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I have also heard it phrased "If you cannot explain it to your grandmother, you do not truly understand it."
I remember this from as far back as I can remember, but never knew where it came from.
I FREAKING LOVE KNOWLEDGE !!! ( and how easy it is to attain it now )
Lyn N
Ver Very True ! You make it complicated so that others do not understand! You can remain on past glory, assumed glory ,reflected glory in the minds of others. But situation is changing; there are millions who know your theory unlike only Eddington preened to have!
Betsy M
string theory for me!
Can someone explain that simply what does explaining simply means?
it is simple just use your common sense even your motif
wow! our politicians should read this over and over.
This nice words are export from nice mind.
"Everything quote the internet is true" - Albert Einstein
"I'm as dope as two rappers you better be scared cause that means Albert E = MC squared" -Albert Einstein
its the way,the great man leaved!!
He's back from the dead??  And posting on google+?  They finally figured out a way to hook his brain in the jar up to the internet I guess.
means: make you easily to understand
" i smile because i dont know whats happening"
Does that mean that the bastard never understood General Relativity?
great scientist in da history....
I don't think he ever claimed to know it well enough either...
Albert Einstein has some really good quotes. Though my favorite I have on a T-Shirt: "Genius by birth, slacker by choice."
Many explain every thing; without understanding any thing. Adel soudi
He means that if you can't boil it down to what it essentially is and have to keep grasping for different bits you know about something to describe it to someone, you don't know enough about it.
Mr. Sax
i blow u and am gay
God letter leaves us in no doubt as to the opinion of one of the greatest minds in history on religion. Childrens make believe, when will people listen to our greatest minds instead of ignorant imans and preachers. Nuff said
This depends upon who you're explaining it to, cuz sometimes (specially at work) it's so simple that some folks just don't understand. Another mystery for science to unravel? When this happens just remember the word "K.I.S.S." & no it's not my a$$. It means: Keep It Simple Stupid!
as a teacher, that's my motto
point taken Albert.  You are exactly right.
Ask einstein to explain love
You could say in french "ce qui se conçoit bien s'ennonce clairement"
You could say in french "ce qui se conçoit bien s'ennonce clairement from kuna
But what if things are not so simple...
Pablo, they always are simple to someone.
the only person I've ever heard explain quantum physics in a way most people can understand is Nassim Haramein
Yeah!  Tell that to the guys writing tax code!  No one can explain that stuff...simply!
Things are very hard and appears  so simple.
Yes I agree .Its not difficult to be easy .
Enough with the Einstein "quotes".
universal truth.................wat an idea sirjee..................
Uhhhh, what does he mean exactly?
What a genius, very much missed.
K Cro
new meaning to laymen terms!
Only teachers are capable .....they explain soooooooo much making kids boored.......lol...
Eric E
True statement
......It Is Absolutely True
I'm surely going to print this for my college instructor. So he can freaking teach better. (Thank you sir Einstein)
"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." Albert E-I have nothing but respect for that genius. I would do anything to have a 1 minute conversation with him. in regards to the above, I concur 
Be patient, one day you may well have the chance to speak with him. Enjoy life make the most of now.
No one exactly understand well enough about time and life. No one exactly knows.
Always good..nice one
True, Thats no lie, it never told no lie, Know it well enough to stop messing up your Reputation. 
Couldn't have said it better. :-)
сморили сте више...
So everyone trying to understand some others actions? Ok if its happen there is no partiality in the world.

well he gotta point that is true
Saying, "You know" doesn't add credibility to an explanantion either.
i dont not understand it can someone explian it for me
Can you recommend best grphix and animation books?
that is so true thats my new catch frais
I see your Einstein and I raise you a Feynman: "If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics."
Hello, Makes me remember some of the grades in High School that were tough for me cause I didn't understand it enough? Triumph=10% 90%umph!
Einstein is right LOL
Gess on Einey,u a boy in e .....understand
Alec E
It's true.
i agree, i have to say arnold, you are one great spokesman
jplaya raosbdf I hope you know is names albert not arnold!!!
Quit raging! Albert Einstein is an astonishing historical figure! Don't spit on his name!
The simple ideas are always the most profound...!
Albert Albert Albert you can make yourself seem more important or smarter by overcomplicating that which is inherently simple
iam aware i have a good memory infact im like a camera and i store it so i have explained and i know the game your playing proffesor GUN or dr KENNDY   dr       MURPHY        IM PLAYING THE GAME AS WELL     L O L HA HA HA LOL   I AM A  PROFFESSOR OF ALL PROFFESSORS   PROF PLUM  IM BACK TO THE FUTURE OR AM I ???????????????
Nothing is simple with Einstein. Not even his life was... . Who can simple, normal people ever understand how a genius's mind works?
Brilliant man but obviously hasnt been around computers
Thats how I feel about Emmanuel Kant
a smart man donneed computers
I f y o u c a n.t e x p l a i n y o u r t h o u g h t.s s i m p l y. H e.s r i g h t y o u d o n.t k n o w t h e m w e l l
Or you could have thought that you understood it well but oversimplified, providing the wrong impression.
this post should be titled "So you think you're smarter than an Einstein"
Yeah, the other way this is expressed is if you can't draw it on paper then you don't understand it.
Einstein is truly one of the greatest humans to ever walk the earth and I hate to hate on him but If the quote above is an explanation to whether or not someone has an understanding to a topic or a subject than I'd say this quote is loaded with Irony and or genius humor.
Yeah, or theres no explanation to give. Not to be a downer
peter, you are a true man of thinking, of course this quote just starts going in circles if you think about.
clue- it is explaining how things are explained
Mindy G
I fill stupid
anybody thinking of that one teacher we all had...
It's about Dr. Al and His Theories.
His theories acceptable today. 
There is a unique strength in simplicity.
Do you know what something you can feel it, understand it very well but you can't explain because of their foolish. Now what you do?
Mohammad, there is no one we can categorize as foolish. It’s all about the interest to understand things. There are people who look interested and people who don't. It’s all about generating interest and that’s why the easiest way to make these two categories in lined is to explain it "simply".
Saeid r
prefect things comes from perefect ones! ..it is hard for us to do it..
morgs p
phhrrrrppppppp!!!!!!! i feel much lighter now that thats gone
Irv Loh
Generally true, but on the flip side are the ostensibly "simple" explanations that are meant to confound a complex issue, such as the sound bite or bumper sticker abstractions that politicians or zealots of all ilks use. Just sayin'...
Yes,explaining something simply means you understand it in-depth. 
his 'explanation' regarding the SRT was a way too simple, and - wrong ...
salute to you, idol!!! :)
guess I would need to review physics
exactly,thats why he is a genious
True. As journalist/writers only when we understand it well only then can we write to convey the message to the masses. Thanks Einstein
Absolotly right .. because if u understad it u can explain it in many different ways .. :-)
truee !!! or if you cant explain it to your mother as well :-))))
You may be a good student but that does not mean that u may be a good teacher.
But AE forgot B=mc3. And one more thing: was he nice to his wife?
It's 100% true therefore one needs to clearly understand something so as to be able to explain it clearly!
I have no idea what post I made that is being commented on.
What the sam hill comment did i make
What was your best theory ever presented. And has it affected the live of the living.

What the sam hill are you cacklin about. What post poncarie
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