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LANDR’s senior audio producer Pheek, in collaboration with Performodule, has assembled the Tone Sculptor devices – three Audio Effects Racks designed to carefully enhance and attenuate key frequency ranges in your mixes. The Low, Mid and High Sculptors are perfect for adding just the right touch of polish, glue, and analog character to your tracks - and they're absolutely free!

Get them here now:

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nice racks :-)
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‪#‎FreeStuffFriday‬ this week comes courtesy of Niche Audio, a Loopmasters label. Created especially for the Ableton community, the pack includes 5 kits, 4 from their latest releases plus an exclusive FSF kit. Thank you Loopmasters!

Get it here now:
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thanks mucho
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Ableton is proud to co-host the second MIDI HACK; the hackathon aimed at shaping and defining the future of analog and digital music creation. This year will take place at our Berlin HQ from 8-10 May.

Registration to partake in the event is now open:
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Sample Magic have shown time and again that they are experts at distilling all the elements of a genre into great sounding and easy-to-use sample libraries. With their newest Pack, they get all the sonic details and stylistic nuances just right for a genre that is constantly evolving and mutating.

Listen to Future R&B below, then head here for further details:
Future R&B - Demo 1
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Too many sub genres now. 
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Ryo Fujimoto's Dommune sets are something to behold. Using beatboxing, extended vocal techniques, Live and some Kaoss Pad mayhem, Fujimoto gets to an elevated performative state that will have you rethinking how expressive a laptop performance can be. Needless to say we were intrigued, so we asked Fujimoto to unpack his methods.

Read Ryo's insightful interview here:
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Dommune was mentioned in the one of the "real Scenes" series. It's great it's stil happening.
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The latest OSCiLLOT tutorial video gives you an overview of the basic functions of the OSCiLLOT AFX Audio Effect with a step-by-step guide to patching together a simple device.
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Have them in circles
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Want to try out #Live9? Get a free trial license of Live 9 Suite for 30-days, feature-unlimited:

Until April 14th, upgrade from Live Lite or Intro to Live 9 Suite or Standard, and save:
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We are excited to present our first book, 'Making Music - 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers'.

Written by our Head of Documentation, Dennis DeSantis, this book offers ways around common roadblocks in the creative process - regardless of what software or hardware you use. To accompany the release, we’ve asked some of our favorite artists to share the strategies they use when starting a new piece of music.

Check them out here, plus read selected chapters from the book:
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I ordered it out of curiosity and glad that I did, its great, not the usual how to use a DAW steps, I highly recommend it!
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Download James Holden's ingenious Group Humanizer device. Based on research from Harvard scientists, Holden has built a free ‪#‎MaxforLive‬ plug-in which automatically injects the organic push-pull feel you can only get from human performance into your audio and MIDI channels.

Read an article on the Group Humanizer by Holden himself, and download it for free here:
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Oh wow. Excellent!
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We made a short documentary showing what it’s like to work as a developer at Ableton. Here’s your chance to meet the people who make the tools you use, see how their work has evolved, and find out what inspires them.
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Yes, Marko!!! If not for Live, I would have bailed on OS X a long time ago.
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Live 9.2 is now available as a public beta.

This free update brings a number of significant improvements and additions to both Live and Push including enhanced warping, latency compensation, a tuner device and the ability to use all 64 pads on Push to play drums.

Watch below as finger-drummer extraordinaire Mad Zach performs using all of Push’s pads.

Learn more about Live 9.2 and download here:
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+ArmorKingEmir Ableton or any DAW is always ready for mix and or master. this debate of ableton live vs. other DAW sound quality is utterly rubbish in practice and theory .. a hoax created by industry and bias towards older software. Blindfold yourself and take a test with a friend instead ...
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"The physical interaction… the fullness of the sound, the feeling of creating something unique. With a modular system, you find yourself coming up with really distinctive sounds that couldn’t have been generated in any other way.”

If any one individual can be said to be responsible for the resurgence of modular synthesis over the past decade, it would have to be Dieter Doepfer.

In the last of our modular-series features, we talk to Doepfer himself:

Photo courtesy of Theo Bloderer
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This is only for the rich. Music though, has no barriers. Hope you understand that some day. 
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