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Hm.... Is Science under the category of "others"?
Undecided...Is "living for others" staying true to yourself?  I work in medicine and help rehabilitate others, that makes my life worthwhile.  But then again, I am getting paid for it :)
não ha como viver p/ si apenas! " ainda que seja por interesse próprio " a coletividade é do ser humano"!
Acts 20:35 In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ”
Of course science is for others most all the good health science we have today started out to help another person
science, instead being very important when it ends the power of God makes
Scince is very important. I agree with Einstein when he more or less says that if we have others to care about then it makes life worth living.
Its a strange thing, but I don't. Helping others is a good thing, but doesn't make my life worth while. He was a great scientist, but I don't follow him on this one.
Science is only as bright as the scientist.  In the grand scheme of things scientists only know a very limited amount and then most "solutions" are only theories at best.
What I can learn and what I can do, first. These things I can feel verifiable. After that come other people, due to the nature of dishonesty. I find very few people are worth even considering detailed interaction.
Science will become more advanced soon enough. You'll see.
isn't that the whole meaning of life ? 
+Jason Brenton I am glad that God felt differently "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16
Since your using an English translation of Greek recording of Aramaic spoken word written by men who are by nature flawed, prove without the same type of source this book means anything accurate about the universe. I believe in A godly entity fine, just not the text you site.
Show me another book with 44 different writers over a span of 1500 hundred year that have the same message and theme and agree throughout on a variety of subjects.  I don't know of any book more accurate.
I will not play skip the point to make your own.
The three main religios of Abraham all worship the same God. First there were Jews. Then Christians and then Muslims. The first and last do not believe in the Trinity but so do a lot of Christians who call themselves Uniterians. They believe like Islam and Judaism that there is only one God. Muslims believe that Christ was his prophet as was the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May his peace be with you) Please correct me if I am wrong.
In a practise of nowadays this quote is not available, or more clearly just for people part of narrow circle ( just our family)
Yes, u r right. Also muslims believe that Jesus didn't died on the cross and he will come back again during the time of Anti-Criest and finished him. He will live for some years and even will get married and have childrens, and once he will die he will be barried next to Prophet Muhammad ( Peace be upon him) in Medina.
I think this quote is for humanity in general, not about religion
If we help people around us, than we have contributed to our society in general
Joe W
Said the guy who made the atomic bomb.
Without other people in our life do we really live. Whose to say? Oh yeah the other people can say yes , yes melissa was a good friend, an awful cook, but loving non the less 
thanks for the warning Stef
It's just a quote for most of us to comment on cause just a few follow it. And I believe it's more for us to reflect on than to comment or compliment. 
Too much of anything can be a bad thing though.   Even selflessness.
Another piece of great wisdom....moderation in everything.
Kay Rae
but you must make sure that you are taken care of first, or what is the good in helping another
maybe I would do more good that way.....?
Can't remember where I saw it, but I like this recipe for happiness.   "Take what you want of what is offered, and give what you can".
From now on I`m only gonna take what I can`t live without and give everything else. maybe I will balance the system. 
By this meaning we can feel the taste of life
That guy really did know everything
If everyone is able to make this saying a reality, the world will change drastically.
Albert Einstein is deeaaaddd, riiiiiiggghhhhhhtt?????
yea but you also have to live for yourself as well for if you constantly live to make everyone happy .. no one will notice your happiness is gone.
I think he means helping others who truly need help - not people who use you. It's a thin line. 
I'll bet he never said that.
I agree... I'm always selfless & always put others before myself... It's kind of a gift & a curse.
What Sam is saying is basically to lend a helping hand...-:)
+Eric Machiaveli he does do a great job at trimming the hedges and keeping the garden fresh. I am truly thankful.
“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I?"
Rabbi Hillel (partial quote)
 Give a kiss to your hand (left hand)
2.- Say the name of your love.
3.- Close your hand
4.- Say the name of a weekday
5.-Say your name
6.- Open your hand
7.- Paste this to 15 comments and the day you said (step # 4) he/she will tell you that they like you and maybe even engaged or maybe kiss you. If you don't do it something will go wrong
ali ane
sex is like that
this is what the elitist said to his house slaves. Oh and bring me another mintjulip Hopsing.

I prefer to say life lived WITH other .... etc
coyne... seek out theory of mind... also, ahh, not worth it.
A life without friends is also a worthwhile.
True, but now a days it is fading away
n become some moral preaching.
Now it's really hard to live but still everyone can feel the impact of this life.
Norm S
and enacted by Jesus
.... abraham maslows realised it on his death bed.......self transendence
Norm S
it's a Karma thing you know
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