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hmmmm..who gets to choose who is wise and who is good....might as well sink the island..
Wei Ye
I can not say this is good or bad, communism is also a good dream.
+Stanley Oppenheimer What Einstein wants is, a place where he isn't surrounded by fools and people with malice. He would know that it is impossible, because there is no yardstick for wisdom and good will.
+Wei Ye If you cannot say, this is good or bad, how on earth are you so sure about communism?
what happens if you replace the word "good" with "effective"? :-)
So there ARE people who share my wishes... Wouldn't call myself wise though. But I think I know what he meant. A place for people with common sense.
I also wish there was an island (a very isolated one) for opposite kinda people.
I want an island for those who aren't so the rest of us have all the room!
Albert, ............................. what happened to you? You were the one I used to trust.
You need to remember the context of his life... from Wikipedia: "On the eve of World War II, he helped alert President Franklin D. Roosevelt that Germany might be developing an atomic weapon, and recommended that the U.S. begin similar research; this eventually led to what would become the Manhattan Project. Einstein was in support of defending the Allied forces, but largely denounced using the new discovery of nuclear fission as a weapon. Later, together with Bertrand Russell, Einstein signed the Russell–Einstein Manifesto, which highlighted the danger of nuclear weapons."
oh no not me, it would be too much competition......
It's a great dream, unfortunately improbable. A planet would be better than the ability to get there and or contribute to getting there would validate that you had the requisite "wisdom" to be included ;-)
I'd like to start with public discussion that has no religious proseletizers flaming, no paid trolls spamming politics, Just rational discourse. Like this one. 
Like a rotten apple there will always be poisened minds to infect the rest. At one time the planet earth was that island.
There is. It's called "Juggalo Island". Whoop whoop!
If that was to happen, we'll soon see Einstein in a bikini! :P
And the island was named Google, and it was good.
hi Albert no im not surprised cause i met the emperor Dalek. and so much more even YOUR mind will explode.
Who makes this stuff up?
Tila Telquila would be allowed on Juggalo Island for the sole purpose of playing pin the penis in the bitches ass. LMAO!!
Yeah, that's been tried before. Don't believe it, they're Agnostic, and you're a recruiter. And WTF is a "Juggalo founder"? You don't know much 'bout the Hatchet Fam. do ya? But everyone's welcome to Juggalo Island, just leave the religitard shit at home. 
I think you had a better time at helping create the Quantum world of particle physics than finding this fantasy island.
i would chill there all day and night hahaha
Seriously, I wish that there was an island like that too...
are you wise or of good will ?
that you might have a better chance thou 
Hahaha how good would it be
I don't know I'm only in year 7
Ok I guess I'm good but maybe not the wisest
How about we just do our best to make everyone wise and of good will.
everyone can't be wise 
if everyone is wise then there is not reason for it #
very few are wise, i'm not saying i'm one thou !
Maybe there is an island somewhere for the good and the wisest but maybe you have to be pure hearted and wiser to find it
That is probable and I don't believe it one bit there are satellites slamming the earth and they would have found it by now if it existed
Ada M
New Zealand, actually ;)
Hahaha well that may be not true
NOW everyone is claiming familiarity
lol la 
Ako Roi
I love it. But let cross our fingers those people think only fir the good not bad.
Maybe Australia is actually another country a little of Australia and Australia is covered by some cloaking devise
It is paradox that author of Theory of Relativity said such words...
In the Universe everything is relative - not only time, space and velocity...
Hahaha that is actually very funny
It'll only end up over-run with crazy splicers.
"How I wish that somewhere there existed an Island for those who are wise and of good will! In such a place even I would be an ardent patriot." that's the quote in complete... with out the second sentence the first is confusing...
Arn't you suposed to be dead already?
well, there is a big difference between wisdom and knowledge, being academically knowledgeable does not make someone wise, like they say knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit - wisdom is having not put a tomato in a fruit salad  
I remember Einstein,, in his words!!!,," Imagination is more important than knowledge,,There is no such logical way to form new idea!!!!"
that's how I prepare to be my idol,,!!!!... 
Where there is a will, there is a way.
yeah its in the land of idealism in the straits of the elite you pompous fart
With one corrupted entity you could loose it all.
Who is an Elite? Birth doesn't make you anything nor does the death, what is accounted is the time you live between them...
Noooooooooooooooooooooo the first makes sense but not as mu h
You are very smart and therefor I didn't understand that 1 bit
I'd be lonely since I'd be the only one there!
The closest I've come to this wish (one I've had too) is probably G+.
eh! I thought you had died a while back.
@Christina Bueti, where are you? can't find you here? :D
then it would get populated too
Islands exist everywhere. It is for us to associate with like minded and people of stature and goodwill.
You could occupy the largest peice of land with geniuses and scholars, and in the end many will fall. For its human nature to destroy ourselves, and create havoc. :-( . But It would make a great show.. :-)
it would have to be a big Island ;)
:) and it natural atribute spice,medicine
Herb an so its infint2,3,4,5....capabilty 
what a nice conversation regarding the message of  Albert Einstien...and i learn lot of information or i gain knowledge regarding to all of your conversation....
I'd wish it was full of peace
But then they couldn't share their wisdom and goodwill. That would be  a tragedy. 
Why don't we change the world into that island? instead of investing in searching for an unknown location.
I don't believe in heaven and I doubt that there are more than a very few wise men of good will.
Going by his theory of relativity, for every wise person there is a wiser person and Assuming that Einstein is wisest, did he meant that he wanted to be left alone on a lonely Island !!!!
Nice! BTW, I live on Jeju Island.
einstein didnt quote this one...
dont try to make sheeps
I don't think that place is needed.4 WHAT?
dats true b'coz nowadays people has d ability to turn a gud into evil or just into a memory dat his/her family cn only remembers
The only quotes I like are from Einstein.... Cuz it got depth
There should be good will.The dominant factor of the sentence is co-existence of people having will to do good.
The island exists but the occupants keep quiet about it, of course.
I've often wished there were an island for just the opposite kind.
M Way
What do you refer to as "racist" +Stanley Hong What has origin and culture to do with the issue?
I never thought of AE as a lazy thinker, but if he said this, maybe he lacked real vision.  What good is having these gifts and then, setting yourself apart?
That would be unfair. I will be all alone there.
The earth tolerated Jesus the King of Kings a mere 33 years then they killed him.....
but i think good and evil should exist side by side, honest and dishonest, wise and fool etc
Sounds like the island of misfit toys.
Alas! There is no heaven on Earth!
Too bad that island would get nuked.
There is no such need for that. He was wrong. Mixing good and bad is the best.
There are currently 7 billion such islands... Each inhabited by a single individual.
There is one, but its been un-inhabited since the beginning of time..
That would have only been paradise but that does not exist anymore
Or... That island is called Earth and each of us believes we deserve to live here.
I'll still be looking out for that day to come, when I will meet someone like those. :-)
baseless qoutation...........all ov da  wise men would hav died by the same perfect life..............mistakes r a colour to ur life................
see u again,uncle albert,how's everything going in the heaven?
Your wish is like an unwise man so your not on the island. 
a sort of waking nightmare  ...  Eureka made flesh. All those loopies all in one place?   uuuuuuuuugggggggghhhh!
+rosalee miller why would anyone need to be the "best"?
We are 7 billion people on the planet and if we see each one of these individuals as a unique being with unique properties and talents, then everyone can be best in something (the vector sum of all propertis, including direction) so everyone can be best in something if that is a wanted.
The big problem with this planet is that some of these people try to be "best", not by being "best" but by oppressing or abusing other people, which of course can not be tolerated.
When my partner and I are at sea on our boat with just our cat for company, we are that island ;)
es gibt keine insel der seligen in einer welt voller leid

there is no island of the blessed in a world full of suffering

+manarius van klyst
die ganze Welt, kann diese Insel zu werden, wenn wir zusammenarbeiten
the whole world, can become this island, if we collaborate
Heaven and Hell are opposite. Heaven is good place. In there, you can get all of the facilities not to working but everybody reach not there. If you do good job, you will reach there. It is better than our world.
My opinion........

Fortunately, I believe that their are as many presevers, and healers in the world and their are destroyers. :-) Have a great day.
your Right Mr. Moses Pleitez
So... +Kyarrkyarr Lay you suggest that we should move to Heaven? but what guarantee do we have that it actually exists, we will all be accepted there, and if all weirdos move there, how would these not continue to be weirdos there? The only way that could be guaranteed is that it would be controlled by a dictator. I don't believe in dictators, of two reasons, 1: most dictators become weirdos even if they start well due to their power, 2: under dictatorship the good is due to people being oppressed.
The good has to come from the inside, therefore I consider the safe bet to implement Heaven on Earth, without forcing anyone to be good.  People who are not good, from my point of view, are not good because they have been taught when growing up, that it's better to not be good.
In a collaborative environment, where no one is oppressing any one else, no one is the dictator over any one else, then the only sustainable, logical and viable solution is to be good and collaborative. I consider that all people are born good.
Kids are fair and kids are geniuses. It's growing up in this dystopic world that make some of them become selfish assholes.
So noone would try to change this place in a better one. People would be satisfied for what they would have...what a boring place!...and yeah! It can't exist!
I have to disagree. I believe that true human nature is goodness to all. What you speak of is a perverse human nature that many people unfortunately possess.  
Well im not going there so we might as well blow it up
It's all relative. "Wise" and "good will" are based on one's position and perspective. Therefore, it's meaningless.
Brad K
Or..."Let us create the island Earth for those who are wise and of good will."
There is....Atlantis...it sunk.....;)
There was such an island. And when everyone was on it, they sunk it...
Island, sun, beach, balmy breeze, girls...I mean, it would be stupid to be Einstein brain there...get real! 
+Jonida Gishti you are completely wrong❣ In a world where no one is oppressed, everyone can make the place a better place, there is absolutetly no reason why it would be a status quo❣
(pareto optimal doesn't imply status quo)

If you check this animated symbol I made earlier, I think you can realize why this is a metaphor for eternal improvement❣
Just think about fashion clothes for instance, this is the text that I use as a tooltip for that symbol:
An animated symbolism with the tree Wish-IT® AI layers and the Singularity of all minds as an indefinite tail recursive Zen loop of perception, preservation and creation of beauty, combining Douglas Adams dolphins and the Meaning of Life (¿i.e. 42 if you catch it?) with the eastern Sam Tae Guk symbolising the Trinity of Heaven, Earth and Human, as well as being a symbol for budo, human spirit, self control and motivation, as well as human art, mind and beauty from two different aspects❣
Just imagine...island with Einstein in swimming trunks and Marie Curie in bikinis :D
I wish for this too... Wait, I'm not invited? Bah! Who needs you?
I wish...... although then it might get kind of boring because there would be nothing for the people who are wise and of good will to deal with, so i guess it could be a sort of paradise get away for certain people. 
Albert Einstein probably should add "The island need not be very big" Lol
I bet he can't image living in Turkey :)
The wise and men of good will would need to arm themselves to the teeth and fight until death to secure such an island.
i think the point of this is there is no heaven.
The rest of the world needs to find their own wisdom, light & heaven.
you need to understand that no one fits both categories. although some people may be wise, no one on this earth has completely good will. as human beings, we have faults in our character. 
same here einstien ole buddy ole pale
Pretty sure the US would bomb it and take its oil...
That wd b such a waste of their wisdom & all that goodness!!!
The very concept of separating the 'good' from the 'bad' sounds nice, but then, who would decide who's 'good' or 'bad', anyway? Besides.. It would be far more effective to give everyone a relevant education, thereby improving the quality of everyone's lives. The more people there are interacting with one another, the more diversity there is. The more diversity there is, the more enhanced everyone's life will be. We can only learn by being exposed to something new. If we're only exposed to that which we already understand, there's nothing to learn. Our growth/development would be hindered. Big time! :-)
+Dennis B-Man I take that so that you are with me. That means we are many thinking the same.
Heaven will be here on Earth, and it's urgent❣

Although, do you really believe that there need to be some "bad"?
That is what America was suppossed to be. A land mass surrounded be water.
Getting all atlas shrugged with that comment.
right it is freakind genius!!!!!:)
I wish. I would totally go I am sooooooooo smart:p
We all hace the freedom to Ask The Lord for Wsdom and, free will to choose our path in life like:"Good Will". AMEN
+Justin Evans if the blog link below is true, then I blame Ayn Rand for being one of those responsible for destroying US.
Apart from having destroyed the meaning of libertarianism her cynic stories is said to even have been seen as an ideal and tought in US classes...
FYI: I don't live in US and I haven't read anything from Rand (I see no reason why), but I've read a lot about randism... as well as even seen her twisted "objectivism" to be considered a "philosophy".
Wow, you don't mean that? To my mind, THE objective of life is to achieve this state (nirvana?) EVERYWHERE!

I'm sure the island exists, and as sure there are few if any people that populate it.
It is the interaction of opposites that brings about all things. Seperate them and you have nothing.
I don't have to agree or believe everything he says, but I do like reading it.
A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.
Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.
Yes, but then the rest of the world would just bomb the __ out of it.
For those of you crying Nazi, and other words of the such, I really think your missing the point of this quote.
I'm sorry, why did people have to put it those ~100 letters of a quote, which would take about 200 bytes onto a 46000 bytes image?
I agree with Jean-Pierre Pardo,  Heaven is that place!
That island is EARTH which is 4 every 1.
i wish there was a place that u can be alone and just calm down
that place does exist,in the heart of a man. the point is to find that man. and to be taught by him.
do you know him? den
thats the worst thing i've ever seen
That island I believe will be reality in Lithuania soon. After we will through all insane judges and politicians out of there.  #OpLithChild  
Even if there is such place, dont go otherwise you will be just "Tom Hanks with his football friend" ...
within a day it would get overrun by the stupid and bad-willed
i truly wish there was a world for those who are wise and of good will.
You say imagination is more important, where is your imagination. The island exist.
There is one floating through space... it's called earth!
And the best way is to make that Island, all the dumb people will buy the ticket and fly, leaving us wise to live in harmony :D
Everyone has their own island at one point in there life but we all leave it to be with the rest of the world and recognize our faults are just like everyone else's
Any place that you populate with humans will have those that are foolish and of ill will.

– Me
So do I because I would visit it as often as I can.
As per Swamy Vivekananda(if every one wants to be wise and of good will then entire world will change)&H.H Maharishi who had been endowed with as much scientific spirit as any of the greatest scientist of all times instead cherishing such a dream he created millions&millions of people who r as good as Einstein& any other scienstist in creativity&better in contentment.
I guess dreaming is free :) .... but how cool would it be though ?
Dreams are good as long as we do strive to achieve them... Even if we don't really achieve anything... It's the determination to strive for, that's what's important...
Look I don't know, but this one sounds a little Hitler-ish to me, I might be missing something, but I think he's saying lets pick one sort and interbreed them somewhere...
Those who are wise, always agree with eachother. Sadly on that very island, we shall find only one... the real wise one... understanding the goal of the human body and giving all his good energy away for the good of all mankind. He is serving by sacrificing. But those who were wise on that same island and walked away to serve mankind, become imposters making a livelihood on fees for their services. How I wish there existed an island where I can meet the real wise one... This is what Einstein should have said... for he means it well
Then what would the other island be like without the wise and those of goodwill?
True Alice so true, but it looks like to me that Einstein automatically puts himself and a handful of others above the majority of the earths population, which is arrogant beyond belief.    
I agree with your comment because it seems to me that Einstein and his "handful" haven't opened there eyes and ears to some of the beauty and positive things that some people and places on earth even today, have to offer.
At first thought it sounds perfect, but I can assure you that once on that island some of the good would begin to morph. 
Yes there is such of an island it's call heaven;)
Non existence is the only island there is where neither good nor bad there is, but just a feeling you are there, but now truly HOME.
i wasnt takin to u for ur infor and i was takin to siraju
yea and dont comment on my stuff i am not tryin to be to u
please forward me the address, i am searching.
+Michael Lutz "So there ARE people who share my wishes... Wouldn't call myself wise though. But I think I know what he meant. A place for people with common sense."

Have you explored the angle that the island can come under attacked by people who fear you, the very ones that you are trying to avoid? 
Being on a island, it wouldn't take too much effort to wipe everyone out. 

The wisest walks amongst the sea of faces, nameless and invisible, accepting humanity for both it's beauty and monstrosity. 
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