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Engagers Showcase Circle, April 17, 2014

If you received a notification, it means that you are included in my Engagers Showcase Circle. “Showcase” means that you are invited to leave a comment (on the original post) with a link to one of your own posts, which ideally should be one of your best recent posts.

This circle consists of people who have engaged with one of my recent posts in the form of +1s, comments and reshares. Two of the posts below attracted too much engagement to be usable for the circle, but I am including links to them for completeness.

Everyone mentioned below is also included in the circle.

Adding cubes

Flower and snail shell (reshared from +Ralph Reichert)

April Fools' Day

“Trinity” by Jen Stark

Hyperbolic honeycombs (reshared from +Roice Nelson)

Coxeter—Conway friezes

Triple helix staircase (reshared from +Romain Brasselet)

Which airport is closest to you?

“Spinning Cosmos” by Paul Friedlander

Strč prst skrz krk

Mersenne primes and perfect numbers

“Urge to fly” by Hermin Abramovitch

Keeper of Time (reshared from +Michael Quinn)

Seven mutually touching cylinders (reshared from +David Richeson)

A present from a student

Campus photo (reshared from +University of Colorado Boulder)

As always, reshares of this circle are appreciated, and I look forward to seeing everyone's links. Thanks for reading my posts!
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Able Lawrence

Cosmic Inflation  - 
Loop de Loop

Last month research project known as BICEP2 announced evidence of inflation within the cosmic microwave background (CMB). Now a new paper argues that a different effect known as a radio loop could produce similar results, which raises the question of whether inflation was detected after all.

The evidence for inflation focused on what is known as B-mode polarization of the CMB.  The B-mode polarization has two causes.  The first is due to gravitational lensing.  The cosmic microwave background we see today has travelled for more than 13 billion years before reaching us.  Along its journey some of it has passed close enough to galaxies and the like to be gravitationally lensed.  This gravitational lensing twists the polarization a bit, giving some of it a B-mode polarization. The second mechanism which is more subtle, and requires more data to analyze. It is due to gravitational waves produced during the inflationary period of the big bang.  What the BICEP2 found was evidence of more B-mode polarization than expected by gravitational lensing alone.  Since there are two ways in which B-mode polarization can occur, they needed to show that this “extra” was not just due to lensing.  Thus, they argued, it must be due to primordial gravitational waves.

This new paper looks at another possible source known as radio loops. A radio loop is caused by large magnetic fields that span interstellar space.  When ionized plasma interacts with these magnetic fields, the charged particles spiral along the magnetic field. The spiraling charges then emit radio waves through what is known as synchrotron radiation.  As a result, radio waves are emitted all along the magnetic field loop, hence a “radio loop.”

But the authors point out that these loops can also produce microwave radiation, emitted by charged dust particles within the plasma.  These microwave emissions are in the same wavelength range as the cosmic microwave background.  The emissions are polarized, and their orientation would be similar to the B-mode polarization detected by BICEP2.

Once this “foreground effect” of galactic radio loops is accounted for, there may still be a residual B-mode evidence of inflation.  At this point we can’t be sure because it wasn’t taken into account in the BICEP2 results. What this new paper really points out is a weakness in the BICEP2 results, specifically that it was done at a single wavelength range.

The real test will happen when the Planck team releases their results on B-mode polarization.  The Plank satellite has polarization data at multiple wavelengths.  If these results confirm BICEP2, then we can be sure of an inflationary effect.  If not, then we’ve got more work to do.  And so it goes, loop de loop, back and forth.

This is how science is done.  One team puts forward a result, other teams push back with other ideas, and eventually the best result survives.

Image: Galactic radio loops, with BICEP2 region indicated. Credit: Philipp Mertsch

Paper: Hao Liu, Philipp Mertsch, and Subir Sarkar. Fingerprints of Galactic Loop I on the Cosmic Microwave Background. arXiv:1404.1899 [astro-ph.CO] (2014).
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Able Lawrence

Dark Matter  - 
Asymmetrical dark matter #DarkMatter  
Dark matter is the biggest mystery before modern physics but other equally challenging one is the asymmetry between matter and anti-matter among ordinary matter that allows for the existence of net normal visible matter after the inevitable annihilation of the symmetrical components. Estimates of dark matter budget of the universe in relation ordinary matter has given an abundance of five times ordinary matter which is quite remarkable and unlikely to be a coincidence. Any theory of dark matter should also explain the asymmetry of matter over anti-matter and the theory of asymmetrical dark matter attempts to do that by postulating mechanisms that link the matter excess to asymmetries between dark matter and anti-dark matter by bringing in a global over arching symmetry that allows for breakage of baryon and lepton number conservation in the visible sector while getting the numbers in order at the global level. These class of theories also postulate mechanisms that transfer the asymmtry between the two sectors either through electro-weak interactions (sphaelerons) or through newly postulated dark sector interactions or simultaneously through cogeneration. 
Review of asymmetric dark matter
Asymmetric Dark Matter: Theories, Signatures, and Constraints
Phenomenology of Light Fermionic Asymmetric Dark Matter
Image from
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Understanding Cosmic Inflation, the ultimate free lunch by Alan Guth #cosmicinflation   #cosmology  
The father of cosmic inflation explains the mechanism of inflation, how all the visible universe can be created out of nothing. How the negative of energy of the gravitational field can balance the positive energy of the matter and energy inside the universe allowing for all the cosmic splendour while the net energy of the universe the universe could be very close to or actually zero (something I had suspected and was searching for). He also explains very lucidly the mechanism of how metastable false vacuum made of scalar fields with large negative pressures and high energy densities can naturally drive inflation. Very lucid and concise explanation of the biggest thing in cosmology.
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Able Lawrence

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Bank Myna: Hiding in plain sight Acridotheres ginginianus 
Bank myna, named after their communal nesting on the banks of rivers,  is a social and gregarious myna (related to starlings) of the Indian plains. Its appearance is similar to the closely related common myna, except for the red skin on the face instead of yellow, and the bluish grey plumage instead of brown. They are opportunistic omnivores that eat grains, insects, fruits and even human left over food. Despite their preference for river banks, they have adapted to nesting in holes in the walls and are spreading their range and are common in urban landscapes. This picture was taken on the side wall of a n expressway
Taken at 6.35 pm today(sunset at 6.30 pm) EXP 1/4 seconds, ISO 800, F/8 FL 215 mm (1200mm equivalent).  Unlike temperate regions, light fades fast closer to the equator. One way to beat the exposure rule is to take enough pictures to beat the odds. I must have clicked two dozen shots to get this one. This bird does let you approach it. 
Anthony Walker's profile photoAble Lawrence's profile photoDebashish Samaddar's profile photo
+Debashish Samaddar Birds will be always taken at 400mm. Even with 1.6x crop, it will become 640mm. The advantage of 100-400mm is a shorter minimum focusing distance and smaller size when stowed. 
When you see certain birds, you will get only a couple of seconds to shoot as they come in and out of view. 
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Wire tailed swallow, juvenile Hirundo smithii #swallow  
SGPGI campus, Lucknow, today 13 apr 2014. 
I first thought it was some kind of martin as did not notice the incipient wire-tails and the brownish head, and the light was pretty low from an about to vanish sun. [Photo taken at 6.13 pm; sunset 6.29 pm] Then they became curious about me and started flying around low and frequently approaching me upto a few feet away (when I noticed the small wire tails).
They are fast flyers and hunt insects in the air, like the martins. They are resident in Africa south of Sahara and in the Indian subcontinent. They prefer open country close to water (These were seen close to our rain water harvesting artificial lake). 
They have a dark blue dorsum and white underside with a brown head. The outermost two tail feathers are modified to form filaments that trail behind them giving them their name.   #swallowtail   #birds   #birdsgallery   Sony HX300 F/8 EXP 1/40 (handheld) ISO800
Abigail Van Rooyen's profile photoAble Lawrence's profile photoshirish pandey's profile photoDebashish Samaddar's profile photo
+Abigail Van Rooyen They are very aerobatic. They were examinining me very closely by making swinging passbys upto a few feet away. 
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White throated Kingfisher Halcyon smyrnensis #Birds  
These large "tree" kingfishers, which is widespread resident from Bulgaria and Turkey through India upto Philippines can be see far from water as well since they prey not only on fish but also, invertebrates, reptiles, small rodents and even birds! Their bright blye feathers are a beautiful sight in flight and when viewed from back. They can be seen perched on trees and calling (like in this picture) and I have seen pairs together in the forest. They build their nests by burrowing tunnels in earthen banks. 
Other name White breasted kingfisher #kingfisher   #birds4all   +Indian Birds 
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Thanks +david entrikin 
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Able Lawrence

​​​Physical  - 
Prof Alan Guth explains cosmic inflation 
This article by Prof Guth is more than a decade old but is the best explanation of cosmic inflation I have come across. Direct from the Professors mouth that also answers a lot of the nagging questions I always had. 
Understanding Cosmic Inflation, the ultimate free lunch by Alan Guth #cosmicinflation   #cosmology  
The father of cosmic inflation explains the mechanism of inflation, how all the visible universe can be created out of nothing. How the negative of energy of the gravitational field can balance the positive energy of the matter and energy inside the universe allowing for all the cosmic splendour while the net energy of the universe the universe could be very close to or actually zero (something I had suspected and was searching for). He also explains very lucidly the mechanism of how metastable false vacuum made of scalar fields with large negative pressures and high energy densities can naturally drive inflation. Very lucid and concise explanation of the biggest thing in cosmology.
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Able Lawrence

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Indian Robin male Saxicoloides cambaiensis     #Birds  
This bird is resident in India and prefers rocky and dry scrub and edges of cultivation. They keep their tail cocked up in a manner characteristic of robins and are best identified by the rufous rump. The males have a black underside. The upper parts of the north Indian subspecies is brown while the south Indian (nominate species fulicatus) has all black except for the white shoulder patch. They are often found on the ground (my previous post), or on thorny bushes as in this picture. #robin   #birdsgallery   #birds4all  
Females are duller brown but can be identified by the rufous rump.
Taken on 13 April 2014 at SGPGIMS campus, Lucknow. 
Camera: Sony HX300
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+Abigail Van Rooyen No idea. Near the boundaries between the two sub species, intermediate forms also exist. May be they diverged at some point during evolution through isolation and they came into contact. There was a time when India had lots of thick jungles and being a resident species of dry scrub, there might have been separate species in north and south india which connected again after deforestation. But this is pure speculation. Humans have been influencing Indian subcontinent's vegetation for tens of thousands of years
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Such a wonderful but not very famous bird sanctuary. Quite place ideal for Birding. Lots of varieties of birds. If seriously into Birding, worth several days. I went there with +Nigil Haroon
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Wide variety of excellent steaks of all varieties. Steaks never stops coming until you turn the card upside down.
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
Best place in Lucknow to watch movies especially 3D ones. Only problem is that English movie shows are less frequent (unless in 3D) and the shops are not as upmarket or classy as other malls.
Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago
19 reviews
Only cheap stuff found. Went looking for a trench coat. disappointed
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
Best school in Lucknow. Treats parents as adults and the teachers are also very good and understand the uniqueness of each child. They try to bring up kids as individuals. There are also exchange programs with other international schools
Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago