"Never memorize something that you can look up."

+Albert Einstein 
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Hmmm, I always do that, but when someone asks me a question for which I am supposed to know the answer, I remain silent... ;) I'd really prefer to have a better memory and remember everything.
Shawn Q
[citation needed]
I actually think this is probably one of the worst pieces of advice I've ever heard.

Just one of many examples:

I'm learning some new math and i come up to a problem in the text that just looks like "whoa. How can i prove this tangled mess of an identity?", and i'll just sit there and stare, and try to find some way to attack it, but i can't see any way to make the problem budge.

Earlier in the chapter were other identities that i read about but didn't memorize. I simply go back and memorize those identities and when i go back and look at the hard problem, it just looks different. I start to see it in terms of the things i just memorized and it starts to break into simple pieces and everything falls into place.

Memorizing gives your mind new templates and fodder for inspiration and recombination. 
Yet, I would recommend memorizing the basics, so you at least know WHAT TO LOOK FOR.
Its too kool now in day..my teens google everything not when i was growing up.....
You don't always have access to "look it up!" But hey, that's easier, I'll do that
Einstein did not memorize his phone number because it was a waste of space in his memory, he thought. So, he said to not memorize something you can look up-- like a phone number in a telephone book.
What this means is that if you can look it up then you have no need to memorize it. For example an equation or a definition. But let's say you going to take a test or go somewhere where you can't easily access this information, then the memorization comes into play. You will need it, you don't have the source of the information available to you, therefore you memorize it ^_^ that's what I understood from this quote. Really a simple but really wise quote. 
A guy like Einstein wouldn't like his time to waste, so he would rather remember his needs(like phone number ) than go and loom for them. You count the seconds!
Einstein.......... i wanna b like u..........
not to full u'r brain in bunch of craps!!!
i guess, not using your brain's capacities causes dementia
sounds like Albert would have been a big googler !
wew lagi mikirin bagai mana cara buat mesin baru
Einstein drank Jameson? Right on...
r u hppy wd it thn go n sit wd him n.........
His point. Be selective about what really matters to you. Why do people forget birthdays:)
Memory is directly proportional to its use
Hi Vidya..Plz add me as well..:)..!!
I live my life by that statement...
but really, do you have to? it simply means' worry less on pettifogging issues
I don't think he said so
I never knew people could come back from the dead. But I guess Einstein would be the first somehow. Anyway, didn't he say, "Imagination is better than knowledge?" So I'd prefer to remain a knowledgeable person, not a genius.
Love that philosophies d
duniya badi kharab he sabse bhali sharab he
I guess that means he kept a lot of math books lying around, huh?
what a stupid ass comment. anybody who follows that mantra lacks discipline
yea, that's right thank goodness we have Google nowadays. I don't need to know anything at all.
Could you imagine scholars following this? LOL
Now Prof. Norman Finkelstein breaks fools off with facts in a debate, what would he do? What would Islamic scholars do that quote Hadith and Quran that they've memorized? This MUST be aimed at ur average Joe who has no need for annoying their mind by trying to memorize if they don't need to, that's the only way I can see you make sense...That's my humble opinion.
realy# bcz mind should have space 4 another thing@
"Let it roll!" he screamed. "Just as high as the fucker can go! And when it comes to that fantastic bit where the rabbit bites its own head off, I want you to throw that fuckin' radio into the tub with me!"

The room was very quiet. I walked over to the TV set and turned it on to a dead channel-white noise at maximum decibels, a fine sound for sleeping, a powerful continuous hiss to drown out everything strange.
Don't take this quote lightly. It has a deeper meaning than what it says, it is just not written. Also don't forget, Einstein was the one who said this, the same man that took a really simple mathematical equation and expanded it to much much more. ^_^ 
Don't take this quote lightly. It has a deeper meaning than what it says, it is just not written. Also don't forget, Einstein was the one who said this, the same man that took a really simple mathematical equation and expanded it to much much more.
Einstein would have made a lousy emergency room doctor.
wat about people with no internet. must they speak to ur soul through medium?
+Angel Melendez Yep! I will second your thoughts on this. I would add that Einstein placed more emphasis on understanding than mere learning-by-rote.
Which these days would mean "Never memorize anything", right ?
And with the exponential increase in internet connected mobile devices - the ability to retain information for recall at a later stage is fast becoming 'unfashionable'!
"Never memorize something that you can look up.", That was my point I was telling to others many years ago, however, I went into a discussion with my trainer (an old nice guy at the time) that he insisted on memorizing as much as possible just in case you are out of electricity (and you can't look it up) or the library is not available or ... many cases to concern. He had a point, but when you are out of electricity, out of libraries, etc... I think you won't need to look for anything as this is a good signal of an upcoming disaster and you probably won't need to dig for any information, all you need to know is how to survive!
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Does einstein ever googling in her life time even once? I think google founder still not be born yet.hahahaha
only memorize the reallly important things like ..Club locations,Hanghout places.........hoo needs Home address and survival skills...because google is every where like in the deserts etc
Einstein was an INTP by the Myers-Briggs personality type classification, which probably meant it was easier for him to take facts and turn them into concepts rather than just holding onto the raw data in his head. This rule of thumb may not apply so well to different personality types.
LOL. I cant help laughing when seeing Einstein with this line......
complete hai bhai "GOOGLE DEVATAKI JAI"
For many years I have used this line of his "never memorize anything you can find in a book easily"  (referring to the the number for PI)

This one is funny
This is proof Einstein was a brilliant man. He was Googlin way before any1 else.
Just thinking of one more crazy thought I guess. 
Good point. Never memorize something that you can google it or wiki it.
Reeno -
If I memorized everything that's happening I'd die of sadness.
Did Einstein really say this? What to memorize then? except for your credit card pin code?
hi hi hi H.I
Dan X
never throw out your book of mathematical tables
this is the first time on g+. so gabling crap
I will just goggle you in a minute if you don't stop being silly
I will just goggle you in a minute if you don't stop being silly
I will just goggle you in a minute if you don't stop being silly
We did, some just didn't know about [!!] &:))))
+Brym Stone No I do it all the time since I was little. I don't even know the proper order of the months.

I have a tendency to reject irrelevant information
Tonik X
memorizing shit doesn't help you think for yourself, dude. 
Diego D
After reading through most of the comments, I found : 27% of Indian people trying to get a date,13% of total noobs trying to make sense of what is happening when they touch their keyboard, and finally a large amount of self-important misinformed sheeple. Oh, and also people just saying "hello", "sick" (how is an Einstein quote "sick, I don't know), "lol", or even "J8uhhj". There's even a guy promoting a wrestling page (yes, in this very post discussing an Einstein quote).
Lots of techies on G+ pride themselves on being here because "you don't get the same idiots you see of Fakebook". I think they just got here, boys ....
yea thats true its ALOT easyer
They had these cool things called books back then.
What's that in his hand? Non-Alcoholic Ginger Beer?
Why why why were we not told in school?
Completely agree :)
Meorizing things make you look smarter and its easier to talk down to people if its all on hand and you dont need google to help you. Thats how I know alot of people live their lives and often they flat out lie just to seem smart when they really arent, which makes it fun to fact check what people say. I do the midle thing so I'm not made to look a fool too often.
Memorizing of everything is the execise your mind.
It's always better to be thinking
was google there at the time of albert ......? let me google it.....:p
Hahahahahahahahahahahaha My god thats funny
Then we should through our brain n the garbage
Yah..its hard for me to remember all my students by their name, but instead by their attitude.
Yah..its hard for me to remember all my students by their name, but instead by their attitude.
Yah..its hard for me to remember all my students by their name, but instead by their attitude.
I'd change that statement to "you don't HAVE to memorize something you can look up".
Sure, just keep using Google. Forget everything, and then one day when Google starts charging money for searches, you'll be poor and Google will be even richer ;-)
Lmao! That's really a funny comment, i like that 1!
But its funny nthing evr remains wyr u can look up to!
I think he spent the next 10 minutes of his conversation explaining what he meant, and then said "actually, forget that, that's bollocks."
Yeah, it's that looking up part that's really difficult.
I am wondering if librarians can use this poster for Information Literacy campaigns and to prevent library closures in general.
sounds idotic to me you look up damn near anything lol 
Thank you pal. It's awesome.
Thank you pal. It's awesome.
At a previous workplace, a cork board had a note on it that said something along the lines of "Great is he who knows, greater is he who knows whom to ask." It's a similar sentiment to the quote in question.

Einstein was not a lawyer, and this quote was not intended to be interpreted as if on trial. Engage common sense, and it's a perfectly sensible notion that more should subscribe to. I certainly wish education did so to a larger extent. I can think of few more effective ways to waste time than to cram for a test, only to immediately forget it all directly after. Tests where memorization can get you through, should be abolished.

Anyway, Einstein's point is rather obviously to not waste time memorizing stuff you don't generally need. Stuff you actually use, or that greatly interests you, will be remembered naturally. Don't waste time memorizing for the sake of it. Unless, of course, you feel you just have to win at every quiz..
Always try to memorise what I Google.
finally, justification for my actions
Everyday m googlin' lol
Spot on,but isn't that being mentally lazy Albert?!!
Would he do it on an iPhone or Android ?
now google has it allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Does not work in pattern recognition fields like medicine. You actually have to remember all the stuff otherwise it will take you days to see 2 patients.
yi Liu
Some exams are all about memorizing easily looked up stuff. You have 2 hours to go through so many questions, and no matter how good you are at solving a problem, if you forgot a small, easy to look up detail, you're screwed.
i don't get it
 Google is not that smart Eisenstein and by the way i have got and IQ of 194
nice but better sometimes to have somethings in mind
Me?Memorise?!Per-lease,I forget my name sometimes!
Good for todays' youth. Funny though!
My school textbooks used to bother me, now I don't have to worry.
I'm pretty sure he memorized lots of things! 
you don,t know all time genius,such a sorry comment
This is what I have been doing.
okay this is probably the only good fucking quote I've seen here, practical, to the point and blunt.
This is definitely not einstein quote..lol
Jim A
What an insult to the man. How dare you put put such a picture of him with such words.
So memorizing 100 digits of Pi was useless?
J Gohil
i like your vision....<3
yah yah, u can't stress ur brain, true!!
Long vie bcp de sante et de bonheur

Mr. Albert Eistein a zseni nagy tisztelettel stb.
BC Cole
+Valerie Schlosser He did.  You're right.  In the book they were talking about knowing 5,280 ft. were a mile.  "Something that could be looked up anywhere."
Okay, He got the point, that's how Mendeleev did it. He just had same dream next night.
BC Cole
Yeah.  I guess Al pre-dates Sir Arthur Conan Doyle by what?  Like 23 years?
+Aanand Nesh
I think that Google is the best thing that could happen to mankind. At the same time, the number of different ventures and the lack of direct support service for them is regrettable
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