Where are all the jobs going?
Here's a fascinating insight into where jobs of the current, and perhaps the future, are going to be. A lot fewer "medium skill, well paying jobs" and a lot more "very high skill, high wage jobs" and a lot more "low skill, low wage jobs."

Some of what explains this shift (we still have to give it some years to play out) is automation and efficiency. But it is mystifying that so many teacher's jobs have been lost. Don't we need someone to teach our children (so that they will be in the green area and not purple)?

This of course has an implication on the great American middle class (and that in other countries).  It also has implications on what people who might not go to school and follow a college degree traditional path might have as options. And if the purple dominates, who is going to do the jobs.

Lots of questions. Fascinating data.

Two fantastic graphs in this context are here: http://goo.gl/AuQZuz You can use the first one to help pick a career for your kids, spouse, friend, recent immigrant, parent. (Food Prep, Personal Care, Sales and, omg, Management are growth areas!)  The table at the end provides salaries and occupations that might also be helpful. (Basically tech, finance, management). 

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Source of graph below: http://goo.gl/WKFH3s
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