"Music does not influence research work, but both are nourished by the same sort of longing, and they complement each other in the release they offer."

+Albert Einstein 
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+ahmed hammad seems fake, look at his hair on left
Well, it's fake on the face of it.  Mr. Einstein died in the '50's, WAY before Peavey started making Raptor guitars.
just brill einstein plays mark knoppler dire straights 
The guitar is way to new, he died long before this guitar came out!!

Albert Einstein didn't just have brains, he had soul.
You think that the guitar is a twentieth century invention? ... We need to improve education!
Guitars are not 20th century inventions specifically. However, electric guitars, specifically ones like these, were not quite readily available to have a picture like this take place.
omg what the hell^^^ looks like ms pinkertons boo
+Michael Houston it's a Razer, not a Raptor. Just sayin. Still, Razers didn't come out until the 80's.
I am told that Einstein once played his violin for Rubinstein. When he finished he asked if he had played well. Rubinstein answered, "You played relatively well."
this brilliant may just be experimenting with the sounds and its frequencies; he definitely ain't playing the guitar.. :) lol
+tyler tran Nobody knows it... Even A.Einstein would be wondering now... why the hell he's being talked about in Google+??? :D
+Ken Closson lol "that" guitar if I'm not mistaken was created in the late 70's! At earliest late 60's, he died mid 50's right??? :) 
Einstein was much more handsome ... In this pic... ugh he looks horrible! :-o
Correction, the "razer" was created in 1983! Look it up! And stop being an ignorant know it all! :P 
wth that is so wierd btw there is a guy in my class who calls himself albert einstein!!:p
+Camryn Dana Oh i hope not he was dead! :(
He should have seen this and then would have written a research paper about what people post about him on G+!!!
i know that because i read a book becuase reson are that he had crazy hair and was a great brian and afther he died albert said that they could use his brian it it was only his wife in his head
Great quote.  I beleive that both music and research benefit from inspiration (in the classic sense of the word), also.
einstein har chiz me acha tha kya..?!! >.<
"Imagination is more important than knowledge." -Albert Einstein
You sure got that right Albert. ^.^
...hmm, never get serious to something is not worth of time.
such humble words could only have been his!
if AE was in our time, he would've probably been better than skrillex
dznt matter if itz true or not........gimmme.. Smoke On The Water.....
ONG ! I never thought my comment is to this post (
For people with Down's Syndrome, Music is everything! #JustSaying
First of all, he would have played a Fender or a Gibson, not a Peavey.  Second, who cares if the pic is photoshopped?   And third, if he had played the guitar, what would it sound like?  That's what's really important.  Discuss amongst yourselves.
oh! my god! what an epic image!
The fuuuuuu? The GUITAR? He played the guitar!? (kill me now) -___-
This image conveys the idea of the words well.
lol amy! that sounded like a joke. I'm cracking up right now lolXD! Nice one. He was smart but usually ass means stupid lol XD!
though it was kinda offensive....
what is he doing i know he is playing the gettar but what never mine
Einstein with an electric  guitar is funny, but it doesn't corrispond to his mentality which was not a noisy one, he played the violin, he loved the arts of a manual original sound not the technical sound
i love his paitings is he a paiter yes or no answer please
The Research has become so advanced that not only music but  thoughts has the potential to control even aircraft.
The Indian Epic has set an example of such an impressive advanced science which is known by "Pushpak Viman", which used to fly by will power.
Obviously thats fake coz I dnt think so at the tm of einstein,electric guitars were invented,but the quotos is great
I have so much amazing words for this picture, but these are someof my favorites:
Awesome, Epic, Funny, Superior, Amazing, and many more to come!!!
photoshop fail, head too small
I said the fact is true but the picture is not...
Lou Eva
i dont like this 
he's ADORABLE! and old :PP
Lets hear some Metallica , Einstien .. : ))))
Love the picture and all his quotes in general :)
another einstien quote:
there are 2 things that are infinite. the universe and human stupidity.
and im not even sure about the former
Though a nice quote as always,nice photo &nice outfit
Now that's the man of my dreams. Yes I know, but when I was 5 years old I've been Albert. The power of mind is more beautiful then Brad Pitt or any Peoples choice top thirty hottest men list.
Too old for that guitor, true lies
Sup Einstein, you figured out immortality I see
i thought albert was dead ha ha people can be so fake lol <3
Actually, he would be playing a Gibson :)
when i was girl i presented albert 
i thought albert einstein was a scientist or watever
Imagination encircles he world...
You don't have to be an Einstein to figure out this is a fake.  Next time use a Fender Telecaster or a Gibson Les Paul goldtop.
my papa has got a guitar just like that
There weren't electric guitars when Einstein lived
Electric guitar invented in 1931.

Einstein's death in 1955.

Go figure, probably why he was in a world famous band who toured the world with their sick tunes.
lol wow was having werid day this made it werider lol
what does he know about music? :P jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjjkkjkjk
Somehow I don't believe that guitar and ol' Alfred were contemporaries.
Dear Albert Einstein, didn't know u had google+, thought u were dead ur parents are gonna be so excited
He looks really old. If he is really that is really cool a old man playing a guitar!
i like him to play hangar 18 by megadeth
Then again, the right kind of music can enhance the creative experience.
Never saw Einstein holding a guitar. 
Music can relax and finely tune the mind.A relaxed and finely tuned mind,can do research better.So clearly,music can influence research work.
hod pod
As mentioned previously he used to play the violin. Beautiful photo anyway
Although its not really Einstein, and he didn't play the electric guitar. The message is sound, he loved to play the violin as he would contemplate the universe. And that makes the message valid.
"Music has charms to soothe a savage beast, to soften rock, or bend a knotted oak"...William Cosgreve
Robert Smith...you're a moron. "Savage Beast" W. Cosgreve 1690-1729...
Remember, 'You should taste your words before you spit them'.
So thats where the flying v guitar came from!! that guitar has had a lot of bands guitarists' famous.
ya man rock guitar was introduced in 50's or  60's its edited
he likes playing guitar......i have studied about him.....his landlord used to scold him when he plays guitar
But didn't he play flute or violin or something like that? I never heard of a record where he's been playing electric guitar...! (Or wasn't he for a short time a member of the Electric Light Orchestra (E.L.O.) ??? I think he played second piano there... in "ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN", because he hated Beethoven's 9th Sinfony!
great thought by a great man.i admire his thought n personality.
The Peavey Razer didn't exist until 1983 . . . this is photoshopped
If the longing is divine and the goal is to guide the human mind towards clarity and death, and to guide the soul towards freedom, then research and music could form a beautiful duet to soothe the pains one goes through to reach this goal and soothe him also when that goal is achieved with a last note of gratitude to serve and now to let go... A music opra can guide this process, and I know it exists. One day maybe I shall recognise it to soothe my struggling soul...
i cnt digest einstein in a music world.....
but i think you not the samt digest
I used this picture as a basis for a quote on my blog. I love it. Einstein looks easy-going, people regard him as one of the greatest minds of all time and even he had time to enjoy the simpler things in life.
is that really him, albert einstein, photo still looks good anyway
trông ông vẫn còn lãng tử ghê
Music is an inspiration which can inspire and enable Man to achieve great things.
bad photo shopping...
einstein ! pretending to be the master of james hettfield .
Thats kinda depressing finding out that its photoshopped
On a positive note, both Music and Scientific Research are creative, instructive, ennobling and elevating for the human spirit !
Music really makes an impact on your life . Play music stay calm forever 
A memorable quote from William Shakespeare's play, 'Twelfth Night' in which
Prince Orsini remarks, "If Music be the food of love then play on, play on.."
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