wowwwwwww so so so so meaningful
“"A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer."”
I find it humorous that people agree to this statement but think laws (an old idea or way of thinking) will solve problems, when alleviating the cause of the negative behavior is the solution.
it would certainly bring us closer to insanity
Change the way you think to solve a problem
It means change your thinking process for better results
Real talk. Similar to my fav quote, "Nothing changes if nothing changes."
BLACK & WHITE....meaning
WHITE ...wested...
then after....BLACK LAUGHTER
+Jared Davies Einstein is the King of "state the obvious". Even his peers used to poke fun at him. Great philosipher? Even physicists from his era had more profound things to say. Al was mediocre at best. As far as geniuses go.

I find it amusing that you consider "state the obvious" to be a sign of inadequacy. The best philosophers are those that state the most obvious things. True philosophers are very rarely the same as those who make "deep" (read: retardedly vague and ambiguous) statements. The goal of a well constructed position is for it to seem obvious after it is understood. How did we come to the (unintuitive) idea that something had to be unclear or unintuitive for it to be meaningful?

+Drew Bannister Nearly anything sounds ambiguous if you don't understand the context and specific meanings of words. If you want to understand the gist of this, read Thomas Kuhn on paradigms, specifically about divergent thinking and how it relates to paradigm shifts. (And don't try to read the random stuff on the web about divergent thinking, it's mostly idiotic crap that came from it becoming a business buzzword, similar to what happened with "paradigm")
Albert Einstein is Dead. If he were alive, I donLt think he would be wasting his time thrusting his "words of wisdom" at a random group of unknown people on G+, he would probably be spending his time with family and friends and pondering on HIS OWN, and not clogging up G+ with a bunch of crap like YOU are, you freakin' Albert Einstien IMPOSTER poster. Give it up...you are not saving the world, or making it any richer, you are simple spouting out of context drivel at a feable-minded following. Go away...leave the world alone.
There is a solution for every problem. Don't run away.
Who gonna solve the commenting problem with this formula?
iT'S true....
why everyone HERE..??
just because OF...
so we need to do something different for our world today
Yes right. We were stupid when we created problems. The same stupidity cannot solve those problems we created.
different thoghts , different way ... yes , alwas pay !
Yuki M
I need friend :)
I like 2 true but the time will be the =
We cannot resolve our problems with the same way we created them ! 
Ambiguous, so true. Then every resolution becomes true experience, and every problem a solution in its own right.
Yeah ! Agreed ! Well said ! =)
+Drew Bannister it means to try to solve the problem with a different frame of mind or from a different perspective.
If you use the same thought process to try solving the problem as you did to discover the problem, you will just repeatedly come up against it.
Truth! Now if only the people who run the world would tap into a little Einstein every now and then 
No sh*t!! Thanks Al.
true...the same thinking caused the problem anyway...a new one a new choice a better way to solve a problem!
albert is right. We need different thinking to solve problems we created. Otherwise we create other problems and complicate our future. For example, fighting another country to eradicate terrorism, we saw terrorism was multiplied. However, in a different thinking we needed to understand the questions of other people and try to solve their problem. If their problem is about religion, we help them answer their questions. If their problem is food, we solve their problem by sustaining supply of food. And so forth. Thanks great man!!
The quote doesn't say how much of the thought process is off,or how much to adjust. You simply need to make it make sense in a method of your choosing 
And that's why we must innovate at every stage .
For example, nuclear bomb and zionism. Lol
oh! Einstein.....................
is he still alive if yes then would like to meet him
i guess we could always think if it in the other 5% of our brain
If I ever get so smart that my own problems become my thinking, then I will have something I'll have to think about !
Ohh..Mr. Einstein, I thought your anti-social tendencies prevented you from joining online-social-networks. Well, it is good to see you ALIVE and spreading your wisdom through cyberspace.
It means that u can not solve a problem with the though that created it in the first place. ........ I think?!
To achieve that level of self awareness is inspiring and never ending
you are right man, i like the wise sayings of gray haired people.
+Salman Adam "The discovery of nuclear reactions need not bring about the destruction of mankind any more than the discovery of matches” —Albert Einstein
omg its true i just got mentality slapped by Einstein... its ok thisll help me get better in life now.
Drew banniseter. This is exatly why no one will ever remember your pathetic little name. You simple minded little man... tsk tsk tsk... blinded by your own idicracies... how blissful ignorance can be... lol. If you don't understand the great words of one of the greatest men in history then shame on your you lowly earth destined to digest the shit of every animal that craps on you... good day.
I love this guy, just wish i could understand what the heck he is talking about! :)
Profound words and thorough idea.
really a fantabelous quote by .....Mr.Intelligent....
Tell that to the government/congress. The world would be sooooooo much better.
Bugger it. It seems I'll have to start from the beginning.?
very true.face a problem with different aproaches.lov the qoute
Einstein taught this but I will make mistake this.
Then not one politician must be re-elected, PAC must be stopped and lobbyist controlled to the point where they all go to work.
...in a car wash
Bill M.
My guess is that this is the mind of a very ancient soul.
think outside the box
Hmm.....helpful for me ..hopefully i will never do wrong thingzz..
he died early b. cause of thinking too much of unsolved problems. which wont be solved in this millinium
As we learnt for basic counselling and communications skills,
we should NOT hope for a different result with REPEATING THE SAME action towards the same person/people......

Logical enough?!
I'd love to step into your circle, but... I'm a star... ;)
To get a new thinking,we have to get a new brain.How do we get a new brain?By raising our vibrations through spiritual practices and discipline, and by letting go of our attachments to this world and its objects.
we need to use our imagination to think like sombody else
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