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Freshening one garment in your dryer - DON'T!
If your dryer’s lint filter is located in the front just below where you open the door don’t use it to freshen one garment with heat setting. Why? If there is nothing else in the dryer to tumble with this garment it may lay in front of the vent and restrict the airflow. If this happens while the heat is on it may raise the temperature enough to burn out the thermal fuse. I had this happen at a customer’s whose son was “freshening his t-shirt each morning. Other articles can do the same thing. For example bathroom rugs with rubber backing or anything that is not “breathable” that blocks the lint filter vent. If this vent is blocked it will blow the thermal fuse on that load. Happens all the time. Call Able for Fast Dependable Quality Service 910-353-0794.

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Our Service Area includes Jacksonville, Hubert, Swansboro, Stella, Maysville, Richlands, Holly Ridge, Sneads Ferry, Surf City, Topsail Beach and parts of Beulaville and Maple Hill. Call Able for Fast DependABLE Service!

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Dryer won't heat. Sometimes when I go to a dryer "no heat" call there is nothing wrong with the dryer. It's possible for one side of the breaker to trip or burn out. It'a also possible for one of the blades on the plug to not make contact and cause this issue. If you are savvy it is always handy to have a cheapy multimeter from harbor freight ($6) to check for power at the back of the dryer. You may find that you have only 120v instead of 240v. If so you have a power supply problem!

I have had several calls lately that a "competitor" has deemed as "not worth fixing". These were newer high efficiency top load washers that we fixed. Seems they just didn't know how to fix... Keep in mind that your washer or dryer is small potatoes to a company that fixes ALL APPLIANCES. They would rather you pay them a service call to tell you to put your washer/dryer on the curb so they can move on to the next one. We come prepared to FIX your washer or dryer. We carry parts on the truck. Over 95% of our work orders are repaired on the first visit. We carry that many parts! Call Able for FAST DependABLE Service! 910-353-0794

Folks, it has taken us over 8 years to build the Google Rating that we have. The reviews are real. Some new companies build their own Google rating. ALERT, be careful, everything you see on Google reviews is NOT real! Drill down and look at the reviews. When a company has a bunch of new reviews in a short amount of time they are paying someone to leave FAKE reviews. They are looking to snag customers less savvy that just go by review score and/or "number of reviews". Call Able for FAST DependABLE Service! 910-353-0794

Are you overloading your front loader washing machine?! Do you really believe you can put 10 pairs of jeans in and get them clean? Your front loader uses very little water. There has to be room for the clothes to tumble. At least a third of the tub should be vacant to allow the tumbling action. I'm finding some of the early failures on tub bearings on front load washers is from overload. If you are overloading, QUIT! The only thing holding that stainless tub in is a shaft about an inch and a half thick going into a bearing dead center of the tub. Can you imagine the wear and tear on this bearing even with a light load?! With the price of repair you will be sorry when this bearing fails. You will most often opt to replace the machine. 

Call 910-353-0794 for FAST Quality DependABLE Service! 
Servicing Jacksonville, Camp Lejeune, Hubert, Swansboro, Richlands, Maysville, Stella, Sneads Ferry, Topsail Beach, Surf City and Holly Ridge.

If you have a Whirlpool Cabrio or Maytag Bravos direct drive there can be a problem if you put them in storage for an extended period of time. The tub floats up and down on a metal "drive shaft". If stored this shaft will rust locking the tub in the down position. It will have to be taken apart and beaten into submission LOL. This can be avoided. The shaft can be lubricated before storage to insure this doesn't happen. Call 910-353-0794 for FAST Quality DependABLE Service!

Everyone asks, so here it is:  What do I recommend if you have to buy a new washer and dryer?
First of all, this disclaimer.  These are not your momma's washers and dryers.  Those days are over.  I do not recommend front load washing machines.  Some of you love them.  I do not.  But, they do pay the bills....  LG is the way to go if you want a front loader.  
1st choice washing machine: Whirlpool Cabrio or Maytag Bravos
Understand that Whirlpool owns Maytag so these are really the same machines.  There are many names Whirlpools are sold under such as: Maytag, Roper, Amana, Admiral, Kitchenaid, Estate.  The Cabrio build is sold only under Whirlpool and Maytag.  These are direct drive machines without a belt.  They are high tech with a motor and stator mounted under the tub.  A newly engineered build is out (about 3 years) and is sold a little cheaper.  It is a belted washer known as the vertical modular design.  These are OK.  I would buy them before a front loader.
2nd choice washers: General Electric top loader

1st Choice Dryer: Whirlpool design dryer (remember the other names sold under above) with the lint filter on top of the machine and not in the door.  This design is tried and true and been around for 30 years or more.
2nd choice dryer: General Electric

If you have your momma's machine, make sure it really needs replaced!  Once you get rid of it, there is no turning back!

Whatever you have we specialize in washers and dryers.  We work on all residential washers and dryers other than Bosch and Haier.  Call 910-353-0794 for FAST Quality DependABLE Service!
We keep parts on the truck and our goal is to fix it on the FIRST Visit!
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