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yeah but whut you gone do..
Stand up and be counted for the righteous.
So, what do we do? Can we do anything without a revolution?
Just stand up for what is right.  Be like that song by Fireflight called Stand Up a very inspirational song
This was a big statement from Einstein since he was known as a pacifist in his early life. But that changed once he saw Hitler's brutality and the German people following as sheep. America was a great inspiration to him and once here, never returned to Germany. 
Yes, without Unity for the Good Of Our World, we will have Nothing..
we must have the courage to denounce actions we know to be wrong/bad or evil even if we are the only one doing it and regardless of the consequences we might fear as a result. it's hard sometimes esp. when you're the stay out of it, mind your own business type. We just have to ask ourselves can we respect ourselves if we don't.
Even if no one else has the courage people must stand for what is right.  Even if it means prison or other wise.
Absolutely vital: learn to recognize psychopathic traits. Until we have that ability, we may not be fully aware of the evil happening around us, or know how to stop it. The bad guys will always win if we don't see who they are and how they operate.
My dad has an uncanny ability to read people like books and say if they are good or not
Stand up Raise Your Voice and Make  a Difference
And I will send them strong delusion that they should believe the lie.
Rightly said..... I hope people juz dont read this as a quote but execute it as well.....
Evil= Man's Careless Consent(to wrong)
damn him for making the atom bomb
That right.....but we are the one to move the world..
But I have noticed (from a small country in Europe, Croatia) that the in a second rising Good (ghan to be God) men are doing something. What I've noticed? We are mostly aware of:
1.being missused by giving our election vote, to someone who is cheeting us (in Croatia is this obvilus)
2.That then those are continously taking from us, enabeling only them selves TO HAVE, never enough.
3. On Your choice to notice Your experience.
People are afraid, action taken by only one person would make a difference.
Some people just like to watch the world burn.
- Batman Dark Knight

If you didn't notice, the world is burning because of "good for business" tactics.
I guess, the Couch Potato Creed really ought to be abolished ;)
yes we should standup against cockrochs.
Perhaps one of the most prophetic things Albert may have ever said. Makes us really put on our thinking caps, doesn't it? L
yea but how do we actually know from right and wrong if we was never taught it in the first place?. How can we help someone who does not know that they need help?
u said correctly roxxy we need to change the education policy n society environment that teach us from the very beginning we were born
you cant fix a problem with the same mind that created it..
+Roxxy Griffin we'll know who to help. It's kind of like you're drawn to the helpless. Right or wrong, I feel like it doesn't exist. Capitalist systems over take the minds of those who aren't hungry for knowledge. With the knowledge of self-love, unity, and solidarity with the people evil would no longer exist. Kind of like sine type of utopian world. It's like this one philosopher said, "The softest things in life can over come the hardest things in life.." :)
yeah we need to do a lot of things to make this world a better place. I see people wanting a better world, but do we actually deserve it with all the bad things we do? Some people want to change and some just wont.
more like i agree on that. it's true but at times all u can do is just watch... people r at times too stubborn to listen.
true but do you see a lot of people helping? i mean what about the homeless they need help, but not everyone helps them. People was more caring back in the past, now there is hate crimes etc
Duty of care, anywhere........NO WHERE. WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE.
Amen. And one of the last quotes used by my long time friend, Brett Allen aka Casper just before being brutally beaten to death as people he once called friends stood silently and watched.

a wise king once said " i see righteous people die early in their righteousness and wicked people live long in their wickedness"
now would i say this is even worse than that
All that evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
Evil will never happen if nobodys there to witness it 
Lets increase our sense of humanity.
I love my mum b/c she take care of me when i was born by her may her soul rest in peace.
u r right ashutosh barve...
It seems there is no difference, because the world will be destroyed, no matter why. may be because of our silence or doing evil.
Albert Einstein ripped off Edward Burke with this one....Burke said 'All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'.
I love everything about this man.
lol black people (racist) is holding the sign :D
A powerful warning. I'm amazed how quite my 700 friends are on topical CURRENT issues and can't comment or even hit the like or share buttons. 
I lk N i agree..........;;;;;;;;;-
those who do evil arent really helping either...
people will just sit back and watch the fireworks, until a fire cracker is tossed in their yard, only then will they react and say that it is wrong ... sad...
very true!! lets invade some more countries!! :D
IS there actually anyone alive who is not guilty of the latter statement? I feel sad.
Brilliant Words,nothing shall ever get fixed, brought to the worlds attention if we all sit on the fence,we should all know by now, to do or say something, anythings better than nothing!!
True true true trueeeeeeeee
O supper natural eminent,prominent,Einstein  !! come back on earth.
your utility will never last.I was also a student of reltivity.you are remmembered continuously
i agree with all of you ! but what we have to do ..............????
One the strongest human desires is give or help others. Start small and work your way up
so true!!! maging mapanuring mamamayan ng pilipinas...
then go and do something...y yo guys r wastin time by commenting and giving likes...???
u see, in life, lots of people know wat to do, but few paople actually do wat they know. knowing is not enough! you must take actions...
Hmm not just revolution, but INTELECTUAL REVOLUTION;
NO wastage of lifes
NO destroying properties
NO taken arms(gun,sword)
NO involving western‘s leaders(amer.,eng., and russia in addition)
This is so true Mr. Einstein !!!
Rob C
hell yeah..Einstein is the man!!
Did einstein say this....really???....lol
who is albert einstein? sorry i dont know this person...
Then why is America killing innocent people of Afganistan just in the name of terrorism...if they are the terrorist then what are the Jews of Israel...
That is a more true statement than not. The really scary thing about this are the motives behind "good" doers actually being hidden evil that causes a slowly eroding destruction of the world, which is hard to see.
those who don't do evil, can't stop those who do it, cause actually evil rules everyone right now, the mayority of people lean toward what is selfish and bad, sell and buy their desires... everyone wants money and don't care if the world falls apart.  the ones who care are a small powerless group.
It's ok to agree, but you should also make an effort to do something about the broken systems that are supporting the status quo.
But please, no self immolation.
There is not always an hidden meaning behind doing good, there are those that do good because it's the right thing to do. Then there are those that do good and what's right because they know what it feels like to be wronged. Sadly too many today are selfish, thoughtless, mean and vindictive. People see kindness as weakness and take advantage.
Yes too many that stand and watch, too many that turn a blind eye or deaf ear. When they are wronged and no-one does anything to stop it they shout the loudest, everyone knows about it.
the world was destroyed many years ago by evil...it only survived because good lived through us....those who do evil will always be a shadow because when they see good they flee....sometimes good becomes evil...so evil can blame good....
This is not true at all. You're giving all of the credit to the people sitting on their asses with popcorn and destroyers get no respect.

What a lie.
You are right +Manisha.r. manikuttan - This is something we MUST do to make a stand against the evil that has infiltrated societies and governments.
Sandi V
very true hence why the world is in its destruction now. 
if only people will understand this message...
yea but if those doing evil went doing evil in the first place, then ppl wouldn't haft do something. so HA.
People need 2 b held accountable 4 their actions! Also have compassion 2.
exactly for better world we have to change ourself
Nah there would be no war... but there would be such fight for peace...
If you want to change the world star to change your hearts
let us talk about who sell their life 4 money and fume

ya!!!!thats the true fact!!
Ken S
Theists fill innocent children's heads with nonsense, and their arses with semen, both against their will.

Who's going to stop them?
Well if Apple and Samsung spend billions on Lawsuits, this is corperate financial monetery gain for wealth in the business World. we can only watch the outcome of the corts decision. If they are so Intelligent, where are the brains? Can they just not compromise and help those less fortunate than many around the world with the funds they are goin to enrich the Law Firms defending their cases. We all have our preferences and choices, but does this really make any sense or should say cents.
my name salman khan i am 21
sad and true... here in germany there was a big flood with some rivers (Oder, Elbe,...) and what happened: some people were to afraid to leave because they were worried about thieves, a lot of people traveled to these areas for watching the misery of others... yellow press minds
how true,,, so we need to take back AMERICA FROM obama ,,, he is a looser,,, and a liar
Does this include people buying Apple products?
true, and very scarily true :p
Even more general than "the world" reference: All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
ITS CONFUSING THO. the world wants us to do right but they tel us to mind our business and move along
fight for the rights of your world i guess....
Did Einstein really say all this shit? I was so naive thinking he was busy doing science.
+Roxxy Griffin yeah that's true that people want change, but won't do anything. That doesn't mean there aren't people who are willing to make change and do something. There are many activists and organizations out there in the world who are making change. Change doesn't come easy, but then again it's hard for people to fight for change. That's why the people who are willing to make a change give a voice to their communities and people and change will happen sooner or later. :). Just have a lil faith and it'll overcome the fear :)
1. People want change and will acheve the goal.
2.Pytty for the activists not going faster united to bring out a candidate for presidential ellection. Time and money?
3.As the people reactions shows to understand the present governing system as  being betraved, lied, for enough time, those few (4-5) who are missusing the legal governing administration will addapt on the first step.
4.As knowladge of these facts is allready spread allower te ambient of Mother Earth will give us sufficient time to contribute daily in monytoring the funcioning of the administrative.
5.There are constitutional and law tools missing to be in such action. But there are senators, kongressmen who can influence in that direction.
6.It is up to us all to insist.
Regards to all from Klaudio in Croatia.
A very true statement spoken by an incredibly brilliant person.
In Hindi..Gunah katana paap hai to Gunah sahana bahot bada paap hai..
Jim A
What a load of bull.
The next time you say: "I hate lawyers.", think about what the U.S. would be like without Trial Lawyers handling these types of cases: wrongfully accused in criminal matters, injured by dangerous pharmaceuticals, injured by dangerous chemicals, injured due to big companies' negligence and the companies' refuse to pay the injured party. The list is never ending. Not to mention the big insurance companies looking out for themselves & not for their own insured. Without these attorneys fighting for the rights of injured clients on a regular basis, big business would win-evil would win over the regular man. I see it every day. Money makes the world go round & big business doesn't want to let go of any of it-even if they have injured you!
of course you are right. I think we see so many of the type of lawyers who are motivated by self interest and those representing big Corp  motivated by greed that we forget that there are still lawyers who will fight for the little guy and his rights.You are right Money is the bottom line and it determines what kind of treatment you get to sometimes what sentence you receive, from most. Please , you must not take it personally but rather count yourself as one of the good guys and never let yourself be swayed. Only wish I'd had a lawyer like you a couple of times. That is if you are a lawyer, and not ruffled on someone else behalf. How do you tell a good lawyer from a bad one. I mean, one who will go to the mat for you. I had one who was so seemingly uninterested, like it was beneath him. And he was one of the ones with a good rep in my town. I guess I answered my own question. The way he treated me should have clued me in to what kind of service I would get. .
Lawyers? Sorry, but to me, most lawyers represent the ultimate form of corruption. Show me a man with enough cash and I'll show you a lawyer that will represent the most frivolous lawsuit!
Come in Indian occupied Kashmir and raise ur voice against the brutal murder of youth by Indian Army,,, ,,, ,,,

Next day u will be booked under Public safety Act for 2yrs imprisonment, that too without a tial and right of bail.
look how people strugling in nigeria just to survive but always our leaders try to kill us 
shutup india never occupied any countries land u fucking people r trying to make the great india as badone
albert einstein one said "SHUT THE FUCK UP AND CALM UR TITS GRANDMA"
Great. How stupyd the lot can be. I have just a little contribute in my Holly Mary, new translated posts, just to do some thing, to avoid further lies stopping with 21 ct or 3001klaudio Millennium.

Holly Mary-Prayer of roman-chatolyc confession
Here I considermy translation of the prayer Holly Mary, using my vocabulary of Enabeling Creativity in the processes TO BE OR NOT TO BE. Trying to figure out THE ROLE OF MOTHER-WOMEN, in their infancy and FORMATTING OF HER FRUIT, as a future member of the human community.
Please consider me language knowladge, to be able to make my meaning understandable.
The original words of the prayer I have made with Translator, what should not really matter, as You shlould know it as a chatolyc. This sentences are in bold letters, and below is how I translate, what really the Author could want to say, or how I understand that. So let's go!
Hi Mary
Normal addess to a person with warm greetings, a wife, girlfriend, but MOTHER IN THIS CASE. Mother of Jesus Christ, and in the wide spread cases of wife-mither in whose a new life is happening, or has to happen, as a conception of an human being.
Full of grace
Suggests the necessity for the existence of the entire Good Giving in person in which bears the Fruit, and so confirms the need for the existence ov all the conditions of POSITIVE ENERGY CHARGE arround and in WomenMother.
Blessed art thou among women
Refers to the suggestion, even the necessity of the existence of the entire command GOOD, or positive, energetic charge of the person who bears the Fruit of human beings.
TREASURE, a word usually translated as wealth, rechness in material goods, but rarely as the richness of soul or shining positive. 
To BLESS to me means: to give the values of God. But allso to a certain FORMAT. Similar as in Computer machine: some discs can be formated, others not. But the main disc remains allways it is ORIGINAL FORMAT, and it can be only DEFRAGMENTED, before Analysed. I hope I do not mistake, as I am not an computer expers.
Or just GIVING A BRAND to someone.
And here we are.Jesus as a CHILD OF GODS FORMAT on the beginning. Or can it be any child, as after created Adam and Eve, He said: multyplie and love...
To me signifficate that every women should cary the child only in living conditions of wellfare,and so to grow the childs format: of character to be able to create and to love, once he gets out and meet the reall life. Or sympl: Like Mothers Brand, if so have been in the 9  months of prengancy.
Holly Mary  Mother of Good
Sounds like a call to all of  us, pronauncing words, to understand the posts that it is not only a privilage to Jesus, but the duty to us all. And suggesting, I believe ORDERING to proceede so as She commands: TO BE IN GOOD, or simply to ENABLE FORMATING IN CHARACTER OF ALL GOOD we must have and so allow.
Pray for us sinners
Iindicates the need for removal and prevention of transmission of sin, which, perhaps, of them committed the origins of their fruit, conceiver, the shaping, formating, of personality traits result, of the human beings, as the same has to be blessed, or in good and love formated or positive energy charge.
Says: We aare all sinless when we are born. But, what are our character traits formed while we lived in the mother's womb?
When ther it can be:
TEAR AND INSECURITY, due to the bad, unblessed, conditions at pregnancy time.

A Loading. Due PSYCHE OF NON CONFESSED and committed SINS?
And how it affects our behaivor later, when we walk in the world of reality?
Pointers to the district women's role in healing PROCESS NEEDS BUT perpertrated sins, and further actions that can have for fare in the womb.
Suggesting that they, conceivers, should know that it is possibel to conceive the fruit, ONLY IF THEY ENTER CREATING  pure of sin, as most important beginning in formating the fruit, child.
This indicates the need of dealing with sin, confessing it, in the hour befor we will be death. Which would mean that any other person can assume the burdens of the sin committed, and with him to proceed with an honest confession, wich confirms that onls the truth survives the process TO BE.
Simple confirmation, or klick Enter.

In emphasize the necessity of the existince of all the good, positive, „blessed“, the conditions for women-mothers, to the moment of conception, and costumes, to help with these features, characteristics, so the creature's  brain is then funcioning in the security to can create to have. And not in opposite case, to take to have.
Petition Holy Mary Mother of God to pray for us sinners, there is justification for further trials with CONFESSIONS for his sin, to which the proceedings and referred the religious doctrine of the necessity of confession, repentance and rectiffication behaivour, and death amointing.
In studies of sins that I've confessed my parents to have been comitted, and the existence of sins in the wider community, know to me, especially sin on human being, NO CONFESSIONS, i HAVE IDENTIFIED THE FOLLOWING DEFINITONS ASSUMPTION:

CONCEQUENCES NOT CONFESSED SIN or their predecessors, parents, MOVED TO OFFSPRING, end it is REFLECTED ON THE DEGREE OF CREATING AND ENABLEING CREATION. Rather TAKING (and to can take, to torture, lie, kill....
Klaudio Vinkerlić 29.8.2012.
To Stand By And Watch Something Horrible Happen Without Attempting To Stop It Is Exactly Why There Is So Much Violence In The World Now. People Are Too Scared To Stand Up For What Is Right...If I Saw Someone Beating Another & I Couldn't Intercept Myself...Then I Would Call The Police & Get Help...I Refuse To Look Away When I See Something Wrong Happening..
So very true....we are all so apt at complainant to each other about the wrongs in the world but are quite poor in enacting change. we sit idly by grunting and grimacing yet not making any form of proactive change occur..... 
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