Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.
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And when you learn, you never forget.
and here we go again ... 3, 2, 1 until somebody asks if Einstein really said this.
E doint for get ur trainng wheels. Eney way a window n the little holywood bangalo. So how meny window s .do realy have n plaint s ask me i shoot to t shoot to thrill i fall down &i keep up again bravo ravelow en dragon
not a box of fucking CHOCOLATES, a BICYCLE! Why can't Gump get that threw his thick, yet powerful mind? idk . . .
But you can always ride backwards.
Sometimes it is good to take a pause instead of busy keeping up with balance!!
Grace M
I love this pic:)
Hey, waitaminute. Did Einstein say this? Oh well, maybe it doesn't matter.
Grace M
If he did, hes smart. Well actually he is ūber smart already… it just makes him more smart.
and going too fast will get you in an accident
sometimes... often . we need a little push... or pull . to keep the momentum ... thankyou to all my friends ..
o yea? then why did he drop out of math class
well once u learn to ride a bike u cant forget how to ride one.
Because grades arnt idiot
nice ,then look like classical ^_^
life is like a wallwatch when the time is gone that's time never come
vikas v
authentic einstein?
Einstine Use Newtons Color Circel ! It's Outstanding.
m also agree:)))))

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that is for sure - you will not fall off unless you stop pedaling - watch out do not crash into another rider .... LOL
Yes, absolutely, keep on moving, but what about the right direction?, we still need a Guru, or a teacher to show the right path, or should we be always pray almighty God for direction?
Agreed, but if you are going too fast you will meet with an accident so make sure about your speed too.
S Khan
and keep air in the tubes for rolling
Hi: A lazy man answered: I am on the Earth. It is moving round the sun and itself. Why sould I move?
It is systematic balance between the OPPOSING FORCES and PROGRESSIVE FORCES and moving bicycle is always having PROGRESSIVE FORCES >>>> GT >>> OPPOSITION FORCES ......
thats too much phy!!!!!!!!!! its tru..
Yes Al, I concur! Worth noting that the rider doesnt always have to pedal to move; sometimes, notwithstanding the joy of life - it can be a pain in the butt.
Track stands, where a cyclist does not move the bike forward while still maintaining balance. 
Balancing is most necessity to move and live.
Love the reminds me of lollipops. But the quote's so true~
Einstein never could manage a decent track stand.
When you want to stop and take a break, you gotta' put your foot down...
but life's speed is more than a bicycle.its speed like a rocket.
Puc ca
Now it out of control.
Had a similar thought playing uncharted. Keep moving or die.. :D
He would have balanced unicycle in that matter ;)
its not about how fast can you get there, but life itself :) just an observation
....that's why...i don't know how to ride a bicyle...darn!!!!
Ben E
And anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new
Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep you from falling you must keep moving.
The ride is brisker on the downhill side...
Albert einstein and jennifer lopez in one post?
Make sure to keep your balance as you ride off the cliff.
Einstein would never say something so stupid.
You don't have to keep moving to balance on a bicycle.
if one of de wheel pulls off.wl definitely stop
Life is short & fast , no time to look back, only move forward steadily
Yes . Never stop & go foroward .
yea... We need to do our job and not to beg for fruit:-) that's the way to live life happily:-)
Amy S-B
copletely true
until some idiot pushes you over
Shea-That made me laugh pretty hard. Good stuff.
What if you get tired?! You have to manage?!
Life is like a wheel of bicycle when you are up hold all those who are down. because a next round will put you down (unknown)
Did he took acid... look a bit trippy.
Really depend to a great extent on d kind of bicycle u are using for you to b able to coordinate your balancing........
true ....... if u stop u fall down ......... keep moving !!!!!!!
in life if u stop .. everything becomes unbalanced
Hence, I like to move it move it !
funny u said it all most of us dont really think about things like that !!
Yes that's true but in life you stop(cause your legs get tired) you fall and everyone gets tired sometime in life. You keep your balance but you fall all at the same time 
RaMes z
absolutely right.... so lets just keep riding.
This is absolutely true. I have often said to people, about this. Life cannot be in a limbo, you have to move on.
and just like a bicycle, it hurts your a** while you ride it
I think I know how to ride a bike ha ha 
Sometime, you can dock this. Is this right?
And death is like standing if you stay standing you will get spoilt
Yup! So true, keep moving or you'll fall and you'd be moved and trampled upon by other riders...
And as you move faster and faster, you find that time moves slower and slower, and things surprise you less.
And when you fall off there is always someone there to laugh at you.
Truth! The only thing constant in life is change.
You only live twice n seconds to you may fall get right bk n their word s of wisdom yet fear n man from snowy river
Doubt he said that andandie did totally free wrong
Phon u i hav not here yet im past sould have lrnt form past did a nice give you what you get what you want you always aint were its at diffrs
good ,,,, but he was einstien
too right if you slow down you will just get off track
but some time you have to stop for your loveone's ;)
Actually riding a bicycle on mountains, if u stop, u'll come back from where u started!
i don't know how to ride a bike? :P
Hmm interesting coz I did used to stop for traffic sometimes, especially while crossing a rail road track. If I didn't the balance would have been shaken violently. So I guess to regain balance one must stop, evaluate and then go again. What do you think?
Keep moving with direction so will not get lost........
keep moving den take a pause den keep moving.......
yes u r absolutely right.........:-)
To keep moving, do you first need to learn balance?
But be aware about good and bad tracks to reach your expected destination
thats the realiyt of life, balancing is the best way to maintain our lifestyle..
Superrrrrr word................
What if you fall down. Should you get up and balance again.and again and again and till you dont is then quite a challenge and needs people who are ready to get up when they fall 
naan na
it's really true.....& it's working on my life.....
Isn't it lovely how he could explain things so simply! Unmatched brilliance, with no ego/need to impress!
True first thing start the day pray to the God asking to provided strength to lead the day with peace of mind and do the work happily .He Will provided strength to balance your life like cycling a bike
I totally agree wt u... cos even whn u r shakin on a bic....... u hv to keep movin 2 get ur balance back. Nice Quote keep it up! 
right indeed, but if we feel few people or few commodities cant be forgotten we should invite them to join us on the bicycle ride...
that is so in the olden times
I have seen numerous experienced cyclists
waiting on the cycle at a red light
feet on the bike
and not moving
in perfect balance
that statement ply an important role in our life
I agree with u.and be aware of rocky hill that will more effort,also downslop that needs your smaptness.The same aplies to life.
I agree with u.and be aware of rocky hill that will need more effort,also downslop that needs your smaptness.The same aplies to life.
unless you use the kick-stand
I concur , however one would surely realize that any and everyone who wishes to jump on gets a turn. to you sir your life is a ho...I know mine is; ) ( +)(+ ) & beer
I can keep balance during sleep :-D
ya we have to ride it in a rightway to.....
way's are always right but its up to us how we are moving on a way...
What if there is a brick wall, or an intersection in front of you?
we should according to which way we choose the right one or the one that would lose ur balance ..anyway thats life !
Not true: track stands on a fixie are easily done. Balance requires a bit more effort in that case but it's achievable.
Albert Einstein 08:21 - Public
Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.
I think life is a war, i need peace anyway the quote is nice.
f i r s t LOVE?
Once it is stop then it will be dead.
buy buy phle apna balance banao
idhar mt dekho samne dekho varna gir jaoge
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