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My desk is cluttered an that's ok ;-)
I'd say it's the sign of a clear mind. But as with anything, it depends on the person.
If was about my comment that was "me too" in french but i deleted it :)
Clear desk... clear mind. Not the best of Einstein quotes :)  We all work differently though, clutter is best for some.
There was also a saying about multiple exclamation marks ;-)
empty is not the opposite of cluttered. Try these: uncluttered, clear. 
N Smith
Dosen't this new partical thing oblivate AE equetion?
one could say that a clean desk is a clear mind... personally, my desk mirrors that of Albert's so having a clean desk may not be in my future
this is for me! finally someone that appreciates my mess =)
hmmmm that the desk is clean?? c",)
an empty mind of course!
It may be a sign that I'm highly organized and productive...or that I've uploaded all digital copies of my books onto my Android tablet. 

An empty desk is a sign of no thoughts at all.

To some this maybe boring, to others it maybe peaceful, and to me it is a goal that I achieve off/on. (At this moment my desk is a mess)

Hallie Guilfoyle
sometimes we empty our  dessk as a sign that we are now ready to take on a new task and that we are done with the previous.
if you haven't got a desk you haven't got a mind  lol
This quote has successfully offended people with clean/clear/empty desks. That is odd to me. I don't like clutter, but I like this quote.
it is a sign of empty mind
My desk isn't cluttered but its not empty either
Wow - I must have a totally cluttered mind!
Humm... It means that you're a tidy person?!
I'm "O C D" , So I would say the empty desk top is neat ,and organized and everything is in its place .
...interesting thought....
at least makes me feel at ease with my messes
It means a lazy mind. You see, i cannot think of a mind which can be without any thoughts.
My desk was just cleaned. Time to clutter again.
I bet all of you unorganize people fell much better about yourselves. Wait I feel like a genius.
Igor R
Very organized mind?
it means you're outside enjoying yourself hahaha
Hmmm... An empty mind? Or an extremely well organized mind? Somebody ought to do a study :D
I always hear people say, "I work better in a mess." It's one thing to have a messy desk, it's another to say it's easier to work with.
Empty mind obviously sees nothing, Clear mind can only see clear things but clutter-pictured mind sees many possibilities to give a good outcome.
no-mind is a state of consciousness, achieved through the practice of meditation. it's the achievement of the purposeful cessation of thought.
empty mind or someone that's not very bright?
+Rick Whitlock You know what? I think so too! I think that he would say the complete opposite... But nevertheless it's an interesting quote.
Cluttered could be put as someone who is constantly thinking and has an active mind , while empty could mean a person who doesn't think and has a lazy mind
I would say it hosts a reflexive mind.  The desk is but a tool as is our minds.
Alright, you're confusing me again Al. I can't think straight with all these coffee rings in my head.
Actually, it just says you're too busy thinking to be organised. 
an empty desk is a empty mind
Oh you geniuses, didnt got the idea right?
Usually a sign of too much time on their hands
God like abilities. Self Control and Self Esteem not to mention able to keep your work secret. all kinds of clues are on that desk.
my desk isn't cluttered. I know exactly where to look for a certain paper. you just have to move a bunch of other papers to get to it :)
My mom always wanted me to clean my table. Now i have a good reason.
An empty desk a sign of Job Done...!
think I'll add that to my cluttered desk
You tell um , Albert .  I think you were a great man and great mind , Wish I could have known you bro .
Well! If empty desk=empty mind, what does very organized desk =?
too much time on your hands?? :)
Bejhe me Kuch challa gaya hai kya budhu
I mentioned this quote at my employment at a 5S training class when the teacher made a comment about what does it mean when you have a cluttered desk. My answer was that you were in good company as Einstein had a messy desk.
i have a desk with a bunch of stuff on it
+Jennifer Rice Thank You, My point ! If My Desk is Empty ? I have an Empty Mind ? No I Use My Mind Constantly ,But I am Very Organized! You Dont Have to Be Slob, To Prove Your Brillant, Smart, Ect.. Its All in The Indaviduals Habits ,He Was Brillant Man, Who was A Slob !
Omid, my sence of humor revolves around the sadness and happiness of reality, considering i didn't even giggle, may be yet another sign bud.
Brainwashing by government scientists.
So what does a dirty desk mean? :-)
Sign of emptiness?
A worried mind ..... that justify the condition.
ANSWER: management
But what is a SET desk sign of???
this makes me feel good about my house.
need help w a ten yr secret book to publish and help the world
If i had my life to live over again it woud be a buyer of avnr

Do what elders say.not what they do. Strange
"A clean slate" would have been my answer.
Give Albert credit for that, but that was prior to computers being main stream. So the quote needs updating. I had a clutter free desk, having not touched paper nor any physical books etc for nearly 3 years, as everything is now online and accessible via devices which improves productivity and also the mind. 
it's funtustic.any one to trade "emping'?
I can't tell if people who are answering saying they don't get it are joking. Or are they taking a stab at irony? Unfortunately, I'd say these days, it means other folks are cutting their margins to find work at prices that won't sustain their businesses over the long term. Maybe they're on to something, though - otherwise, what's a better way to find motivation for promoting efficiency? Cetainly when my desk is empty I feel a constant fear I'm not far from the unemployment line.
I had a boss that used to say this nonsense about cluttered desks. needless to say, her desk was usually empty.
It is nice to have your feelings confirmed by such a wise man.  No more comments about my office will be accepted.
My company insists on a clear desk policy , maybe I should send this to all the higher managers.
don't make an excuse, albert!
Clean up your desk first ......... :-) :-)

see mom and dad... im not messy... i just have a lot on my mind! :p
That desk looks like it was hit by a bomb.
Great man think ahead of others.
I knew there was a reason that my desk seems to have a life of it's own LOL
:-) and if somebody doesn't have a desk???

Don't Mind :-)
Oh my word... When my desk is organised, my life is falling apart.
or maybe your pushed all your work on the floor because you just got tired of seeing it!  LOL
A waste of money; why did you buy the desk you aren't using?
Ali D
What if it's a new desk? Silly question.

My desk only has a laptop on it... Now, the laptop... that's a different matter. Let's not go there...
What if you are a minimalist and need a clutter free desk to access the mind? Eh? EH?
Its better to be cluttered desk than a empty mind.....
what if you are a fatalist and leave it to fate?
The state of the mind and the existence of a desk itself??
Hey, another unconfirmed quote with no source from Einstein. 
I am trying my best...but so far, I've been unsuccessful.
But I wont give up!
Very true amber. Totally agree. Congrats on getting it right.
Genius thrives on clutter.
supercalifragilisticexpealidous cool
Einstein's desk aint for nothing on my epic mess :) must mean I'm a genius..... Of making a mess lol
Like my desk, he also works as I do on the Vesuvius principle. 
I have a clean desk, with everything in the right place, right where I know where it is.
zee key
Quite true! 
My desktop on my computer is cluttered, but on my desk I have only my computer. The meaning of the quote is timeless, though!
I've often asked that.  It's a bit humbling that Einstein had the same question.
Is this proof of an other dimension existing next to ours? 
lol If the desk is empty then the person has an empty mind
finally a reason not to clean my desk!!!!
a need for paper. or a sign of ocd. whichever you choose...
Would have loved to have meet him, if time travel were possible i think he'd be my first stop...
A empty desk means you don't have enough to do
a valid reason for not cleaning your desk. 
This has completely justified my disgustingly messy Uni dorm or next year then :D
It depends on the chair holder,how to finish a task or jump to another, leaving the current task unfinished on the desk.
A dee duh dee!where's yer hands@Albie?
Im never cleaning my room again :D
A cluttered desk is a sign of genius.
And an empty desk means you have no brain. Funny how we Americans interpret these things, huh?
that is a really good point actually....
My desk is a huge pile of junk
I think it means clear mind
What is it going to profit you, after all your fame and vain glory; that you lose your soul at the end of it all? God will judge even every secret thing, Seek the Lord while he may be found. Light Has Come Into The World
I know intelligence is not in the power...because I have to obey the orders of dark idiots...
Actually , an empty desk is a sign of a Devil's Playground,,I bet I can win Eienstein's appreciation with this answer.
There are a couple people I would recite this to day in day out cough......My Boss........cough
My boss once said... 'how the f can you work on that?' (Plate/Welder)
... referring to my bench.
I replied...

I'm not workin' on that... I'm workin' on this.
That's completely awesome. Lol.
 ?, for what, maybe you are the answer ! because if you want it you can get it or you can do it, so what is the answer of a cluttered mind ?
Cluttered desk = cluttered mind, so a empty (clear) desk = clear mind.
Put the @#$% book down and go experience it. 
An empty desk is a sign of corporate dehumanisation.
An empty desk is a sign of cleanliness
I wonder if sometimes even Einstein might be wrong. A cluttered desk creates mental inertia. Perhaps if he had a clean desk he could have accomplished even more?
in my situation, a mild case of OCD, which I enjoy very much  :)
A desk fresh and ready for clutter.  Ready for new stuff, ready for fulfillment.
Doubtful he said that, and he rarely cast such aspersions.
Albert is taking it very deep
hey guys what r u talking about
makes a lot of sense, depending the context...;)
It means somebody has been messing with my desk.
In my experience an empty desk is a sign of a closed mind. People with cluttered desks tend to be more openminded.
cluttered desk could means there a lot to do always busy busy, to little time :-) or no space, need upgrade!
Thats what I always say!!! Happy to know Im in great company lol
'no one cares'? Spoken like someone with and empty desk ;) 
Empty deck could mean a sign of Your Fired ! Haha
This cluttered my mind trying to comprehend this statement.
I have a desk, and that is a very messy one, my friend 
The clutter on my desk is always highly organized.
Well, a tidy desk is a sign of a mighty mind, as cleanliness leads to godliness, so an empty desk must be the sign of the empty mind
An empty mind is a peaceful mind. So i thank god letting me feel that at times.
Empty and clear yet so neat and tidy
I think if you desk clean... you to short sighted and that's what he is really getting at.
its good enuf to hav an empty mind then havin a shitful mind at all...
organized and methodical ftw!
Nothing left for desk.all inside nothing outside.
Sieht ja aus wie mein Schreibtisch! :-)
makes sense
an empty desk may imply that the person using it is organized with his things..he just doesn't like mess...
An empty desk is a sign of retiring 
Awesome. I'll use this argument the next time my Mom complains that my room / desk is messy...
The empty desk has not found the Higs Boson yet.
A sign of an empty one... Rather be cluttered then, which is my case...
This was my favorite quote from him when I was an NCO in the USAF !
does it the same thing with a cluturred kitchen ? 
It is great observation. Cluttered desk confirms unorganized way of mind and things . Empty desk means , a future developement needed to keep desk and mind empty by having suitable technology , I think he is right and he initiate the thinking of desk top and lap top .
Ravi Thailand 
Someone on their way to vacation! Or management.
And of course, the exact same question can be applied to homes, lol.
an empty desk is a sign that there is a cluttered drawer nearby...
its a sign of compact, precise, strategised but cool and awaiting action...
in your case cluttered pineapple ..bless :)
(Even better or worse) "No desk at all?"
reju ps
clean and neat desk is sign of a person who works very perfectly.
Gracias Albert Einstein!!!!!
aveces el desorden no es desorden,
ni vacia la vida
yah neh i think no one cud have agued with this guy!
organised if with book shelf beside or else...
A empty desk is a sign of an empty or new mind ... a mind with the possiblity of organizing points to move forward with. :)
..well, to be true, for some the desk is nearly obsolete -- so check their gadgets' desktops instead?
The mind sometimes is emty but the heart will always be full.
Some very insecure comments going on here.
Human nature is a peculiar/funny thing : )
I think I see a distinct bulge in Albert cheek  : ) : )
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