"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

~ +Albert Einstein (come step into my circle)
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isn't that the truth moved a little more to the right
be outgoing, or else you will only stay on earth, when you should have reached for the stars
amazing even though he is dead
true. dont agree that you have to be outgoing though. Smart is more important.
at least give effort, you could be one of the most intelligent people in the world, but if you don't try or give effort to be your best, then you're as useful as a simple housecat.
Looks like I need to expand my comfort zone.
once I went to a cvs wearing a afro and pillows under my shirt.
like when you wear an afro to cvs
Alemu Behailu
But most us choose to remain in our so called comfort zone!
get out of your comfort zone!!!!! love it!
I was banished from my comfort zone. :(
But it's not so bad! :)
fear is what stops you from living the comfort zone
i bet ol' Al tried this on his dates....
That really hits the nail on the head.

What about the void around those two boundaries? What would that be? The hindrances and conflicts if life? If so, then it seems like quite the risk, especially if someone is blinded with stubbornness.
go out from your comfort zone ( everything you do it as traditional )
If you leave your comfort zone often enough, you can even get acquainted to it.
Meaning: You can do whatever you like!
Does this explain why I am not comfortable too often? Or does it explain why I find a lot of magic in things?
so hard to get to the magic circle!
i agree fear sometimes stops u for doing something
that where i get comfy on sunday night
fear stops you but my confident level rises and i believe in myself.
But fear can also be positive thing to Motovation
Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Phunny
Life is a challenge that makes life fun to live.
Einstein's brain, though long since without a body and ever since stuck in a jar, does manage to get these trinkets back out to us through Destiny Prognostication in either it's most acute, or most radically obtuse application... Rest in peaceful eternity, Albert.
ha! perfect. i'm smack dab in the middle of the magic!
this so hillariously true :-) ,,,,,,,,, what words of wisdom!
+Albert Einstein, you only have two circles up. You should know that life is more complicated then that especially with that sobriquet.
And I'm about to step outside of my comfort zone! Curious about the magic though!
Also important: all that empty space outside your comfort zone where nothing magic happens.
Basically.....get out of your comfort zone!!
This is were the term YOLO definitely fits
that Einstein quote has been lurking me for a minute.
who said taking advice from a dead guy is wrong. Not me for sure!!!
Your comfort Zone = Windows
Were the magic happens = Linux, Unix
True growth and rewards are found outside of one's comfort zone.
100% right Mr Einstein I've been trying to work on that for ages now
What about those people who stay in their comfort zone and make mistakes?
how's that connected to Albert Einstein ?!?!
ive been so lucky, doing this all my life....
doing what all your life? im talking to aditya kaushal.
This is a great message to share especially with children. I live by this and life is a lot more fun than it was when I was shy.
Good,bc i make alot of them........
We were just talking now you prove the point 
Why is +Albert Einstein permitted on Google+? He's long dead, obviously. My user named Internet Explorer had to change his name, though I only posted things Microsoft's Internet Explorer would say if it were a person, such as I hate Javascript! I just can't work with it :'(
"I sit and sit of thinking of what I need to do and nothing gets done"
Probably the comfort zone circle is larger than in reality :-)
To avoid blunders I will never advise kids to drift too faraway from their safety zone, you never know as some dirty old man could be lurking in the twilight zone offering magic mushrooms to unwary fools.
Einstein is one of my true heros. I love his work and study it always with a passion just like I do my music and astronomy.
I never knew the "magic happens" spot was that big
I think it means you have to leave your comfort zone to get to where magic happens, ie take a chance.
what i want to be in the magic zone
Wouldn't stepping out of your comfort zone regularly become your comfort zone? And staying in a routine of things or doing things repeatedly would be OUT of the comfort zone........

Which would mean working hard and keeping at it, would in fact be harder for you?
Strangely, one of my Google+ circles is named "Where the magic happens"............it's full of whores.
Not at all 4 me. Let the magic flow though u my friends!!! ;)
Mistake I have made many because I am doing something new or looking at something old with different eyes.
A-Albert, you-you're alive!?!
and on Google+ instead of facebook???
yes, very true. Just that your manager wouldn't like those mistakes :P
that....sadly is soo true! but it is encouraging ;)
eric u
this picture is inspiration
opps!, no, my comfort zone is right in the middle of the magic circle :>
Let's smile to strangers.. however uncomfortable that may make us feel.. #OneLove
is this the real albert einstein or a hologram like tupac?
We actually learn more from falling than from a stumble-free journey.
I am living proof that this statement because of the my open mindedness and to learn and try new things. It is a wise to be all rounded and that has been my goal from day one. Nothing is achieved without hard work determination and the will to learn these qualities are vital yet very rare.
I still don't understand what "being well rounded" actually is.
LK ab
I agree

Wonderful.......I dont get it.
Noah G.
well thats obvious. you cant make a mistake doing something you can already do perfectly.
This is funny. My teacher here in NowheresVille would love that.
No way i.m gonna step into his circle
He's dead
D Paul
I wonder if there is one person who has never made a mistake in his/her life. Just wondering!
What does it mean to +1 this? I see I just did that to this.
But too much mistake may be horrific and disastrous!
The magic is composed of success and failure.
although you have a iq of 180 doesnt mean that is true. for example you are mathamatics i am physics by the fact that you have a little understanding of physics doesnt mean you can make theories based opon my work with or without my permission so the factthat is true but you are looking in the wrong direction! away from math!
We learnt frm d'mistake. Bt to repeat & to learn mo mistakes frm othrs. U r askng fr double trouble. Juz like d'Shampoo gerls grp wif their lines>
'Oh..oh....U're in trouble, sumthin cums along & it'll burst like bubble. Yeah...yeah... Ok, d'rest U guyz cont....
D'best things, learn hw to play frm vdo-games. Once u complete d'mission or levels, doesn't mean U're gd or purefect. Til U challenge & bck to wher U start to own dat hire scores & excellente.
But the bed is where the magic happens and I can't think of anywhere more comfortable haha :P
Our comfort zone should be more closer to the magic
Jay Raj
Seriously, I should get my ass out of my comfort zone!
Btw guyz, tot dis column's fr wat we learnt frm mistakes rite? So b relevant & responsible pls. Coz ther r so many naive/innocent twits still confusng bout wat we txt here. Anyway, thnx fr sharing wat u think best & benefits fr evryone here.....Peace..
...now if only this was a forethought, empowerment it could be.
what would happen if by happenstance your comfort zone is far from where the magic happens? or inside? or overlapping?
There is no other true behinde this fact.wow!
wawwaaaaa hahahahz true lyfs hard buh need braveness
ya.. iam so stepping into the circle man!!
+Alex Zhang who says he has gone to heaven
nice one albert even if its from outer space(I guess you discovered something about outer space and decided to go there 50+ yrs ago) anymore discoveries to make physics harder? I so hate that course. 
great i like it................
i try to step out of my comfort zone every day. this is a great reminder to people who don't.
Albert i m huge fan of you...what a reasarcher.....
Einstein always says: "Learn from yesterday,live for today,hope for tomorrow."
yaaaaaaaaaa so inspirational words!!!!
easy to write. difficult to follow
"Here I sit looking at a book should I pick it up or go outside to see what life is all about"
...nor the mundane...nor the expedient...nor the dictated
My Comfort Zone --> 0 wher the magic happens--> o
see the differance
Show me something I don't know
I won't fear what's unknown I will embraces the unknown and make it first hand knowledge.
step out from your comfort zone and there's where the magic happens.
NB when leaving your comfort zone make sure you have chosen the right direction if your intention is to see some pleasant magic.
It's true, people miss out on a lot by being afraid to try new things.
I agree that's where I am daring to take the first step
very true and so real deep in your thoughts
great lines woow!
moving outside your comfort zone does not mean leaving your zone, it means you are extending teritory, overcoming your fears, having that new experience. So lets extend our comfort zone coz we can.
Mistakes are greatly issued, and great issues will be remembered for a long period.
Igor M
Not necessarily correct. School is the chance you take out of your comfort zone to take a loan with no promises. --that's a chance don't you think.
Mistake is threshold of something new.
so true. get out of your comfort zone if u want to build confidence...... +1 if u agree :)
Love trying new things so I can make mistakes and learn. Great quote by a great man.
or taken a risk to expand their abilities . . .
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