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read "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho
Just as well he is not here to see the Rainforests being pulled down and the peoples that live within them lose their way of living, without the knowledge of the outside world.
The world has been around for a lot longer then humans it has gone throw its own evolutionary path and now it's simple and Devine.some times to under stand some thing you must look at it in a simpler manner but know that it is much more complex
"The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows His handiwork" (Psalm 19:1)
One can see God in nature if one will look.
James Clerk Maxwell of Glenlair (13 June 1831 – 5 November 1879) was a Scottish physicist and mathematician. His most prominent achievement was formulating classical electromagnetic theory. This unites all previously unrelated observations, experiments, and equations of electricity, magnetism, and optics into a consistent theory. Maxwell's equations demonstrate that electricity, magnetism and light are all manifestations of the same phenomenon, namely the electromagnetic field. Subsequently, all other classic laws or equations of these disciplines became simplified cases of Maxwell's equations. Maxwell's achievements concerning electromagnetism have been called the "second great unification in physics", after the first one realised by Isaac Newton. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Clerk_Maxwell
The World May Have Been Around A Lot Longer Than Human Beings But As History Shows The Dinosaurs Died Out As The Continents Devided And Now We Face A Similar Situation With Wars, Nuclear Testing, Toxic Waste Being Dumped On The Land And In The Oceans, Rain Forests Being Pulled Down, Creatures Becoming Extinct And Endangered. Climate Change Which Has Been Brought On By What We Are Doing To This Planet. Natural Disasters Are Ever Increasing....When Is Enough, Enough? Before We Exterminate The Earth, Ourselves And Every Other Living Creature On This Planet.
True genius is celebrated simplicity
True. What I Am Trying To Get Across Is: "Is This What We Want To Hand Down To Our Children And Their Children?".
Are You Saying That It Doesn't Matter To You What We Are Doing?
Do You Care At All?
All I was trying to say was to look at things a little simpler if you look in to nature you look in side you're self every choice you make effects us all so try and make a good one every once in a while
I Agree That The Population Is Too Large For The Earth To Sustain.
I May Be Out Of Order But My Belief Is That If 3rd World Countries Where Children Are Dying But Women Still Continue To Get Pregnant (Which Is Not Their Fault), There Should Be Put In Place Mandatory Birth Control.
I Know This Sounds In-Humane To Many But The Way I See It, It Is Because Of Their Lack Of Education On Birth Control That These Poor Women Who Have No Say Anyway Continue To Bring Into This World Babies That Have Very Little Chance Of Survival.
Should These Women Be Given An Injection Of Birth Control Then We Could Help Ease The Loss Of Life And Poverty And Instead Help And Teach Them How To Grow Food For Themselves.
I Know It Is Not As Simple As It Seems But It Would Be A Start.
Those Poor Women Have No Say In Whether Or Not They Want To Have Sex With Their Husbands Or Other Men.
They Have Rights Too And I Am Sure They Do Not Want To Bring Children Into The World As It Is At Present.
The Picture Above Is One Of Beauty And The Words Written By Albert Einstein Are True But Nature Is Disappearing Before Our Very Eyes. Soon We Will Have To Go To A Museum To See What A Tree Looked Like.
Jared. So You Are Happy That These Women Have No Say When It Comes To Having Sex, Nor Do They Have A Choice Of Whether Or Not They Wish To Become Pregnant.
Jared. I Am A Tree Hugger Who Lives By A Forest But Every Year More Of It Is Taken Down In The Name Of Progress.
That is amazing. We should be very appreciative for our wonderful world.
Okay yy
AWWWW..... touched my heart! (=
Calm and relaxation are the answers to all problems.
Okay yy
it is VERY beautiful and VERY true
Okay yy
this does meen look to the bighter side of things right? if it doesn't i guess i am embarassed (: !
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hello to who?
Okay yy
so i am GUESSING you all think this is beautiful right?
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same i like it lots as well.
Okay yy
bye i am leaving
Hugo R
Not true, I always understand less and less
Very pretty. I went somewhere today that looked some what similar to this.
Because our wisdom comes from this nature. 
To lights up our life ,we should recover the wisdom eye, 
To recover our wisdom eye, we should cultive the  infinite love (forgiveness, sacrifice,righteousness.)
He was one of the greatest scientist ever like his Quote awesome :)
the picture is soo pretty!
Jim A
Truly look deep into nature, with eyes willing to see, and you will see that there is a creator of all things.
I wish I was actually There in that medow
sniffle sniffle i just wana be there (tear drifts down cheek)
Cherish our life while we are still breathing....inhale love ♡
He was so unpredictable thin line between genius and madness, he thrown out of math and science class.. my theory he was a sort of Savant.. lol great man
That's a really Pretty Picture. I love everything in it!:D
so beautiful sun rise.
wow dats cool....yep really love the nature.
So happy to see this beautiful picture after though day!
Breathtaking, Beautiful, Peaceful, Calming, I want to be there!!!
Here is a higher res image of Devon England, Bluebell woodland without the bullshit quote. http://papillon1964.p.a.pic.centerblog.net/41v33qo3.jpg
ill get the hammock............and 2 pillows....picnic basket with all the trimmings.......a quiltto lay on top of a plastic liner........and a gazebo.....8 wine glasses to fill with cherry cidar............mmmm
Gorgeous!! beautiful sight & great message too!! Get closer to Mother Earth & let go of the stress of life!!
@ Jared. Education IS What is Needed.
I Do Not Wish To Offend Anyone.
My Opinions Are My Own....
I Only Seek To Gain Knowledge And Understanding And To Help Make Our World A Better Place For ALL To Live In.
لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله ،اين الأمة الاسلامية يا ناس،وماذا سيفعل قادتها ؟ سينددون؟!! ام سيستنكرون ؟!! ام سيدينون؟!!  وربما يشجبون!!!!  حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
yea! or just stay in the hills for a week! u'll feel inlightend!!!! i know I do
so true in nature everything is balanced and have got equal status..nature is the greatest miracle for me :-) 
Wish i lived in a place like that... surrounded by nature.... <sigh...> _
+Robyn Patterson Yes, one can see God in nature. Animals are in constant stress in never ending pursuit of finding food and constant escape from predators. Where they suffer indiscriminately, from violent attacks, to illness or great mass extinction, by super volcanoes, comets or asteroid strikes.
Seriously, are you 12?
thats right my friend...............
If you don't see better look back.
i love einstein although im in the section galileo in special science in DCNHS
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are we realli dust?do we have spirit?hw are we living,wat are we made of?hw were we made?who made us?how do the person who made us made him self? Some time i just cant stop asking my self this questions. But obviousely speaking friends God is wondaful.
enjoy ur life as it is. what life teaches us is just one word "SURRENDER" . Surrender your rigidness, desire in the hand of that supernatural power. Sometimes irregularity makes an unmatched sequence. Believe it. It is what I can see in above image.
beautiful. I talked about this in english
great thinking power makes him a great people...
wow so amazing.love it.
u will even feel better. .
hi i am new so i hope you can be my friend
In other words.....Creation cries out that there is a Creator !!! :)
Its a very nice view:) I like it.
Albert Einstein was a great genious.
very very pleasant morning for everyone who ever sees this snaps
Climb a tree for a new perspective on everything.

You Know if I were to say that people would tell me to shut-up... Its only because its elbert's face up there that people go...ahh yes ........he ain't so smart.
Light exposing different beautiful colours :-D
O is 'n Einstein fan. En dis alles waar. xxx
nature is creatur, you can even give it a better look
Yes, all of creation declares the understanding of God. 
hmmm,it's kind true.sometimes when i feel depressed,i sit in office,i just turn my head to the window,staring at the sky..thinking something or nothing..then i feel better..
It does look and sound righteous.
I hardly get a chance to look deep into nature, I live in a concrete jungle now. Your times were the best Sir.
Very Beautiful...............
Look deep and create a dangerous explosion good job Einstein
هل سأطيل الانتظر؟
Am i gonna wait longer
Jim A
Yes, look truly in the woods.You will find the hand of the creator.
how magnificent it is!
so true...although I believe it is a little difficult way to understand everything!
In the flowers, you learn beauty. In the birds you learn wonder. In the woods you find peace. In the web of a spider, you find order. In a pod of dolphins, you find the meaning of love and family.
wow, beautiful quote, i wanna go there.
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