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Bloody hell, with my imagination thats dangerous.
LOGIC - within the box
IMAGINATION - flies outside of the box
Oh a real intelligence person....feel the passion and conviction!!----> A+B=C...what part of this equation are you....
But there are infinite possibilities between A and B
Micah D
Actually Thomas, I think A^2 + B^2 = C^2 ...
The world admires you as I envy you :D
And then when you get there, you've got to think things through...

...Logically. :)
oh yes,put ur shoes on& hurry with it
Josh N
good good
that is true all you have to do is belive in what you want and want to be and you will get there
Love this. It's thinking outside the typical boundaries of A to B that stimulates creativity and invention
Raisa N
Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.
-Ablert Einstein
Albert Einstein is an amazing genius.
yet another Eistein quotation. How many of them did he really said ?
A to B is more specific than 1 to 2.This is only my opinion. 
tu toh mar gaya tha....
abhi jinda kaise hua be.....
aur google+ me kya kar raha he....
If you don't know how to apply logic, you're never going to get anywhere.
more true than most things i here
it could be einsteinic and what else!
Cassie, you spelled "stupid wrong". Because I care.
A car will get you from A to B.

A helicopter will take you everywhere.
Hey doesn't the "e" in everywhere come just 4 letters after "a" and 21 before "z". Oh well, I am not a writer of great slogans so I can not criticize (I can but it would be unprofessional.)
Whoops, it says from A to B (not z) so Everywhere is not included in Logic, that is logical Albert !
he meand u will only get from point A to point B with logic but, when he says imaginastion gets u everywere he means it gets to to point A to point z and beyond
I just saw ur brain on exhibit in the Mütter museum in Philly
i can climb a flagpole without using my hands
will someone please show this to spock ??????
B is a member of the set of all locations, ie. everywhere.
so the question is whether you want to reach 'B' or just anywhere :)
Awesomeness has arrived I see?
But what gets u an a+?
Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere.
What about not having a thought of almost everything?
Albert is alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that is wonderful
and that is also the truth
to where? because i would like to go out off space
any where you wanna be,places youve never been and seein,stories you never thought about,wow..mind is trully amazing,just wish i knew how to use it properly,it has potential despite not paying much attention to it.
Man I have to get away from this place. Everyone is a genius and yet they can't spell Albert! It is written on the quote you morons! And there is a spell checker built into the software! Google+ is the same as the grade F+ in school. Yikes
Logic gets you real results. Imagination gets you emotional benefits.
Together they will make you rich.
Logic is a product of correlating stored information from the conscious mind, it is not capable of "free thinking".
Burke did you not dream as a kid?Toyed with ideas? Fixed a chaotic something or other? Space time and opportunity are at your leisure when imagination takes control
True So So SO SO so SO sO SoSoso veryv evry very veyr True
Logic must be intertwined with imagination to achieve viable results. Imagination without logic is what made a friend's ex make very sensational claims against him, which got him in a ton of trouble. "Everywhere" also means the bad places :P
Imagination is more important than knowledge!
thats what im talkin about
thats the s**t right there
thats nice, but i would rather get a real B than an imagenary A
Got to love that brain. Imagination is really what makes the world go around. Besides physics. And physics is mostly imagination.
this quote inspires me to do my best at all times/"
eeeeeeeeeeverywhere.... yes, everywhere... >:)
Ahh...I never cease to be in awe of and inspired by this great mind!
I'm certainly going to get around!
Imagination can be a double edged sword, just look at nuclear technology.
not true
ive been to point c
And Parkour will get you even farther.
What's all about imagination?
Yes, but logic is...uh...logical...

* depressingly un-imaginitive moment *
Too much imagination and not enough logic happening with this typography.
A empty space is more logical than that same
space with a object in it!.
so confused i am not an Einstein
iimagine the socially accepted standards of logic change w time
oh... i just went to venus with my mind!!!
It was hot and sandy.
(logic tells you that this didn't happen but imagination tells you it did)
That Einstein. Such a smarty. Like the quote.
einstein was really into astrology and pornography e=(^_^)2
The Chemistry fella......

Still kicking!!!
i can imagine whtever i want.....
Let me think about that question
Wow. Somebody call the waaaaambulance.
my aim to become like u sir i like u sooooooooooooooooooo much
and imagination is necessary for logic, but logic is not must in imagination
How did he come up with this stuff? Bravo.
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what you are no albert because he is dead
albert einstein may have a time machine he is cool
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