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first comment...so true :DD
Neither view is wrong.
we are all miracles we all won the almighty race from are dads to are moms and didn't end up in a toilet or a sock ..... lol ! 
ya notice you never see real scientists like heisenberg or bohr babbling on like this crap of einstein. he does some physics and that somehow qualifies him to comment on miracles and life and all sorts of other nonsense?
very nice. Thanks for sharing.
Jesus loves you anyway, Louis. But you don't have to see miracles everywhere if you don't wanna. It's okay.
Mriacles is true, if you belive. Every things posable.
haha dont even know this is coz its not working btw your hot
whatever u have said sir, has become a masterpiece...
for me all most everything is a miracle...i believe in miracle 
I am Muslim and believe on Miracle 
every creations in the world and universe are miracle
It's kinda awkward talking to a person I don't know

nice words. hey Kaylynn you're right but it's from his documents mabe
Simple but true:)
ryto...every little thing is a miracle on its own
my life is a miracle of god........ :)
There are a lot of miracles in our life...if we really2 realize that..
gia go
So lovely
The pic is lovley but the Albert thingy
but, if everything was a miracle to you, then wouldn't there be no miracles to you at all?????
I love the daffodils, i like the mountains, i like the rolling hills.....
i like flower. lost's of and this one is one of my feverit
The flowers with beautiful color is a miracle in more ways than one!!!
Rukz Jo
soo beautiful
either ways. . ,awesome. . .
beauty is everywhere but not everyone has eyes to see it!
pretty nice!!!
i am wondering !which way did he (albert enistien)  choose in his life??!!
Or you can be a realist and see the good things as miracles and the bad things as tests
yesssss  it's true in life evrythng is a miracle n i thank god for this..
morgs p
i think if your reading this comment then you show signs of an idiot, no no i mean genius. you should click on my little picture to hear a click noise
Also you can live as if something is miracle, but something is not ;-)
life is a miracles it self.. and the two ways are our thinking toward life...
Intelligent people really do make better and more actionable comments...re: Einstein's quote
our thinking and our perception creates our future and our destiny...!!!
so true nd its funny cuz my name is Miracle lol !!!!!
Nishi V
That saying is famous!LOL
Albert Einstein wrote very few quotes, he was a numbers man and had little time for such cliche sentimentalizes , but the tulips are nice...:)
çok güzel ben lale ve gülü çok severim
"Every moment of light and dark is a miracle."
Walt Whitman
munju s
either you eat...or you dont! lol
i think miracles happen ever day, even unspoken ones
Inspiring tho.......
Ohhhh! Their pretty!
Nice tulips and quote! ~ t ;)
Albert yabo odang tekolok kanga dang tejira na............... nia pa dang su nu la
If you can't explain something, does that mean it has a supernatural cause? Is this sound physics? Do untested platitudes sound more truthful when pasted over a pretty picture? Can "I agree" and "so true" be expressed with the +1 button?
I have no words about it becoz  it;s so lovely
thx for the inspiration :)
He was Jewish you idiots what did you expect him to say..also he invented the cat flap!
The Tulips are Beautiful ,but the Quote is AWESOME
I see miracles every day in 12 step programs. Thank God!
i like this clour of flowers
there are not hafe as  much miracles as i would like
lovely flowers and lovely saying
Why does an account for Einstein exist if he is dead? 
oh way pretty flowers i <3 the nice dark color
It is relative… How do his quotes get so much traction? :)
Gravity can't be held responsible fOr people falling in love.albert Einstein

Correct choice determines what really will be a miracle or not
am I the only who finds that flower "erotic" ?
I rather live as the second way affirms
its pretty but ill rather like blue flowers jk
Teka. s
É um gênio, simplesmente maravilhoso, lindo 
every one has the potential to become "an Einstein"  they just have to choose if they want it that bad
I wonder if he thought the Atom bomb he invented was a miracle.
Michael, he didn't invent the Atom bomb. Einstein did not participate in the Manhattan Project
Interesting point Maurice, I never knew that! It's funny how grade school history books, from what I remember, closely associate Einstein with the Manhattan Project as if he was the mastermind of the whole thing. It's frightening to wonder what other misconceptions of the American school system my brain has given way to :-/
second is true all the way...
Miracle's every where every second. So sad it's not obvious to all. The
butterfly. I mean really, how blind is blind?
use the mind every time............
mother always care her children even helpless condition!!! no counter of mother's LOVE in world>>>>>>>>>
wonderful words... 

with this all of us who are adults can see, that children always live in this way, and it is sad, when they lose this way of life with growing up... as it happened to a lot of us...
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