"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."

+Albert Einstein climb into my circles
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BeCa m
yay! my childhood is awesome
My children still do this...even over the stairs...they are spider monkeys.
I did not, my childhood was obese T.T
Every big idea started with imagination.
I drove my Mother crazy!!! She was constantly pulling me down from this exact position. :]
my childhood was super awesome then
i always did it on my cousin's house
czution 2012?>/.,><><
lol must like. im pretty sure every little kid dun that. i did it cause i thaut i was spider-man
yes it was so much fun i can't belive i used to be able to do that
it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, NO, Martin. How sad. I went at 8 and a half, but all the kids there were girls. We got up at 5 every morning, went to mass before breakfast, and went to bed at 5.30p.m. every evening!! Was yours a 'mixed' school or were you the only boy?!
i din't do that but my childhood was still awesome
so what my little brother can do pull ups by himself and he is only 2 years old
i was a ditecetive but i got boered
then my childhood was awesome x 1,000,000 XD
i use to do that all the time i wonder if i still can
i did that all the time. it rokced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My parents had a very narrow hallway. We did this all the time!
I did that once, then fell, m sister laughed at me... a lot.
I did it constantly and would wait in the hallway near the ceiling to scare my siblings :)
im awesomer than that but i did do that heaps
I did that, one time I was able to sit on the wall with my back pushed on one side and my feet on the other wall and ate my dinner like that . LoL it looked funny but was soooo much fun :)
To be honest, I used to do that all the time as a kid, it doesn't actually make you Spiderman!
I had completely forgotten about it, but ... yeah - I did this (hey, it was 37 years ago, OK?). A moment of omnipotence/cool in a world/country/age that didn't even know Spider-Man.
spiderman was created in the 50s numbnuts
done that ,, sighh ,,,,good times
I did this as a kid in a hall way, then a friend climbed onto my legs and what made us fall was not his weight, but the dry wall giving in. Thankfully his mother just laughed and they fixed the huge hole we left.
I did this all the time in my very first bedroom, the door was perfect.....completely forgot about it until now
i did this 3 years ago in an alleyway on halloween cuz i was a ninja . what i was 20 at the time
I still do it...
But I make a complete failure of myself.
:/ i did it, accept it was to get snacks of the fridge, we had a 3 foot space between our wall and the fridge and i would get up there, barefoot, i actually hid up there alot
And then my limbs became too long...
I could do tht as a child it was fun. Me and my bro had a contest on who could do it the fastest...i won!
my childhood was awesome then i guess.. and gentoo.. get over it man, its not saying einstein said it its just a picture found on the internet that they thought goes with the quote from einstein.. the picture could just as easily have been found on face book with like a thousand likes and mad teenagers resharing it with the caption "lol"
I did that all the time as a child...Drove my mother crazy!
I did That At School. I Was The First Kid to See The Water Heaters! I Think I Was The Only Kid...
i think i preformed this little stunt in possibly all the door ways or my grand mothers house
Malia R
i tried......too hard
last time i tried that, i ended in the ER.
BUT ALBERT EINSTEIN IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i could never do that ^ ^
Think I still have a splinter iin my foot..!!
I use to do that, but instead of in a doorway, I climbed up in a hall.
I used to do this all the time :) and I also did it in the hall Evan :) Good times...
i am so ninja thats all i do
I must be extremely awesome for how many times i have done that
lol i tried a lot but never succeeded
are you dead albert enistin i thaught you died?
I did this all the time when I was a Kid! Now I climb rocks!
I tried doing this and broke the doorway...damn I'm strong!
i had to do this in order to retrieve my hippity-hop from the rafters!
i am totally awesome! I can climb a door frame and the wall!
I did something better than this when I was a kid! LOL.
Mo Hin
y can i see this i never added einstien he dum
Then apparently my childhood was awesome.
i seriously used to do that when i was little i can still do it now- without breaking the walls- true story bro i was like spider-man
omg, i remember that....
i did this when i wuz a little kid i still can
yay oh ya
hey i always did this! and honestly my childhood WAS awesome:) nice post:)
i did that inbeetween the thing that leas to the bathroom, my dad's room and the shoe room
yeah... i love to remember those days....
wow so many times, the good old day
I actually have a photo of my daughter doing the same thing, and yes she ia pretty Awesome!
i remember that! i broke my femur
nawww good times good times remember doing this ohh so sad to see tht i cant do it anymore
yeah.....my brother still does it ....
true ^3^ i use to get in sooooo much trouble for doing that X3 good times ○3○
really? i did this before and i got my pelvic area injured because i suddenly fell. lol
we need this kid in a spider man movie
still doing it - My life is awesome ;)
wow i thought i was alone :P used to do this all day long at times.
I'm awesome too. - man, i just knew it !! :-)
done that since i was in kindergarten haha
The sadest moment is when you try to do that and you realize that you can't because you've grown too tall.. remember how tall it used to feel when you were way younger...
I always did this in my narrow hallway. Scared the hell out of my friends during hide and seek
cool.now go clime the leaning yower of pizza
aparently ive had an "awesome childhood" ! woopie
so did i i even tried it on narrow walls . but now i am to tall lol
chris f
Still doin it fools!
i would love to go that but i cant =(
yeeep it ws awesome i used to always do tht..
I didn't do it in the door way. I did it in a hallway, and scare the crap out of my brother XD.
make sure that kids penis does not fall off
totally. I never did that, but I did other neat things. he he
Irfan N
I didn't know other people did this too! haha
omg yes! ♥
I am awesome |:) |
Am still getting the same scolding for doing that :P , and I've passed my childhood for god know how many year
Uh, I used to do this all the time.. It was awesome! I hope my kid does it too! :P
i did this... i just never made it 2 the top... when i jumped down there wus a thud and my parents were like, "What r u doing, Minji?" and then lecture about... not jumping off of walls... it was fun anyway!!! :D i still try to do it to this day.
I did this quite easily when I was a kid I can do it now also.
thats the urban version,,, and there's scaling hills and climbing trees, that's mine..
this child must have got this idea if he must be watching a lot of cartoons
I did this and also made to top but while coming down, i could not get it properly and things got changed like my parents were like, "what r u doing and who told to do ....and then start lecture abt it.....anyways it was funny and good to learn"
I guess my childhood was freeking awesome!!
I loved doing this as a kid! I could even perch up near the ceiling of our hallway and drop down on unsuspecting people walking under me.
harahr.. I like it very much..I had an awesome childhood :D
I Know Right?!? I wish I could still do that now. "Sigh"
i still do that all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha i am soooo wierd!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) )
Yeah we did that. Accept we did it between our garage and my neighbors garage. We could get all the way up to the peak of the roof then let go and fall to the ground. Ya think that might have something to do with the way my knees feel now?
i still do that because my childhood is still awsome
I admit to doing this all the time, we would play hide and seek, being we had tall ceiligs I would climb up and hide, always worked, well until they started learning my pattern.
I have doing this when I was Child but something that I Forget to do is learn how to climb it down without fall
hey looks, it's something everyone has done; lets all make ourselves feel good about it.
yeah i did that too
it was fun
cant do it now though because of my hieght
hehe would love to though
i did that :D.... ha ha ha ha.. going up was FUN,.. trying to go down was really scary.. :D ha ha ha ha
"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."... so THAT'S WHY +Albert Einstein give OLD AGE PHOTO..bec this is not about childhood
hehe it's my favorite too (climbing entry wall's) but never broke a single leg :D
I always did that when I was a kid. I even have a pic. of me doing that!!!! lol
I did this with Walls.. funny exp..
rizki m
I have done that before my 5th years old.
So, am I that weird...
sure, mine was! :D
I read that in The Secret
This is very common in my family's childhood.
i remember we used to do it a lot and our parents were afraid of us falling
i did that but my dad closed the door on me
I did that! I can still do it, I just bump my head.
I used to do this in the little passageway to the kitchen!
Both my sons did this on a regular basis. My eldest son climbed out a window at almost 2, climbed up on top of the kitchen wall cabinets at 4 and onto a two storey roof at 7. Luckily he's now an adult ;o)
i still do that when I'm bored
doing lots of stuff everyday in bike, bed, the places around...lol..
That is cute because there are those who actually tried this.
I don't think I could do that.... What did I do in my spare time!?!??
yup ......
i dis every day when i was child.......
I loved doing that all of the time!!!!! also, I did this with trees and rocks...
when i was doing this my mom said ((dont do it .you are fall down at least))
haha! I did this when I was a kid! =D
oh its a remind of what i did when i was still a little boy
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