Are you what's wrong with the world?
... plus and share if you know who the people on the left are!
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I know most of the people on the left and Snooki involuntarily. Some of the people on the left aren't very important, though. They should be replaced by more significant individuals, in my opinion.
Is that Snooki? I have heard so much about her, though I had never seen her picture.
The man in the top-left corner is Stephen William Hawking (1942–present), the main proponent behind the discovery of black holes and "Hawking radiation" (named after him). He's considered one of the most intelligent men to have ever existed, +Te-Erika Patterson.

More Information:

The black woman is actually a Somalian named Ayaan Hirsi Ali (1969–present). She's an avid Atheist and a prominent feminist. I personally think she shouldn't be included because she is nowhere near as important as the others.

More Information:
+Alex Rodriguez, Barack Obama has done virtually nothing to deserve such recognition, outside of being the first black President (and that doesn't matter). Abraham Lincoln was an amazing man, I agree, and I hate to say it, but he's not important enough. Additionally, he had some destructive views that shouldn't be endorsed.
Wow! You're so awesome! I had to circle you because you probably know a lot of things I'd be interested in. Nice to meet you! +David Greene
:( I need to brush up on my history. Stephen Hawking and +Albert Einstein are the only two that I know. I'm guessing the bearded guy is Charles Darwin?
I for sure can ID 4 of them, but only two are relevant since they had bit parts on TNG. Although I do rather enjoy Carl's work.
Dawkins, Einstein, Freud, Darwin, the white guy in the corner discovered something dealing with electromagnetic waves (I think:), Dont know the black lady is, the guy in the middle or the one in the blue shirt. 5/10 is still an F.... Sad... Guess I got some readin to do...
I recognized Einstein, Madame Curie, Mr Hawking, and Mr Redland. The others, no clue.
I read Albert Einstein's autobiography and I don't think he would point fingers as such. Just sayin' ;p
( btw: if you want to Fix the world, just DO something [kind] )
~PEAS :)
My bad, Hawking.... Guess I really have some reading to do...
and i dont know any of the person displayed here except Sir Einstein and one more (though dont remember the name) :D
Thank you Albert Einstein for sharing this. Nice to see you on G+ :P
Nice job making an absolutely retarded statement, +Vytautas Aukštikalnis. I'm not criticizing Atheism, mind you, I'm just saying that there seems to be a bias here (which is bad and a logical fallacy). Theists have brains, too, ya know.

EDIT: That was an ad hominem; I apologize for that. I just didn't see a point in saying that.
+David Greene everyone has brains. . .
but if you knew how to use it better than others, i wunt be replying to any comment here!!
See my edit, +Vytautas Aukštikalnis. I shouldn't have attacked you like that. I'm sorry for not taking your statement lightly, though. I just run into a lot of people who would use a statement like you did as a way of criticizing me or attacking my claims. My defensiveness was uncalled for and I apologize for the misunderstanding.
I know who all the people are on the left, but I've no idea who the woman on the right is.
i don't know why i know snooki!
Meh. I don't know that those on the left "need" recognition for what they have done for the world, only to know that what they have done has either changed the world for the better or enlightened our perspective of the world.

Those who belong on the right need recognition even when they have not done anything to be recognized for, likely because they have done nothing
How disingenuous Jesse. If she were truly unknown to you would you really be that nasty? Or are you simply trying to illustrate that her "fame" is for behavior that is something less than world altering? If so, I agree completely.
The irony of this statement on a virtual mass media social networking site...
If I recognize 2/3 of the ones on the left, but not everyone. I'm sure I heard about some of them but I don't recognize the pictures.
On the other hand, what's a Snooki? It's a poisonous branch of the human race? And if we meet them, should we kill them with fire? :)
Hawking, Einstein, <dunno the woman>, Sagan
Currie, <dunno the man between Einstein and Sagan>
Tesla, Freud, Hitchens, Darwin.
8 / 10

I see people have answered who the woman on the top row is, but I haven't figured out the name of the man between her and Hitchens. Someone care to help me out?
Would be interesting to turn the above bit of flame bait into a poll and run across different age groups and demographics. Oh, and I don't know who the person on the right is.
I can recognize only 3 or 4 of them, I'm so happy that your still around Mr Einstein, I adore you, also I don't know the lady on the right side
Wrong social channel for this poll question :-)))...btw and i must googl for snooki or smooki??
i know all these great minds.. unfortunately the fat whino on the right i'm trying to forget but media outlets like you keep shoving her in my face.
Yes, I don't know the one on the right :)))))
Doesn't sound like something Einstein would say.
I could not recognize 4 of the people on the left. Neither could I recognize any of the ones on the right...
I believe I'm above mediocre?
lets there is Einstein ,Stephen hawkings ,Newton,Charles darwing ,Rutherford. but i really don"t know who is the girl at right ? :/
Considering this is Albert Einstin's G+ account, you didn't really think this through, did you? What's it matter what the people on the left look like? They're famous for their minds, not for being all over TV. I'm familiar with the works of Archimedes, Newton, Riemann, Bohr, and Schrodinger, but I'll be damned if I know what most of them look like. But you can bet your ass I know what Kim Kardashian looks like. They practically force feed this stuff to us.

Anyway, I see your point. You were just a little off.. Just like how you were a little off with your specific heat model. 8]
from left top to bottom-
Stephen Hawking (scientist), Marie Curie (scientist), Nikola Tesla (scientist), Albert Einstein (scientist), Sigmund Freud (neurologist), Ayaan Hirsi Ali (a Somali-Dutch feminist and atheist activist),Thomas Paine (Author), Christopher Hitchens (editor), Carl Sagon (founder of SETI Institute), Darwin (he proposed the evolution theory) and i don't know about the lady who is in the right side of this pic.
No clue about the beauty on the right, but also have no clue about the third bottom one or the 4th top one on the left. Who are these two guys?
+Antonio Reyes You just don't get it.
Truth j
The man below Einstein is Sigmund Freud revolutionary psychologist that founded the discipline of psychoanalysis , and im trying really hard to figure who the man of the bottom right corner is
I got all but two (and I claim one was simply because Hitchens' pic was so small) but I don't think that necessarily shows I'm "smarter" or "a better citizen" than someone who knows only Snooki.

As long as there's been communication, people have used it for less than "honorable" pursuits. No doubt Ogg the caveman got the business when someone found him adding caricatures of his mother-in-law on the cave walls where the depictions of the hunt were supposed to go. Proboscis Magnagantus, famed Roman graffiti artist, no doubt caused considerable high dudgeon in the Senate with his series of defacements chronicling the exploits of renowned whore Heyus Sailores. And for every Snookie throughout history there's been a tuttering class who feels the fiber of their society is being torn asunder by youthful disregard for the serious thinking, leaders, and ideals once held in the highest esteem.

But the truth is, even someone who recognizes no one on the left can still be a leader, a pillar of her community, a good citizen, a deep thinker, or Sam Walton.

I think Jersey Shore is a lowering of tastes and standards, visual junk food for the uneducated, impressionable and just plain dumb among us. Most people agree (even a lot of fans). And nobody thinks Snooki is more than a clown (not even Snooki).

I guess, in the end, I have faith in America that as adrift as things seem now, even though everything around us will change faster than we can imagine, and even though a lot of that change will look frivolous, debauched, and maddeningly stupid to a lot of us, in the end it will all be for the better. In a generation's time, that left side will feature a picture of Steve Jobs, and people on Diogenes 3000, the omniscient five dimensional search Pog that replaced Google so long ago, will ask "Who's the dork in the turtleneck?"
well thats why i actually dont like those demotivating semi-hollow little things... i dont know that.. eh.. is it even she?
could name half of those smarties on my first look but hey... thats faces not their works... just wanna be honest if thats of any worth
I really don't have clue who's that on the right! Did I miss something?
+David Greene I just want to point out that if you have a ton of pictures of scientists, you'll tend to find an abnormally large percentage of atheists. Just seemed like an odd thing to bring up several times and attack someone at least once about when it had nothing to do with the original post.

Either way:
Stephen Hawking - scientist
Marie Curie - scientist
Nikola Tesla - scientist
Albert Einstein - scientist
Sigmund Freud - scientist
Ayaan Ali - writer, politician, spoke out against tyranny
Thomas Paine - writer, politician, spoke out against tyranny
Christopher Hitchens - writer, drunk, spoke out against tyranny
Carl Sagan - scientist
Charles Darwin - scientist
Snooki - None of the above...yet.
Truth j
Snookie is only known because for some reason reality tv star's images and their irrelevant lifestyles are forced into our waking consciousness on a daily, compared to those of importance such as those on the left, we have to search or take a class to learn about them...smh
I don't know who the person on the right is and I know about 1/3 of the people on the left
ou know i like this girl in right so much ... kiss
what if i dont know either
I only know 5 / 10 on the left side, but the right side looks like an oompa loompa.
Stephen Hawking on the top left? girl on the right maght be some drunk waitress somewhere i dont really care
I feel better. I didn't even know who that woman was until I read the blogs. ^_^
Truth j
Darwin! thanx mucho lol
So who is the dude on the right of Hishi-Ali ?
Sadly no idea who the woman is... is she some Z lister?
I know all of them except those in the 3rd column
Nice thing.
I got Hawking, Curie, Tesla, Einstein and Darwin. Not good enough :D But I don't know the lad on the right, either.
From the Top: Hawking, Curie, Tesla, Einstein, Freud, lady in black?, Pain, Guy in Green? Sagan, Darwin. That list should also include Galileo, Newton, Da Vanci, Edison, Kepler, and Wundt just in my opinion. As for the chick on the other side, its snookie or cookie, or snot rocket for all I care, that list should go on as well, but it would take to long… Oh and Doc from back to the future should be somewhere on here, just because he’s freaking awesome.
I dont recognize all of them but im happy to say i have no idea who the drunken slag is. Hehe, Carl Sagan. BILLyuns!
Does whether you're an atheist or theologian really matter? Great minds inspire and empower us to become better individuals.

Although I do thank Nikola Tesla on a daily basis for adding that extra spark to my sex life as I'm addicted to vintage violet wand machines.

On balance, although I didn't know who the right picture is, she does serve to remind me by nature we all share common needs - be this sleep, food, sex, shelter or even code.
So make love - not war. It's in your power to be the best you can.
I knew Curie, Hawking, Einstein, Darwin and Freud. Is the lady in black Zadie Smith? Have no idea who the person on the right is. What does it mean?
Why blame those who have not had the privilege of a "good" education for not recognizing the individuals on the left of the image? Why assume that just because someone doesn't recognize them, that person is uneducated and willfully ignorant? I bet one could make this same image, but with (for example) several important 20th century Russian authors on the left, and point and laugh at the ~stupid~ people who can't name them all but would be able to identify a celebrity whose face has been all over tabloids and the internet.
don't know who the person on the right is, but on the left I can spot: Einstien, Tesla, Hawking and is the middle left Marie Curie?(wild guess)
Thanks. Now I know lady on the right. Very much appreciated.
Sorry folks. I know most of the people on the left but I've not a clue about the woman on the right. Who is she?
The only people I don't recognize immedieately are the 3rd woman on top and the 3rd man in the lowest raw (I'll check with tiney) plus the woman on the right who probably is some actor/singer who has not managed with life.
Is she one of those Kardisians that seem to have gotten famous for being famous somehow
I know only 2 of the people on the left side...
ok sciencetist but the third one up ??? damn and are u to put her there
+David Greene It isn't bias, its just that the ones to the left went and discovered stuff instead of asserting what they were told was truth...
where are the women scientists and philosophers?
LOL It seems one sad women takes our intrust over many wise men and two women.
actually deborah dont know who the black woman is but the person below stephen hawking is marie curie.
And of course you captured the man who inspired many of us as children to question and explore - Carl Sagan. The 'vocoded' songs on Youtube that feature him are superb!
Bill Maher did a hilarious rant about this very subject. I can name Hitchens, Sagan, Einstein, Currie, Darwin & Hawking off the top of my head. The only reason I know Snooki is because she's shoved down our throats by media. She's as much a celebrity as Dairy Queen is English royalty. LOL!
no its u thats what making u r self a GOD passing ga
I know 5 out of the 10 people there. I don't know who the drunk on the right is though. My bad? :|
I picked Sagan, Hawking, Einstein, and was tossing up for the bearded one between Darwin and Marx. I also picked Snooki, but only because I'd watched a hilarious clip by Julianna Forlano about Jersey Shore people. I agree, those who are sold on meaningless crap like who is fucking who in Jersey Shore and other mindless distraction TV, are a sad indictment to the species. We have massive economic, social, and other problems around the globe, and I wouldn't mind betting that the majority of reality TV fans wouldn't have a clue about what is going on, or much of anything else...
+Chris Brooks You're sorry for not knowing the woman on the right? Please don't be - she is of less importance to humanity than the acne on my right bottom cheek... :-)
Unless you do not have cable or glance over at magazines while waiting at the grocery store...your lying if you do not know who snookie is. in a third world country. I wish I could burn her out of my memory. The thought of my daughter having these kind of role models sickens me.
I know Jennifer because she was born in my generation...How the hell am I supposed to know people born in the past centuries??
Shows like Jersey Shore, that seem to be the norm for TV these days, is why I given up on most TV. There are very TV shows that I find enjoyable.
Okay I admit I don't know all of the people on the left. I recognised Hawking, Einstein, Currie, Freud and Darwin.And I found Ali. (Though I think I would have probably heard of them). I have not idea who the person on the right is - neither from the picture nor from the comments above. Please tell me more about the people on the left!!! I don't want to die of ignorance.
insulting people is not educating them. if you think you are above everyone else , then you should be contributing to those less gifted then yourself. otherwise YOU are what is wrong with this world. btw i dont need you in my circles either. bye-bye!
The only one I don't know is the one below Albert Einstein. The rest are Stephen Hawking, Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla (the one I'd most like to have met), Ayaan Ali, Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan, Charles Darwin, Thomas Paine, and Christopher Hitchens. I know Snooki is the one on the right, not because I've seen the show, but because she's plastered everywhere. It tells you something about our culture and it isn't good. 
Got the last one....Sigmund Freud. Whew! Thought I was getting rusty. :)
I wish I never knew about Snookie, but the media relentlessly force-feeds us coverage of this disgusting person on a regular basis. The media is DEFINITELY part of the problem why the world is being dumbed down at an alarming rate. By the way...kudos to +Albert Einstein for still posting on G+ even though he's been dead for a long time.
+Marcus Craven guess you're right about 'dumbing the world'. This, in turn, has to do with 'politics' - it's a whole lot easier to rule stupid society.
That a fake "Albert Einstein" makes a post like this in a world where Google is integrating G+ into search .. is what is wrong with the world.
Nice to know that I'm not wrong.
With this world atleast.
Proud to say that lady on the right doesn't exist in mine.
Well she has a point on her cocktail ... fruits + 2 coronita, tasty!
Наш мир подвергается нападению многих пороков!
Wat is dis? Sorry dint understand tats y...
Those who refer to Nikola Tesla as a Scientist should be slapped up the side of the head and sent off to re-read his biography. He was a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer who described himself as a discoverer of electrical phenomena. When he did experiments it was not to prove any scientific theories but to satisfy his curiosity. If anyone should ever be declared the "Father of the Modern Age" it was Tesla, who discovered AC/DC power Generation (he got thrown out of university for it :) ) how to transmit and receive radio waves and created one of the first electromechanical Logic Gates. looks dismayed I am a lost soul who reads too much.
Wat excellent sir i dint get tat could u pls explent me?
No idea who the woman on the right is, have read comments and some people are saying snooki! WTF is snooki
Why is Richard Feynman, or Neil Degrasse Tyson not on there?

I know Hawking, Tesla, Hitchens, Darwin, Sagan and Einstein. I know Snooki because with the amount of exposure I have had to that crap, I would be stupid not to (Also South Park).
ok i dont know aaallll of the people on the left, but considering im 13 im doing alright. chillax. and yh that's snooki. dw i know about her coz me and my mates doodle on her face in mags :D xx
I knew all of them.................after reading comments
marie curie , grahmbell,albert einstein
n seriously i dunno d ones whos on d right anyway y do i care who she is lefties r more important
Okay, I know just a few faces in your picture. According to you, there is something wrong with me. Can you tell me what is wrong with me?
unfortunately many more ppl know that fat pig on the right...
i could recognize only Albert Einstein and Madam curie. no clue abt the rest
Stephen Hawking, Albet Einstein, no idea who the black woman is, Carl Sagan, no idea who the painting of the aristocratic man is , Charles Darwin, Christopher Hitchens, Sigmund Freud, Nikola Tesla, no idea who the B&W picture of the woman is.
Don't know who the woman on the right is either, but it looks like she likes a drink!
there's also Alfred Nobel, Lious Pastur and Steven Hawkings
G+ = people from all over the world commenting on a single posting/thread = wow! = nobel peace prize candidacy?
We read the world wrong and say that it deceives us.
i suppose she is some random women
Darwin, Hitchens, Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein, That writer who talked about women of Islam, Stephen Hawking. Who's the guy above Hitchens, is that Kant?
i don't know the lady from right....
Ashamed, but i don't know who is the lady between Einstein and Sagan....
oops... I'm whats wrong with the world...
Fuck. Google+ is turning into Facebook.
Ayaan Hirshi Ali (not exactly someone I'd expect among those great scientists) is a Somalian refugee turned Dutch politician now living in the US. She switched from the social democratic (labour) party to the (right-wing) conservative liberals, takes a critical stance toward the Islam, especially for its treatment of women, and became somewhat controversial because she apparently lied on her asylum application, which doesn't go well with the anti-immigration sentiments among some Dutch right-wingers.
the girl on the right id its Snookie
Do I get some kind of special prize for having absolutely no idea what who the thing person on the left actually is?
just sayin...can anyone explain how Snookie knew those beers weren't going to cause her glass to overflow? Maybe she is a physicist after all. Also wouldn't that mean Bernoulli should be up there? I would say flying is sort of a big deal.
Oh dear. Hawking, Einstein, is that Curie? Is the beardy one bottom right Maxwell? I can't see Newton! - if they are all physicists why isn't he there? Faraday, Schrodinger and Thomson should be there too but I wouldn't recognise any of them in the bus queue. On the plus side I don't know who the young lady is either and rejoice in my ignorance.
Why would you care who the people on the left are? Several of them are probably frauds.
I see Tesla, Sagan, Freud, Einstein, Hawking - of course it's good to know them, but not sure why it's here & why I would want to share.
The bottom left in Nicholai Tesla. Pardon the spelling. His work was so amazing and some still surpasses our current technology
I believe the woman is Mme. Curie
Only one I did not know is Ayaan Hirsi Ali, why is she on picture?
I know a few of the people on the left...
Hawking, Einstein, carl sagan,, marry queen :D more than that don't know ,,... even on the right O.o
Oddly enough, I know most of them on the left and have no idea about the one on the right.
I know almost all on the left, and unfortunately I know who the one on the right is. She typifies what's wrong with this world.
Its Snookie, reality t.v. Star on the right. From Jersey Shore.
i know some mentioned in the above comment- isn't mary curioe one of them as well?
So the choice is between Atheists and Snooki? That's would be a horrible world.
Who is she? And no, I'm joking. I can recognize Sages, Tesla, Einstein and Hawkins. The others are familiar but just can't place them.
I don't recognize the faces of some of the scientists, because they're famous for their science, not their faces. For more objective results, one would have to compare recognition of written accounts of their work as well as their faces.
I recognized Einstein, Hawkins and I think one of them are Newton.. But the lady on the right, who is she?
What's wrong with this world are narrow minded people who knows only one side, or at least pretend it
I don't know anybody there except for Einstein. 
I think Al-Khwarzimi should be included also/
The idea of what is important to know is historically situated. This image reflects an unwillingness to adapt to the future and engage with relevant phenomena.
if u find anyone just one person that knows that lady,will u let me know about it??????????????cuz i know most of those people in the other side of the photo,hahahhh
I can name them all...except the woman between Einstien and Sagan. Who's the drunk chick on the right?
Those one, who don't know history are the ones who make the world more interested and fun. How can the world survive without them? or this post? :)
+josh moss I couldn't disagree more. The images on the left are of people who changed to world and forwarded our understanding of new areas which we are still benefiting from today. Im not sure who the lady on the right is, maybe Kim kardasian? The point is who ever it is has done absolutely nothing and chouldnt be celebrated in anyway what so ever. We should have no need to engage with her nevermind be interested in what she is doing. The more we/you do this the fewer advancements we'll make in the future.
Thank You,for the Congratulations.These are people of the past,who you think are important.
/\ not think its know
I see Sigmund Freud, Carl Sagan, Charles Darwin, Edgar Allan Poe,Stephen Hawkins, Albert Einstein in the group to the left - but no idea who the soon-to-be-sozzled lady is of Sarah Palin's daughters.... perhaps....
omg so dumb snookie is obviously on the right
Do know Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein & Aryan Hirse Ali. The rest is lost on me, and NO, I don't know that one!? will be nice to know though, who's she?
I agree that Albert Einstein and company are much more influential people than Snooki, but I disagree that not knowing what they look like makes a person part of what's wrong with the world. It's much more important to understand the profoundly positive impacts they have had on the world, than what they look like.
How come nobody really knows who Tesla is...if it wasn't for him you wouldn't be on your computer or smartphone in the first place.
So, I can't plus and share, because I don't know who are: Thomas Paine, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Christopher Hitchens !? What's their contribution !?
wow.. i didnt expect to see such bright and thoughtful people here.. i like how you break down the facts with proof
I am old, and know all the people on the left, but have 0 idea who is on the right!!
It's not our fault that we don't know all the people on the left. The media chooses to feature screwed up bitches because some people find it entertaining. The only reason I know some of the people on the left is from my AP Physics and Govt. classes
sadly i know some of the people on the left and it only took a few moments to recognize the one on the right.
+Josh McRae You are also what's wrong with the world. Go out and learn something on your own. It's fun and makes you a better person.
And I'm on my computer, ever since I woke up. That's what's wrong with the (part of) world! :-/
Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan, Marie Curie, Charles Darwin, and Nikola Tesla (one of my heroes) are the ones I recognized immediately. I don't know who that ugly girl over to the right is, though. Do you guys have any idea?
Some slag from a reality TV show that thinks that just because she swallows on live TV she owns the World? Or someone that thinks she's just has marriable as Katie Price?
know most of the people on the left... not going to pretend... but who on earth is the lovely lady on the right???? so now i'm confused - where do i fit in? :))))
I can recognise Professesr Hawkins,and Albert Einstein,but not the rest.
Turns out its snooki according to my gf I thought it was a kardashian.
albert Einstein Stephen hawking looks like hitler
and some retard from jersey shore
I recognized hawking, einstein, sagan, curie, tesla, darwin, and freud.
Why put Einstein with all the atheist when he believed in God, maybe to earn credibility to bunch of not so bright people who can't even figure out that nothing can't do nothing?
I know everyone on the left but could not see that one on the right!
Sweet! Lol I had no idea who the woman on the right was until I read the first comment here...of course, to be quite honest, I still don't actually know what a 'Snooki' is or where its natural habitat I would be, but from the pic it sure looks like its diet consists of much alcohol!
@Roman Gurin who said religion was the underlying topic?
1.put your hand on your mouth
2.whisper i wish in your hand this comment three times on other post
4. Look at your hand
I know 6 out of 10 on the left, but unfortunately our society has forced the right one on my neuro pathway. Sad that she is just as if not more popular & has become wealthy with actions that contribute nothing besides a "don't ever do that" to future generations.
that is true, i know who most of the people on the left are, but i also know who the person on the right is!
i only new albert on the left. on the right is that snookie or jennie j wow
I know four of them, not the other drunk chick.
I don't know who none of those people are except Albert Einstein
They are all people. Some I admire and some I do not. The problem is in the dividing, not in who you recognise. This is a small, crowded planet - let's be kind to the other people on it who ALL have their own problems.
I know 6 of them Including the drunk girl on the right.
Even worse; she is probably worth more money than almost all of the people from the left.
At the left... all of them... WTF is the woman at the right? Reading the comments I can't figure out if she is called Snooki, or there is something called Snooki and that woman is part of it.
Hawking, Curie, Tesla, Einstein, Freud, Hirsi Ali, <no fucking clue>, Hitchens, Sagan, Darwin

Unfortunately, i did recognise Snooki
Carl sagen,darwin,etcwhats wrong is that I've never seen that show but I know who that is.
thats wrong
if we don't known the real hero of our world
I didn't know who the person on the right was either. I guess I'm cool.
thats wrong
if we don't known the real hero of our world
Its a trick question; the thing on the right doesn't qualify as a person ;)
i know most of the people on the left. but honestly, i have no idea who that woman is.
ya now ppl look @ the looks not the personality
+Stephen Hawking, +Albert Einstein, please cook up an atomic bomb to destroy Snooki and her unborn demon child.
sorry i could not understand your commitment
I'm guessing the one on the middle left is Marie Currie?
I think that to be part of the solution you need to understand your audience. So you must know both the left and the right. A few on the right I did not know but think some other people should be on there Issac Newton for one.

Yes I know who Snookie is but really don't watch a lot of TV.
and if i know the people from the left? jesus, i'm becoming extinct with some other few people...
Can someone tell me who the people on the left are?
Einstein, Hawking, Tesla, Freud and the rest are hazy to me.
Errr.....what is that on the right and how the hell do people know who it is, looks like something you'd find in a bar that is to avoid at all costs! I'm guessing here....slapper? Got all the others, easy.
thats funny but i dont know who those people on the left are
Meh, I'd rather blame the media and society for parading people like Snooki around way more than they do the people that actually matter.
Ohh Ohh Ohh I Know who that is Snooki That Alcholic
Setphen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Ayan Hirsi Ali, Carl Sagan, Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla, Sigmund Freud, Thomas Paine, Christopher Hitchens, Charles Darwin.... and Snooky.
I must be somewhere in the middle. I know 6 on the left and who is on the right.
I have to admit I didn't kno anyone on the right but I kno snooki hahaha
Nice I can name everyone on the left. And I havnt a clue who that is on the right.
Ayan Hirsi Ali who is dat lady? ramin is she is a model
i know steven hawkins and albert einstein, but who is the woman?
4 I knew instanley 1 took a bit to figured who he was ... And 1 I was able to google ... The rest I don't know 
I only know Albert Einstein .
She is my hero from Amsterdam, Ayaan Hirsi ALI.
She wrote the book, "Infindel".
She wants to ban the muslim religion,
because it enslaves women.
Youtube: paul8kangas
I wish I didn't know who that woman was.
The truth hath been revealed
+David Greene i love your sense of reasoning and your level of understanding. am impressed keep it up man.
... 90% of the guys on the left would bang the "genious" on the right if they had the chance... We're humans!... That's what is wrong with the world... so, don't think too much, just enjoy it!
I don't recognise all the ones on the left, and have no clue who the one on the right is.
I see Freud, Einstein, the Harvard student in the wheelchair ( I swear I know who he is but bad with names), and the woman with the beaker, and the old dude that looks like someone from George Washington's day. I recognize them. Every one knows the...ahem...I mean her on the right.
In defense of the "you're what's wrong with the world people": you'd have to be living in some kind of hole to not (be forced to) know who the one on the right is.

Unfortunately, I can only easily recognize 8 of the ones on the left.
Pardon my ignorance, but who is the long-haired woman with the cocktails? I have no idea who she is. <DUH>
I'm from nj, and snooki makes nj look like we r all like that..... But we're not! I hate nj reality shows):
The only reason I know who the right is, so I can avoid her and educate my kids on what not to be..I know most of the people on the left
These posts are funny. I find it interesting that I have taken a 5 week hiatus from Google Plus and when I return the same posts, or copies of them, are still floating around. However, this one is absolutely true!
How many Americans on the left and how many on the right, that could be what's wrong With the world?
that person on the left is snooky from Jersey Shore.
atcully i know who all those people are and i'm in my teens
That's not really a fair comparison though. You have 10 on the left, of varying time and importance, and 1 dumb bitch on the right. If you had 10 current 'celebrities' that were just as stupid and pointless to the world, how many would people get correct then? I fortunately have Never watched Jersey Shore, but I still haven't avoided knowing who Snookie is. (sad face)
At least we know Albert Einstein was an awesome scientist, and he would be cool with everybody.
So who is the fatty-bombah on the right?
didn't know who the chic on the right is, and i know most of the people on the left. yay, i'm not what's wrong with the the world!!
Bill M.
not a flattering reflection on today's society (however I only got 7 out of the 10)
Jim A
Brilliance does not equate to being right.
LJ reid
who deem oh look snookie
Obviously many of the scientists in the left side is more famous than Snooki
I guess FB guys know whos in the right ;-) and tht sums up FB and its USERS
I see Hawking, Einstein, Sagan, Tesla, Freud?, Darwin?. And the left I wish I didn't know.
What if you know some people from the left side and have no clue who the person on the right is?
Considering that there are probably thousands of pictures and videos of Snookie we are bound to recognize her if exposed to media at all but these other people we don't necessarily have to (or should) recognize them by their photo but by their accomplishments.
I guess you could, not have the smallest idea who the one on the right is, and still be what's wrong with the world. Plus, you could not know anyone in this chart and still be what's wrong, or the best, of this world. Those guys on the left did something which makes them relevant; act upon their believes, although not everything was right. That endurance is what is right, while trying not to hurt anybody else. Ah... in the end it means nothing...
know some people on the left, Albert of course, Hawking, but i have no idea who is on the right!
Not all people from the left I know, but I have no idea who on the right side:)
I don't know all the people on the left but just because I know the one on the right (thanks to the media's perpetual love for her & ppl like her...Kim K anybody) doesn't mean I'm what's wrong with the world.

My "knowing" them doesn't mean I like them...they both could do the world a favor and fall off the map! I still scratch my head as to the love affair with those reality star clowns!
the drunk chick is the girl feom jersay shore
You know that is Snooky (dummy).On the left are the smarties (not the dummies).
This picture and the comment prove nothing. It's old and divisive.
I guess Google goggles is what's wrong with this world. I knew all but two and decided to use Google goggles to see what it could find. It recognized snookie right away. Cut snookie out and it finds Einstein and labels Tesla as the coast gaurd emblem LOL.
Nah bro, people making pictures like this are what's wrong with the world.
I take great pride in, although I do not know every person to the left, at least I have no clue who the person on the right is :)
hey! wanna b my friend?
I don't want to live on this planet anymore...

wait I like this planet YOU GET OFF
how manny Snookies does it take to screw in a light bulb
Well lets see if Her un-born child will do it for her
I know several people on the left Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Sigmund Freud and Marie Curing the rest I'll try find in my history book and the person on the right I have no clue who she is.
LOL that's Snooki the retarded alcoholic.
A society is based on its culture and heroes ...snookie and Jersey Shore need I say more 
From top to bottom from left to right:

Stephen Hawking (physicist scientist)
Marie Curie ( physicist and chemist scientist)
Nikola Tesla (physicist scientist)
Albert Einstein (physicist scientist)
Sigmund Freud (Psychologist)
Ayaan Hirsi Ali (a Somali feminist and human rights activist)
Thomas Paine (Author writer)
Christopher Hitchens (Atheist editor)
Carl Sagan (Physicist)
Darwin (Biologist scientist)
and i don't know who is the ugly girl in the right side of this pic. :p
So true. Question is how did we get like this?
I know who some of the people on the left are, but I don't know who's the person on the right...
President Obama should be on the left too... 
Noam Chomsky needs to be on the left.
+David Greene The president has done a lot of great things!, and being the first black president is a great accomplishment. 
Tell me one great thing Obama's done, fuckwit.
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