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Often the offender goes free.Probably the world hasnt mature to try the perpetuators
I don't know if he said it but heck who cares its true.
He thought this for sure. Einstein was very anti military. Read his story and you'll find out.
Soooo us killing Nazis during World War II was murder?
+Kelley Chambers lol how can you say that? Without military there would be no wars and we would all live as one species. That is the point he is trying to make.
+eddie saenz The military doesn't create wars. The military exists because wars exist. If there were no military, people would just band together in plain clothes with whatever weapons they had handy. The need for resources create war, not the armies themselves.
+eddie saenz there would still be wars whether or not there were militarys. Human nature is human nature. There will ALWAYS be people of a darker bent who will want power and will use any and all means to get it.
I think the difference between war and murder is more than just about the right reason to fight. It's also about how you fight. Intentionally killing people who are already pacified is murder, no matter why you're doing it.
+Brian Hartman yeah that is all right. Either way though people killing people is never good and we should all be able to agree with that.
Tim Min
Us killing Nazis would still be murder, just that it was in a way a choice that was necessary for defence against the Third Reich.
The death of another human being is sometimes a necessity, but that necessity isn't a good thing.
+eddie saenz I agree. Killing people will always be an evil act. However there will be times where you will have that choice (not to kill) taken from you. Will you stand there and let a loved one be killed in front of you by someone whos own actions make it clear they don't care about others, or will you pick up that 2x4 on the ground and stop them?
+Frank Merchant I don't think killing someone is always an evil act. In the scenario you outlined, killing that person certainly isn't evil. And if someone had shot Hitler in 1939, that certainly wouldn't be evil, would it?
I would forgive that person. Killing someone is ALWAYS WRONG even if they acted injustly to another person!
well jesus did, he forgave us for killing him.
I think many miss the point...which is that any action, from taking someone's property to their life...constitutes a personal ethical and moral choice which cannot and is not shed or avoided by relegating the choice to government. He is arguing that killing IS killing, and closing our eyes should not, cannot grant amnesty. Don't argue for your government to commit an action you would not, in good conscience, commit with your own bare hands.
im never going on the internet agian
Tim Min
Sometimes we just need to choose the lesser of two evils.
+Ian Lynch We have a representative form of government. The government commits these acts with our own consent (maybe not as individuals, but as a group). But it's still wrong to call war murder. Murder has a very specific definition, and a just war, fought under the international rules of war, does not fit that definition, for moral and ethical reasons.
yes it does. When you kill a person it is not right EVEN in war!
How ironic from the man who facilitated the development of the atom bomb.
War and murder never match...Murder is killing intentionally some one.
In war if some one killed may be to protect our self in fight.
Killing and murder are not the same. You might say that murder is a subcategory of killing. When you kill somebody with evil intent, that's murder. When you kill somebody in self defense or the defense of others, it's justifiable. It's totally different from murder as murder is totally unjustifiable. The distinction is important. 
No, if i were to kill a person in a war it is still MURDER even if that person was going to kill me. I still ended that persons life, which is murder!
Short sighted....he wasn't responsible for the war nor was he responsible for the Atom bomb. His discoveries were used by others for terrible ends.
hes not alive, ghost typer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tim Min
If killing 1 person can save more than 1 person, I would say it's justifiable. Otherwise, it's just unnecessary and pointless.
Then I am a mass murderer, with over 14,000 confirmed kills. War is many different things to many different walks of life. and we all have our own opinion. Unfortunately, Americans, Europeans and other nationalities are really stupid to blatantly condemn others when their own back yard is dirty as hell.
ikr!! but then again I live in a pretty easy world so I shouldn't really say....
+Jane Thornton Killing and murder are not the same thing. Murder is the illegal taking of a life. There are legally justified reasons for killing someone. (And in fact, war is one of those reasons, as long as you adhere to the international rules of war.)
+Jane Thornton
, I'm pretty sure that's called self-defense, which is NOT the same as murder. Murder is when you kill with an evil intent and you just do it just because. It's different.
+David Heflich It's not that simple. Einstein wrote a letter to Roosevelt urging the development of the atomic bomb because he was afraid the Germans would get it first. So he was more directly responsible than just making the discovery.
I am not going to argue, you can have your opinons but, When you kill a person you are ending there life, When you murder someone you are ending there life, what ever you choose to call it. weather it be killing or murder they ARE the same, it doesnt matter what the intention is. In a case of muder a person dies in a case of killing a person dies! That is the BOTTOM line! In ANY event MURDER and KILLING is WRONG!
Tim Min
+Brian Hartman Law is only a guide on ethics. It's not always "good" do follow the law, and sometimes it is in fact "bad" to do so.
i understand what Jane Thornton is saying and i agree with what she has said.........
+Daniel Croslin, you can still get in trouble for murdering during war, just look at the military people getting kicked out for it in the news
+Brian Hartman I'm not sure you are disagreeing with my comment...sure our government is 'representative' (kinda sorta) but my point was that we, as individuals, must choose whether to support or codemn government actions, rather than elevate them to some lofty perch thereby insulating ourselves from the ultimate choices...we may not be directly culpable, but we cannot hope to ignore the individual moral ramifications and retain the nobility and honor our founders are remembered for....I know numerous people who would be outraged if someone suggested they take, without asking, from a more affluent friend or neighbor...but who at the same time, feel no shame asking the government to perform the fleecing on their behalf. Same principle, but with the big stakes.
War is war. Murder has no relation in war it means killed in fight.
@Tim Min if you always choose the lesser of two evils, you never get 'good' and always get 'evil'...I argue you should take a stand for what is right that others take hope from your conviction and stand with you.
I personally think wars shouldn't happen at all. Why can't we just act mature and settle things out by negotiating?? War isn't a way of settling things, it's killing innocent people just to get what we want in life. Why are we so greedy? We have what we want, but human nature tells us that we want more, and more, and more.......
+Jenn Kocis We could not fight wars, but the people who don't think that will come over to our home and attack us.
We could have beat them, but because of the people with the 'no war' mentality, we do nothing then get killed and enslaved until someone decides to stand up and fight back
what about sending a seal team into someone's compound to kill someone?
You're right, +Ian Lynch. I don't think we really disagree.

+Jane Thornton Have you ever swatted a mosquito?

+Tim Min I'm certainly not saying the law is always correct (e.g., slavery, Jim Crow, etc.). My point was that "killing" and "murder" are not the same things. "Murder" is a legal term. It's not a synonym for "killing". Murder denotes a kind of killing which we, as a society, have decided is morally wrong. Killing is a different thing, depending on the circumstances.
i was albert einstein...im just being punished for hubris atm...
What did the that person do to be on the list of the most highly trained military team?
Heh. Intent is extremely important. If one does not want to kill but finds that it's the only way to prevent himself or the life of an innocent (1 life or a 1000....the number is really irrelevant) from being harmed or taken, he may feel compelled to take the life of the aggressor. The aggressor is not innocent. He's trying to harm or take life with evil intent. Legally, he, in that moment has forfeit a reasonable expectation of legal protection of harm against himself. If life is indeed so valuable, we MUST accept that's its valuable enough to PROTECT at all costs.
Well then you know what?? There are messed up people in life and we need to learn to forgive them of their stupid actions. Many people don't think, and even though they may kill someone, of invade someones home, we shouldnt just declare war on them. That results in MORE DEATHS than what we started with. LEARN TO FORGIVE! or you know, just put those mental killers in jail.........
no put the people who want to kill other people in jail, and teach others to be nicer to each other! we need to get along eventually! :(
I don't have a problem forgiving, but if the person you want to forgive is only bent on killing your people and doesn't care about anything else, then what? Do you just slap them on the wrist and say don't do it again? And then they keep killing people, and if you throw all of them in jail, eventually there will be no room left. Then what?
Unfortunately the advancement of the human race/ ideals is often tied directly to the act of war... Revolutionary war - grew a beautiful form of government ending tyranny (for a while). Civil war - end to slavery. WW2 - bound several nations together to stop one of the greatest atrocities of all time. Great People form Great Nations that fight for the good of all. If you only see the loss you will only see the bad, never learning the reasons for the war and understanding how to prevent them in the future. What happens to great civilizations when they become complacent, and lack the cohesion to defend themselves? Look no further than the Roman Empire.
I wouldn't call it murder. That's a very personal word. There's nothing personal about the way people kill each other in war. In fact, it's intentionally designed to be as impersonal as possible. Everything possible is done to encourage soldiers not to feel a personal connection with their actions. They're trained to act as a component of a machine, not a human being.

I would just call it cowardly. It's cowardly to willingly participate in this machine, and never to question or refuse its doings. It's cowardly not to face the nature of one's actions; to deflect personal responsibility as following orders. It's cowardly to sabotage one's own empathy by dehumanizing those one is ordered to harm. It's cowardly to kill those who have no hope of ever defending themselves.
and yes, love your enemies, and respect the people who already love you :) just build more jails or teach the people who are bent on killing to be nicer to people and see hte good side of things
if we keep building jails there will be no room for anything else
Prison is a terrible form of justice. Philosophically, it is a mockery of the value of life to put someone who has wrongfully TAKEN a life in prison for an arbitrary amount of time. Justice only exists when an attempt has been made to rectify what has been lost. I would support execution in theory but the problem is that the justice system is so corrupt and messed up that innocent people would sometimes be executed. So I haven't an answer for this. Truly achieving justice is quite tricky.
Doing nothing while others are murdered or enslaved can be considered involuntary manslaughter. -the moral majority

Einstein was wrong way more than he was right. Sucha shame his words get twisted (or cloaked) to meet others' agendas.
Plus: That will take away more money, and people complain enough about money going to the military
Think of it this way (and this is a bad example): In comics such as Superman, he doesn't kill, he always throws the criminals in prison. But when they get out what happens? They go right back to killing and murdering. And more lives are lost. But if he were to just kill them, then that would solve it (well... sort of)
jail ~= killing imho...as death is the only alternative offered those who refuse confinement. I could not live imprisoned, and thus comply rather than die (not that the laws chafe so much just now). Enough of my worthless chatter. be well.
A further note on prison: in the case of non-violent crimes I don't really support prison as a solution at all. Justice should be restorative whenever possible and the victim should be central to the restorative process. With prison, there is no restorative justice - only prisoners doing cheap labour (which is what I suspect it's really all about).
-Murder is unlawful killing.
-It is lawful to kill in war.

I'm using 'murders' literal definition.(Wikipedia)

The people directly involved with war (i.e. Infantrymen, etc.) are sacrificing their lives. Is it murder to kill someone who is sacrificing themselves? By definition of murder, no.

Unfortunately, we have to have war. We'd be a pretty poor country without it.
They should just go back to what they did back in the day when they gave the death penalty
Let's be clear. Einstein was a genius in a few select areas of science. Why do people pull his name as an authority on all things weighty?!? It's actually kind of insane.
I have two children and you better believe if anyone tried to harm them I would take into what you are calling an evil act to protect the ones I love, if this is still murder then I guess I go to hell, but it's still more precious time I have with my kids wile I am still here. Evil act that is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard, if it's a situation kill or be killed, enjoy being six feet under but I enjoy walking on top of the ground!
Natan C
If there were no murderers and no wars there would have been no nazis either ... But some ppl really seem to love war
Einstein also was born with autism.
He is right, killing is murder. Considering history and human behavior, his intent is fruitless as words aren't going to change it.
... And often lowers the live enemy count...
It's easy form many to take stands on one side or another. It is not "in proper context" to isolate War as Murder. As in a home invasion car jacking, ect, many get killed. The threat is real. Hiding in some coffee shop with a computer condemning others is a waste of effort and time. I sleep comfortably. Oh, and all those war protesters, what a waste of human spirit. Go out and affect someone in a positive way like giving of yourself to help others. It is in that context we can and will overcome hate. It was Hitler who was prisoned and treated as a second class citizen 20 years before the outbreak of World War 2. I see that same deep seeded hate ballooning in the next few years as those who believe a solution to social injustice in their view will not materialize in their lifetime. It will not occur. Because it is in that, where the hate breeds those such as Hitler.
for the wages of sin is death, and all sinners whom die lost in their soul will go to the lake of fire , on judgement day, ingorant people and wickedness and sinful people is why god destroyed people in the flood, in the last days let filithy people be filithy still ,let righteous people be righteous still and holy people be holy still . common sense to all the man or woman whom disobeyed god and his son shall die in the lake of fire,be destroyed forever no more -book of revelation ,amen godbless seek jesus and god truth spirit repents acts 2:38 and be set free from slave of sin , and obey to the very end shall be saved .amen
Dmitry Belenko it is lawful for all of those things to happen. It may not be, the right thing to do, but it's lawful. The law's the law, and there's plenty of ways to get around them.
Wow this thread really took off from just 1 quote
I think in a war there are two sides: 1. people who are attacking and definitly are murderers. 2. people who are defending and are victims (even if they kill, as they kill to defend, we can't call them murderers).
I'm sorry ethier im delusional or as i recall YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD
And that is why Einstein was a genius
^He is dead if he was alive it would be a miracle considering he'd be 133 years old
funny words coming from someone who fled the horror of Hitler. I don't buy it for one minute.
Hey Einstein, why won't you friend me on Facebook?
That is retarded. Einstein played part in creating the first Nuke.. Tell this to the men and woman that serve our country face to face.
+Trevor Worthington He didn't help make the first nuke. He helped in giving information to people with physics. He helped in the light of science and technology. He didn't do it in light of killing people. He helped us with information.
There's some truth there. Soldiers identify with their fellow soldiers across the battle lines much more than they do with their government. Murder? That happens during war too. War is insanity.
im just a little kid but thats totally true.
its decidedly different.... that's just an ignorant statement. murder is the malicious, unlawful killing of another person. one may disagree with whatever laws exist, but this is how murder is defined and thus does not apply to soldiers killing each other.

and in every war there is the agressor, but also those defending themselves, and i'm assuming most people agree that killing in self-defense, although perhaps undesirable, is nonetheless justified to a much greater extent than cold-blooded murder of a defenseless human being.
Yeah but in war everyone knows they're going to die. Yeah take that Einstein!
Killing under the asumption that your justified is called Abortion.
Einstein was a dumbass and a genius at the same time... hmm interesting
writing under the assumption that your opinion carries weight when you don't know when to use "you're" vs "your" is silly
Lets act all self-righteous and wipe the blood off of our hands as we benefit and prosper off of the men and women that get their hands dirty and sacrifice for us in our sheltered lives.
there have been wars since antiquity...this is never going to change.
Pu Koh
And a waste of money
we murder animals to live, we kill people for sport.
+Kevin Nottberg He absolutely did do it in the light of killing people. What do you think he was urging Roosevelt to build, a huggle bomb?
It's my understanding that the letter was one of the regrets of his life, but he definitely had an active hand in the building of the bomb. His stature is what gave the letter to Roosevelt weight.
I just love how some folks seem to think they can take words with very specific meanings - like murder - and make them mean whatever they darn well feel like making them mean. Basic communication, folks, REQUIRES that we all agree on standardized meanings of words which are prominent in the discussion. Otherwise, we are all just jabbering away AT OURSELVES.
Murder IS murder, no matter which way you slice it!
If we want peace, we must be peaceful...
ok so peace for one is just not gonna happen because theres too many angry people in the world! and ok what i dont understand about the quote is defending our country is murder???????? i just dont get it!!!!
im not hating its just my opine!
Killing is killing, no matter what it's for. Even though it"s for different reasons, you still killed someone intentionally, which is the defenition of murder.
u are not talkin to me! i voiced my opinion and thats that theres no need to use foul language like that!!!!!
does this mean that killing in war is no different than committing murder?
i believe thats what hes trying to say but he is WRONG!!!
So I see folks are STILL making up their own wacky definitions of murder. Sigh....
All Definitions really was created by man - all man and woman has to do is obey man made laws. - But one human could change the language. Being a second chance - could conduct war. No man is really wrong for the way he choose's to spell. Though the curse is hate and being against ones normal nature; when spelling. The war in the world is crazy for some.
Cloak of war?(rhetorical)

It's business disguised in war's clothing.

Hannah Cosselmon, i just have to say that the person that you ( not really meaning YOU) killed in war was potentially going to kill you!!!! so its defending you and your country and war is not bad! i mean yeah its not the greatest thing in the world my dad is in the army and is gone a lot because of war but he is fighting for MY country and i feel a little better knowing he's gone for a good reason!!!
and Aidan Obrien if war was illegal in our country that does not mean it would be illegal in other countries so america would not be here any more
From Dictionary.com:
- noun
Law. the killing of another human being under conditions specifically covered in law. In the U.S., special statutory definitions include murder committed with malice aforethought, characterized by deliberation or premeditation or occurring during the commission of another serious crime, as robbery or arson (first-degree murder), and murder by intent but without deliberation or premeditation (second-degree murder).

Or from Wikipedia:
The elements of common law murder are:

- Unlawful
- killing
- of a human
- by another human
- with malice aforethought

Please take note of element 5. When you kill in self defense for example, there is no malice. You are preserving your life or the the life of another.

Kill is a very general word that encompasses a wide range of killings. Murder is very specific. This is why, for example, more accurate translations of the Christian Bible don't say, "Do not kill." They say, "Do not murder."
it is needed to keep people confortable, people that have never seen war love to lash out yet they nevr see what the very small percentage of the onse who do see and have to live through.
Jim A
Just goes to show that he did not know everything.
actually it is different. People who fight a war is fighting to better the world, the society, and itself. To murder is pure selfishness. Einstein may have this POVs but not all of his POVs were correct..
That's True because in both the cases it was emotionally instigated. Be it an anger or hatred, be it a greed , be it a fear, all are infact emotions whose peak level resultant is MURDER
+C.J. KissmyBoots do you sincerely think it's at ALL possible that war is the pathway to peace? War is death and fear, power & control, influence & money. Peace is love & simplicity. Surrender & humility, compassion & empathy. Would you shoot an innocent person in cold blood based on 1 person's command? Is that honorable? War cannot and does NOT promote peace or even provide a stable ground to build a foundation for peace. War is endless, peace is eternal.

Our military is loyal and fierce and for every reason they should have honor, but they need to be honored, by the people they have helped to protect. They were following orders in a archaic system all the while knowing the most basic truth was to uphold the Constitution. The power of the people, the great masses of civilians to the few returning heros. The mighty battles reap these warriors meek rewards when they return to a country they barely recognize & barely recognizes them.

I think Einstein said in order to end war, every soldier would have to lay down their weapon and walk away from the battlefield. To me, that sounds like honor and not cowardice or forfeit. Big Al (I can call him that) also is quoted with somehting like "you cannot simultaneously prevent AND prepare - for WAR. 
+George Smith do you think killing a person in self-defense is the same as protecting an innocent from harm? If one did protect themselves or another innocent being from murder by murdering another is that just?
Murder is murder and justice is not revenge - its redemption. 
just to get comment no 200;

War can be justified, the ability of an individual who has no connection to confidential intelligence (any typical office worker), who can then give the view that war is not justified, is distinctly naive and disconnected from the world. Too often individual take for granted what they have. Would you still have it if we never had war? All of the great nations on earth have been shaped by War. its keeps us civilised
png brd
Life death kismet
How true.Is not our greed the cloak to hide
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"Legalized murder" doesn't exist. It's an oxymoron. By definition, murder is illegal.
+Peter B Einstein is being given a bad rap here. Einstein did fight the Nazis. That was the whole purpose of his letter to Roosevelt.
+Lindsey White Peace is the absence of a state of war. Ergo, war always leads to peace, because people have to stop fighting sometime. By the same token, human nature dictates that peace always leads to war, because human beings will always have need to resort to violence. Wars don't always happen because people are evil. Wars sometimes happen because Group A and Group B both want access to Finite Resource X. (Whether it's oil, water, or Pez really makes no difference.) So, as long as resources are finite (i.e., forever) there will be war, whether anyone likes it or not.
Wow. Saleh shows the beginning of what transpires true hate which leads to war. If the USA were to pull out all troops AND money from the "Middle Eastern", I would be all for it. But you sit here on this thread inferring your disgust in a subtle manipulative ego maniacal perverse way plowing convenient plugs of rhetoric designed to piss others off and to beckon your contorted view for approval. Disgusting. Our country wants nothing more than to pull out of the middle east. For it is the most sickening and screwed up society of cults existing. If the Middle East was so great, we would not be there cleaning up the shit of rival tribes that emulate society 1000 years ago. the only reason we really are there is so one of those nutty leaders do not pop off a nuke and get a chain reaction of armegedon occurring. So you can cram you rhetoric were the sun doesn't shine!
Murder is Murder. It is that simple, it is exactly the same as saying I went to WAR to FIGHT for PEACE....Paradoxical, isn't it? I feel deeply for those who are sent to an unfamiliar territory to shoot a stranger for reasons they often do not even fully understand....and for a government, that in the end, never really changes. How sad.
I agree with Ian, it is Einstein pointing out that even having a reason does not grant amnesty for the act. By Merriman-Webster, Murder is defined as follows: Definition of MURDER:

1: the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice a forethought
2a: something very difficult or dangerous <the traffic was murder> b: something outrageous or blameworthy <getting away with murder>
The act of killing, even when it is in a circumstance where it may be deemed the lesser of 2 evils, it is still an "outrageous" act...and I imagine it is quite difficult and dangerous...therefore, by definition, it IS still murder....Not that it means soldiers are evil, or anything like that, it just means that Life doesn't lose value just because you are at war. Most of the time, the soldiers have very little personal responsibility for the fact that they are forced to be there in the first place....
Disagree. Killing Hitler under the cloak of war would have been murder then?

There are some killings which are self defense, and not a crime. And there are some just wars, and some unjust wars. Just like there are some just killings, and some unjust killings.

Simply put....Einstein is wrong.
So killing John F. Kennedy was wrong and evil, and so was killing Abraham Lincoln. But killing 2 people somewhere in Irak or Afghanistan was right?
Who decides? The winner!
What if Hitler would have won the war, would he have been right then to kill all these people?
If you kill a person you kill a person and that's called murder - plain and simple! And if church supports killing people for the "right reasons" that's just Hypocrisy!
Actually work with torture as well
Nobody really defines the differences between murder and killing, but they are one in the same. "Killing" just makes people feel a little better about it. (It also depends on your governments definition of "murder" according to the dictionary)... Either way, one is ending another man/woman's life.
U must learn from your past before we can move ?
sure as hell beats standing there and being shot---
but sometimes war is necessary
say that when you have bullets whizzing by your head!!!!!!!!!!
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