The human mind has first to construct forms independently before we can find them in things.
-Albert Einstein

                                      +1 if you can find the Cat       #caturday  
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didn't took me long.. about 10 seconds
About 12 seconds, black and white kitty
A lot waste. How cat like in there?
Mike G
See kitty...and I'm fairly certain I see R2D2 in there too.
click on the picture, it's easier to find when it's blown up
You mean a real cat?  What happened to forming an independent construct before finding them in things.  
Less than one minute.
if what im looking at is a cat, it must be dead.. no bueno.
I've done this before...
Left center, walking down the pile.  Gray and white cat.
the only cat i see is a dead one cut in half, and im not happy :(
Bill M.
took a couple minutes, but I found it
Bill M.
dammit! I can't find the teddy bear
Found it, on the left side in the middle.
Yea..its sign, not real kitty, yes I found too.
I think I found an actual cat, but cant really tell... However if you use Einstein's advice and look at it as a whole, you can see it. The big brown thing in the middle left is the nose, the middle bottom right the gigantic straw thing is the curve of the neck. The ball of wire is the eye and there is a faint line of the ear
Might be my imagination though
Actual black & white cat..9 on the & ahalf finger width in. Still looking for metaphorical cat  :)
really? u really have to write the time it takes u to find the damn cat? bcs there is a way for us to verify the validity of your post.. sigh.
@ yadira
9 on the clock is used to mark position, not measure time
got it:) no more 10 seconds
(here's the citation) "The human mind has first to construct forms, independently, before we can find them in things." — Albert Einstein, Essays in Science (1934), p.27
Wow, sadly this looks like my room :P
ufff.. me costó bastante!!! jaja  pero lo ví!!!!!!!!!!!
15 seconds Without my glasses
I honestly think I'm going to travel to a landfill just to see one up close and be disgusted. Further motivate myself to do my part to better the Earth.
Anyone who can see that cat very fast must be excellent at Deja Vu.
Only took me like 5 minutes. Ugh. Trash!
I found it easily enough, but was distracted at all the neeto stuff.
Found it! Took me about 30 seconds.. Not quite sure how the quote applies to the picture though.
nice grey and white cat on the downward hike;-)
Looks like it has been photoshopped
that was so hard! It took me and my best friend forever to find it!
took me 10 minutes and still cant find it...damn!
Scott C
Found the cat in 25 seconds-ish... then I began wondering if there was more than one... ::sigh::
Asha S
Got it :)
Alix Boivie, it is a black and white cat on the left side about mid way up.  It is walking down the pile of stuff.
found it in 2 sec ! Black and white!
Took me a minute-was busy forming an independent construct of a cat...
about 2 and a half mins black & white coming down.
here u are kitty kitty kitty !!!1
I've never been able to track order out of chaos.
About an inch from left & vertically about in center, black & white Kitty
Yep.. frm left this is standing on a  rope or smtnhg on pipe..!!!
Found something living amongst all that decay!
leo kun
coordinates: H 24
found it in more than a minute
Scanned the pic real quick and found the white and black cat.  With all that junk didn't really think one was there at first.
i think he meant CAT as in Caterpillar dozer. as in sarcastically cause one is needed. no seriously its impossible to see the live cat without clicking on it so big, but daven yun i dont see the big picture like you explained... like the ball of wire?!?!?!?! which one????????
what the hell how are you suposse ohh never mind i found it
found kitty!
shes on middle left and that's all i'm saying.
There is a real black and  white kitty alive. took me about 2 seconds she is climbing downwards on the left hand side 2/3 down from the top of the picture. It is disturbing that a few people  found some bad images.
found it took a while but found it
its on the top with his feet hanging down, near that little pole, in the very middle of the top... good luck...
tnx for the idea.... hehehe ..found it!!!
about 1 minute; you can tell the cat image is pasted on the photo right away.
The remains of a high tech consumer society.
I was waiting for a zombie to jump out :~\
Al Nico
i found it " within 5 seconds bro"
That was a tough one, but it IS there!
finally i found it... it takes 2 minute for me to find...:))))
10 secondsssss...left side of this picture,,,,black and white kitty,,,one eye covered with black..ok
its so hard but i can find it after 5 minutes
We can't tell ya where! Then it'd be too easy!
Found it (after viewing comments)
I found it, about 1 minute, I found the mouse too..
found it before u post this picture XD
Found in a min... Most productive minute of my day :)
Bo Peng look very mess. Can not find anything
I found but only one...where's d other two? cant wait to noe d answer...hahaha....^^
about  1 min may be less but i  found it
idiotic thing , why shud i waste my time in this type of stupid things
okay kind of confuses
 my mind
hey its hard to find but trying to find ....definitely iam going to find it at any cost.....
found it!!! took me 8 seconds!! hahaha beat that x
couldn't find!! Thank God I am not Einstein!!
optical illusion.will never find it,its now 30 mins help me
found it before the image could load completely!!
i got.....

i saw in the pics.....found him
Meow meow come here.....I have milk for you......:D
cat looks photoshopped in, but it's like where's waldo all over again!
Free our mind and i found the cat :)
It took me a few minutes, but I found it.
i didnt get it....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh!!! what's that its big deal..........^_^
found in 3sec is  centre of left side ....
What in the H#$%#$% is my cat doin at the dump? Bad Kitty Suca Home Now!
1 cat.   tick / and enough recyclables to start something extremely interesting, if you have a mind to do it   <>
I can always find the cat because it's only pussy it only makes me sleepy
It walked down, miaowing, in a south-east direction and disappeared out of view.
I found it with my color blindness. Took a minute. 
I found the head of the cat with some green eyes. And later his not realistic body, and it took me long...
I just zoom in and I find it in 5 seconds.
(spoiler alert) black & white kitty near middle left
i found it in 1sec
left side small kitten
Can't locate cat, must be too early in the morning.
there is a puppy in there!  
Took me about 3 minutes I reckon, though I didn't time myself, so it might've been quicker or slower. I did question several times whether it was really there or some metaphoric trick, but no, there is definitely a cat in there.
I found it less than 10 seconds after zooming... :)
i found it less then 1 second
I was starting to think there wasn't one! ha
its not black and white its just black will some garbage hovering over it XD haha i found it or maybe there are 2
Can't find the cat, but I did find WALL-E!
LOL I thought I'd never find it but I did - took me about 5 min
kitty blends in damn.  Found it. took me 1:12 though
what??? god......its amazing
In the left
In the middle
U need only one mouse 
look for information learn things on your own and then you will undesrtand life ao how things work
People seriously are fake competing by bragging how long it took them?  AND none of you saw the panther?  Geeze.
Took me around 30 seconds maybe? :) Not that bad :D
With the rapid growth, what will be the next
 Not a  cat but i saw a red ant on the red scrap.
mehr v
around 10seconds! ;)
can't see cat, but found a dead body
lol, juz kidding
took me ages till i found it
finally, i found.........take almost 50sec to 1 min............

Size of a cat is too small to observe. just inlarge the pic & then search........
Not long before there's nowhere to put this in our future, to much to soon..
left side in middle point white &black coulor cat
no cat here,  yeah bt a snake and a dogy is here,,,,,,,
Finally i found like 3 till 9:00 was said then i really found lol... kewl pic great share
found it while picture was loading
Yes its a cat, B and W mini cat. 2 min.
i dont get it..........but i totally agree with the philosophy of the phrase
i got it --but in 15 min..:P
It took me long enough about 5 mins cause till 4:57 min I was looking at 30% of exact size of image :p
Looking through these pictures to find a cat, especially this one....   just too much like "Idiocracy"
Who construct the cat?
the cat is on top of the pile on the right side.
On the left (middle)is a toy dog.....
couldnt find the cat but i found waldo
Thought it was a trick question so I was actually looking for a Catalytic Converter when I spotted the real Cat.
Don't know why people are bragging about the time they took. Anybody if they look closely will eventually find it because they know what to look for. That was the whole point. If it was not mentioned beforehand most of us will never find it because the mind works differently in that case.
well i cant see it if its really there
Can I have a hint? What color is the cat?
I see it the black and white description helped me out
Found it in less than 3 seconds...
Ma Loy
Is this from a tsunami or sort of 
which cat do you want me to point out
Schrodinger constructed an image of an illusive concept that does not allow a constructed image to be found.That would make this photograph a pile of trash. Schrodinger prevails once again.
Had to enlarge it to find the cat.  I was wondering if they took a picture with no cat to be funny.
Whoo hoo! Number five hundred!!! I found him in about 10 seconds. Hes black and white.
yep after 4min from center left walking down :) Uff hard job if not using zoom
il est en train de finir les arêtes d'un poisson sur le grill
found it!!!! ok it took me a while...
2 weeks 3 days and 7 hours 16 minutes and i still dont see the thing
+George Hatt Jr.  This is about the third time this pic has turned up.  It's half way down and about 1/6th of the width from the left edge.
It took me ages to find it.but I've found it now.
I went on this ages ago and found it in a small amount of time. This time it took me ages. my aunt helped me.
The cat's back is black and the rest is white
congratulations everyone who found it
OMG!  People are still looking for that cat?
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