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a dim bulb will last longer than a bright one for it will burn out too quickly.
+Drake Dragon that may be true but the bright bulb allows me to see in the dark where as the dim one simply gives me a headache.
ok the question is should we believe what we SEE or should we believe what we HEAR.. :)
Hum... This reminds me of some people (politicians)
boris johnson the mayor of london
A great quote - I'll have to remember that one!
Erm. Did he really say that..?
This dude sure posts a lot for a stiff!
In the mirror every morning;)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA lol That is the best sentence of my life!
hoi praaat iemand hier nederlands????
And unfortunately, many see others as not too bright until they truly listen to their ideas.
It's not what you say..... it's how you say it!
Frank M
Oh Albert, telling the world that pretty people are really dumb and dull. At least they are good for entertainment.
That's funny right there. I don't care who you are that's funny.
Theoretically speaking: If Einstein said this in 1936, with the speed of sound clocking in around 200 ft per second, how far would his words have to travel to hear them today?
lol That's kinda funny. (And true.)
U first hear the big bang,after that u see the light......
I don't think I Want my kids to be in your generation if everyone is going to look like you.
This is where Men we fall. Ladies have tendency to hear and decide while men see and decide.
I totally agree. How old are you? Because either you know what your saying or you have years and wisdom.
What are you talking about Mike Murray?
In response to Scott Wilson's question... 90,845,696 miles - roughly.
Thats nice of you to say that about ypur brother:)
And when people are not appearing bright their words will prove that they are bright.
i feel that way about some of the people i know......its sad
Wonder if it travels like Guinness Still have Pure there as a taster...
I am wondering why we would call someone Smart Ass? Pardon my language.....
+Sean Peng being a smart-ass is when u speak intelligently from your backside (is that polite enough?)
however some can appear bright via what they say when in reality they may be telling a pack of lies that they don't believe themselves...
“The problem with quotes on the Internet is that you can't always be sure of their authenticity.” ~ Abraham Lincoln
+Sean Peng People call other people smart asses because they, like everybody else, need to feel self worth. Some people fulfil this need through improving themselves, others fulfil it by trying to drag everybody else down to their level.
Dan P
Name names! :)
What a truthful statement LOL
I'm no Einstein, but I don't see how anyone can "appear" bright, dull, or in between until we hear them speak or read what they've written.
am tierd zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............................... aldert what
aint that the truth
leann powers do u go 2 shelbyville middle school
He was a foolish intelligent. .?? the quote mention about. . .(whom . .?)
"The problem with internet quotes, is that one cannot be sure of their origin" - - Abraham Lincoln
&just then u wish u hadn t pass by them,ever
This man is a mother fucker

in a sense, einstein made google, no?
w the entire manhattan thing and fear of fallout and demand for global solidarity facilitated by electronic communication
sorry you got your brain stolen and disected
This is more modern than what Lincoln said, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."
though he was a great man but lil phsco :p
de famz
love this one..lol
nice Brian Williams quote..
hahaha Albert Einstein must have been such a witty guy :)
You have got to be kidding me. Einstein never said that. This trivial play on words is an affront to all Einstein stood for.
and that's why I like Albert....he can get a man to lol, and yes vary true.
they're bomb testing at camp pendleton again, lol
Very funny. He was never afraid to tell the truth. Albert rocks!
Did you know that if you are faster than the light
you can go back in time ;)
Zora S
HA! Very funny.
True, but blowing hot air seems to be en vogue within politics and the work place.
he is the smartest person in the world
love this. its sooooo true.
We experience this far too often!
N that's the truth! !!!! Almost every time.
That really makes me laugh hard. Lol
Einstein was such a brilliant mind, I bet we could benefit from hearing things that he actually said. Less so for things falsely attributed to him.
Ali D
Men's value counts when they start talking
My iTunes is on shuffle and right when I saw this I realized coldplay "speed of sound" is playing. Lmao!
So people just made him a profile so that they can show his sayings and stuff like that (its not actually albert) 
How can I repost this?????
I agrreee!! Thats my BFF!!!! I love this!!!
That is a proven fact and it is still hilarious.
Weli A
That's why some people are better off to not speak.
You got to have a brilliant mind in order to speak eloquently...
Bert Einstein... still killin it in the virtual afterlife
lol i am so exited for the weekend friday is the last day of school!
I'm pretty sure he never said that 
不懂?Albert 还上学?
All these quotes are really from Einstein. People seem surprised. Yes, he said some .. different .. stuff. Not just physics. This one goes right in line with his recommendation that success requires keeping one's mouth shut, a previous post.
I personally like his quote when explaining relativity ... sitting between two beautiful women, and its effect on reality ;p.
Rio Rio
That is True!!!
Damn right. No wonder we call him....genius. Lol
why did I make this my name ;_;
i know too many people like that
Not if you both are in the dark when you speak..
So, would it be wise to keep a distance with someone before getting close enough to allow voice exchange? (Benefit goes both ways.)
Also, not if you failed 2nd Grade.
Believe what you see and what you here

Einstein..smart, funny, and never ceases to amaze...
So I thought Einstein was the brightest.... until I checked on Tesla.
Tricks of the mind vs the reality... until we realise what's true!
+***** -get off of g+ if you wanna post crap like that. Everyone knows that it's not true and your just a spammer. Shut up out get off.
Ok never mind my post. He is already gone.
ugh shut up he was probally the smartest man to ever have lived he created and explored concepts i bet you wouldnt even understand so shut the hell up!
Was he talking about himself?
He was a extraordinaire pure genius, one of the finest!
That really made me chuckle! nice post!
Now! That is not only so funny.haha but so true lolo
It was Dr. House that said that. Not Einstein

The problem with internet quotes is you don't know who really said them -Abraham Lincoln
Also you think some people are stupid until they open their blessed mouth.
He also said that the speed of light is the fastest ever in the universe where recently it was proved to be wrong. honestly after this I don't believe in anything that he said.
Harutyun Arzumanian: what is faster than light??? why he was wrong ??
So true! Einstein is the definition of Genius!
this is what i will call intelligence
LOL. My sister (in her 20's, btw) had once said "i wonder if the lightning ever strikes the sun..." 
I'm all like "<name>. the sun is 8 light minutes away from the earth. Thats a long ways away."
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