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+Scan Computers International Ltd & +Intel want your best art and tutorial videos, for the #Velocity2014 competition. Enter the "Electronic" category, and you could win #Live9 Suite and all Live Packs available in the pack shop (yes, you read that right). Head to the link below to learn more and enter.
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Explore the future of control and share ideas at #MidiHack, May 17-18 at +Spotify HQ in Stockholm. Registration is still open until April 13!
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From gentle cymbal taps to overdriven snare smacks, +Drumdrops A Fistful of Drumkits features a diverse set of multisampled drums. With different setups sampled from three different kits, there's lots to explore in the over 2 GB of sounds that come with this new Live Pack.

Learn more at
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+AskAudio Mag wants your help - take the survey at the link below and enter to win $10,000 worth of gear, including #Live9 and offers from +Focusrite, +Novation, KRK, and more.
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Considering my 'studio' already has a Saffire Pro 40, Novation Launchkey, and Ableton Suite 9...I'm basically only interested in the microphones. =D
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Deep dub from Deadbeat (with #Push) & Tikiman/Paul St. Hilaire live on +Boiler Room.
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Learn how +Moldover Musical-AntiHero prepares his Live sets for performance using his custom #MaxforLive device, SetListFire - watch the video below from +AskAudio Mag.

Download SetListFire:
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Have them in circles
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Got five minutes? Learn about five essential #MaxforLive devices from Certified Trainer Lenny Kiser - including the LFO, Convolution Reverb Pro, Envelope Follower, and more. See how quickly and easily you can get into using these powerful tools for music-making.

Learn more from Lenny at +DJ TechTools: 
With over 1,000 free devices in the form of instruments, audio effects, MIDI effects and tools to extend the ability of Ableton Live, who could pass up using Max for Live? M4L devices come in all s...
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It's been a while since I heard a technical topic explained so lucidly!
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Live 9.1.2 maintenance update is now available as a free update for owners of #Live9 Suite, Standard, Intro, and Lite editions. Head to the link below to learn more about what's new and download Live 9.1.2.
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Far better than 9.1.1 which constant pops and clicks made pretty much unusable on my system, but in the project I finished just the other day, in 9.1.2 they occasionally appear near the end. And since I haven't experienced any such issues in 9.1, I reverted to that version once again.
Also, the automatically inverted text colour is far too white and it makes Live's blurry fonts look even worse. #FFFFFF is not the only shade of white.
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The +Warp Academy Symposium continues this Saturday with another free webinar. Certified Trainer Ian Gallagher and sound designer Myagi will cover using Drum Racks creatively with non-drum parts, and getting the most out of Operator, Live's powerful hybrid synth. learn more at the link below.
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Tom Demac has 10 minutes to make a track with #Push, #Live9, and the impressive hardware in his studio. Watch how things come together under pressure in this video from FACT Magazine.

Learn more about working with #Push and hardware drum machines:
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Ableton makes Ableton Live, a unique product for producing and performing music with a computer.
You may or may not have heard of Ableton Live, but you've almost certainly heard it: in your favorite songs, at concerts, in clubs, in TV theme tunes, during awards shows, at the theater... stay tuned to this page to find out why professionals and hobby musicians alike get so excited about Ableton Live.

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