"I am truly a ‘lone traveler’ and have never belonged to my country, my home, my friends, or even my immediate family, with my whole heart. In the face of all this, I have never lost a sense of distance and the need for solitude."

+Albert Einstein From “The World As I See It” (1930)
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inspiring genius!.. i never heard any other new generation that can match albert einstein...
If we all lived this way, there would be less discrimination.
AE is truuly a person of the planet. His inner self carries him along without the need for attachment. I believe he is at peace.
Why the heck was he born then, we need him now.
He has hacked into Google+ from the twilight zone
He is dead. The mafia killed him because he knew too much.
To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one's family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one's own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.
No, he was killed by atomic bom in hiroshima..
i think that his body was filled with immense talent
That was so terribly sad! I belong to others and they belong to me, it's the way it should be with me!
yes . right . i remembered a poem by sohrab sepehri and that `s it : everywhere `s my home cause i every where can have the sky !
think he belongs to the whole universe, not for a group or a sect and this is the idea of the enlightened - ones.
The lack of someone to relate to who is of similar calibre is most probably the reason why. The reward he felt by discovery is why he liked to be alone. That's my take on the subject in any case.
lonelyyyyyyyy I'm Mr. Lonely......................;-)
Yep....why not genius.......genius 4evr........8%minded....
Sol Cor
what is mr. Lonlilonli?
Time and space to think are critical for everyone. There are some people who crave it (read Quiet, by +Susan Cain ). Give yourself that gift of introspection. You will be better for it.
You are absolutlely right Frances. I also beleive that life is too short, therefore take use of everyday have fun and enjoy.
He worked hard for others to benefit he is a genius
Wow, I like this quote!! Sounds like me! 
albert have a trouble life and wonderful mind . he give his girl for one answer from his wife.....he changed the world..
Persuasiveness !!!!! Truly remarkable, a genius of his time. Truly wish there were others of our time that could remotely come close to his mentality. He will truly live on through generations to come! 
so i'm Stephen Hawking!!!!!!
A vagabond life with no ties, unique. He felt free to think and was able to, amazing.
Some of the smartest people are the most disconnected from friends and family. I guess deep thinkers just don't fit in all to well.
If I wasn't so dumb, I think I could relate to this, relatively speaking.
If knowlege sets u free, and ignorsnce is bliss, then a time of salitude must equel libra between the both.

(psychology 101- id, ego, an super ego)
wow.. I resonate with this!! Another lost person amidst billions of people
I like it although I think that a person should feel that he is belonging to something.

I could say the same thing as a truck driver.....
Andrew Golightly ,amidst some one with great talent isn't a bad idea!
You fools Albert only discovered the edge of the Universe! The real relativity equation has fuzzy edges much like;" thought"
Can relate to never belonging anywhere...
Its a curse yet a blessing that people of this caliber carry with them always!
many people knew that he was once expelled from school coz his perspective were different
Sad and profound. Didn't realize you were still around, Albert. So what do you think of the world today? Solitude is in order.
coz, he kept thinking of crazy stuff. :) funny though, the crazy stuff he thinks are noble piece. :)
i couldnt have put in in better words myself..its comforting knowing one of the greatest minds in world was also a loner and was not afraid to stand on his own.this is a sign of true greatness and cofidence,my only hope is that i too have the cofidence and strenth to trudge ahead in my time of greatest hardship.
@Mr. Phillip, i think sir the world now is in chaos. and still hoping for the day that world will be united.
One thing I couldn't work out is women? :)
he is the greatest scientist ever but his words of wisdom and his sayings are not scientific but rather abstract and heart touching..perfect
At last we now know there is life after death....
hant seen a photo of him for ages
lucy green me my friend. i live right next to you. jk i dont want to be your friend.
Albert Einstein is one of my inspirations! He's SO EPIC!!!
+William Nelson GPS is working because his theory is correct.
Definately he knew who he was,what to do and how to do it a man after my own heart. One of my mentors.
the bodies that orbit me can be annoying! can we demote them like what happened to Pluto?
sure buddy...anything that is E-Square...
Sol Cor
hello Einstein, whats going on?
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i too feel the same way ...and i m happy with it
u should also be
Sometimes, the withdrawal from the unceasing hustle and bustle of life can be beneficial. Solitude can be therapeutic for the creative mind.
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