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The quiet revolutionary: How the co-discovery of CRISPR explosively changed Emmanuelle Charpentier’s life : Nature News & Comment
The microbiologist spent years moving labs and relishing solitude. Then her work on gene-editing thrust her into the scientific spotlight.
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Able Lawrence

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An excellent write up on the skewed attention of science on endangered species by +Rex Graham
Fernandina’s Flicker, one of Cuba’s most charismatic birds, is an example of modern ornithology’s dirty little secret - myopia that borders on blindness.

This disability affects not only birds, but also highly talented scientists coming into their prime when an exciting array of powerful new scientific tools could be used to solve challenging ecological puzzles that desperately need to be solved. A deeply  flawed system favors research on a relative handful of species living in wealthy countries while neglecting thousands of other species.


Cuba's Fernandina’s Flicker and Argentine scientist Martjan Lammertink are uncomfortable reminders of the funding dysfunction. As you might suspect, deforestation and removal of dead snags, agriculture and an expanding human population are common foes of most of the 42 threatened and endangered woodpeckers in the world. As a visiting fellow at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in New York, Lammertink focused on the trends affecting these woodpeckers in the IUCN Red List. This is an ignoble list created with the help of scientists worldwide on which any bird species would not want to be included.

(Photo: Luis Segura / Rockjumper Birding Tours)

Based on the Red List trends, Lammertink  identified 10 “priority species” of woodpeckers worldwide, and summarized extinction threats to them in a paper in the journal Acta Ornithologica. Four of the 10 are found in Latin America – the endangered Speckle-chested Piculet and the vulnerable or near threatened Fernandina’s Flicker, Black-bodied Woodpecker and Helmeted Woodpecker.  (The other 6 are Asian species; the Okinawa Woodpecker, Korean White-bellied Woodpecker, Great Slaty Woodpecker, Red-collared Woodpecker, Yellow-faced Flameback and Red-collared Woodpecker.)


Very little is known about the Piculet. BirdLife International says it is found in only 2 valleys in northern Peru. The danger ranking has risen steadily over the past 26 years. “There was no research dedicated to this species during that period,” Lammertink wrote. This shortcoming is what you might call ornithological blindness.


During the 26 years after 1988, Fernandina’s Flicker was the subject of 2 scientific publications. However during the same period, two vulnerable woodpecker species in the U.S. – the Red-headed and Red-cockaded Woodpeckers – were the subject of 508 scientific papers. Of course, under-funding ornithology research compromises scholarship and bird conservation, but so, too, does tunnel vision.


The Fernandina’s Flicker, also known as the Cuban Flicker, is one of my top-10 birds of Cuba, all of which merit more ornithology attention. Here’s the list:

The Flicker excavates nest holes in certain species of palm trees, but seems to prefer to enlarge holes that have been at least started by West Indian Woodpeckers, which was the assessment of a team of Cornell researchers that visited Cuba in 2007.

This beautiful bird with a heavily black-bared back is often seen hunting for insects, worms and seeds under palm trees. Shortages of fuel have led to massive tree-cutting for firewood. Expansion of Cuban farms had added to the deforestation. Only 14% of the island’s original forests remain. BirdLife International estimates that there are only 400 or so total pairs of Fernandina’s Flickers left, with the largest concentration in Cuba’s Zapata Swamp. 


In a single palm a Flicker will relinquish one nest hole to another threatened bird, the Cuban Amazon, and excavate another, sometimes in the same tree. Bird trappers and poaches have nearly eliminated Amazons (and Flickers) by pushing over or cutting its nest trees to collect the parrot chicks.

Similar massive devastation of palms is caused by hurricanes, including Hurricane Wilma. The 2005 Category-5 storm was the most intense Atlantic hurricane yet recorded at the time. With nest-hole trees already in short supply, other cavity-nesting species on the storm-ravaged island may be forcing Fernandina’s Flickers from their holes as fast as they and other woodpeckers can excavate them.

I believe that the more we watch, photograph, protect and study Fernandina’s Flickers, the better for the species, all birds, all wildlife and all humans.

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It's not just individual researcher's prejudices. The same thing happens in other disciplines. I saw a map of biomass sampling efforts world wide by marine biologists. The distribution made it obvious that people generally leave port, travel a few hundred miles at most, sample and say "I just sampled the Atlantic." There was no systematic grid or coordinated effort. Vast stretches were unobserved.

I suggest the best idea would to produce a heat map of the world using published papers linked to location.
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Able Lawrence

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+Hyder Noori
But yet it was Christians and Jews inspired by the Bible that finally pushed for the end of slavery. Not even something the enlightened Scientific minded Masonic Founding Fathers were able to push through at the beginning of the country.
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Able Lawrence

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The Taiwan Partridge took an unexpectedly long route to the island with a tumultuous political history, rather than the assumed short hop from China.
A land bridge between China and Taiwan formed 2.2 million years ago, but by then scientists say the partridge’s ancestor had already immigrated to Taiwan from Southeast Asia.
(Photo: Francesco Veronesi)
Researchers from China and Taiwan made the surprising discovery by analyzing the genetic relatedness of partridges in Taiwan, the Chinese island of Hainan, Southeast Asia, and mainland China.

“The origin of continental-island fauna is more complicated than the conventional view that the fauna are associated with the adjacent mainland,” the scientists reported in the journal Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. “Birds on continental islands can also originate from other distant islands and remote mainland regions.”
The researchers said other wildlife may have taken a land bridge that connected Southeast Asia to Taiwan about 3.8 million years ago rather than the land bridge from China that formed later. Taiwan, Hainan and Southeast Asia are still located on the edge of the same continental shelf that would have been above sea level during glacial periods. However, the dry route to Taiwan was submerged when sea levels rose after the last major glacial period.
The early land-bridge theory is consistent with the new genetic analysis indicating that the Taiwan and Hainan Partridges are more closely related to each other than to the Bar-backed Partridge of Southeast Asia, all of which are more closely related to one another than to China’s Sichuan Partridge. A similar geographical pattern of relatedness also has been found in other Galliformes species in the region.
Taiwan is still geologically active. It is divided by relatively quiet earthquake faults, and sits at a relatively stable intersection of the Eurasian Plate, the Okinawa Plant and the Philippine Plate. Taiwan’s mountains were by uplifted by the subduction of the Philippine Plate under the Okinawa Plate, and the island also is affected by related tectonic forces.

I believe that the more we watch, photograph, protect and study Taiwan Partridges, the better for the species, all birds, all wildlife and all humans. 
#Asiabirds #NewGuineabirds #binoculars #birds #birding #birdwatching #birdlovers #naturephotography #wildlifephotography  #birdphotography #ornithology #amazingbirds #birdphotos #birdingtour #birdingguides #ecotourism #beautifulbirds #amazingplacestosee #beautiful_nature 
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Been liking the bird posts lately Able. Thanks
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Able Lawrence

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Physicists have proposed that the yield of the 750 GeV particle could be increased from 20 to 5000 by searching for momentum change in the deflected protons captured by the Trash disposal system, or Beam loss monitoring system. Not all Proton collisions would end in the spray of subatomic particles and some would simply get deflected and the target can be identified by the residual momentum. 
The Large Hadron Collider is gearing up to try to confirm hints of an unexpected new particle, and there could be an unorthodox new way to spot it
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Able Lawrence

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Raptor Beak shape constrained by skull size and shape.
The adaptive radiation of diverse beak size and shape in the Galapagos Tanagers is is the stuff of Darwins legends but raptors aren't so lucky. Unlike finches and songbirds, there's severe constraints in beak shape. Perhaps they really don't need much variations for a meat based diet.
Perhaps aerial mode of life puts so much premium on efficiency, bird genomes are way more compact compared to other groups shedding junk DNA by the wayside

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R.a Asa
Lik post you
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Able Lawrence

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After devastating the vultures in India, Diclofenac the painkiller threatens vultures in Spain since it was approved for use in cattle since 2013 
Modelling study paints bleak picture for Europe’s bird populations.
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The founders of Amazon and Microsoft are putting their fortunes into little-known fusion energy companies - and it has strange parallels with fiction.
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R.a Asa
با تشکر توضیح بیشتر دهید ممنون
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Able Lawrence

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Japanese Hitomi space observatory was doomed by a software error.
How do you explain three consecutive ambitious space programs getting lost. 
Space agency declares the astronomy satellite a loss.
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Expensive error?
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Able Lawrence

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What makes your Gut Flora
Two large studies on the gut microbiome from Belgium and Netherlands have shed light on the factors that shape gut flora ranging from the usual culprits like age and body composition to stool consistency to surprises like chocolate preference and drugs such as antihistamines and antidepressants.
Population-level analysis of gut microbiome variation Population-level metagenomics analysis reveals markers for gut microbiome composition and diversity
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الله عليك
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Able Lawrence

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The rise of moralising religions like Christianity can be explained by evolution – and so can their eventual downfall, says evolutionary psychologist Nicolas Baumard
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Because men have to have a way to keep control.  First the fear of god is crammed down our throats, then using the pressure from  peers to judge keep others in line.
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Able Lawrence

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Potential solution for infertile couples where the male cannot produce sperms! 
Scientists in Spain on Wednesday they had created human sperm from skin cells, a medical feat which could eventually lead to a treatment for infertility.
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I dont think that is the case either.. Its a half cell clone.  and just the first in zillion investigations Said..

In our society science leads.. not totalitarian politics..

In totalitarian politics.. not much science gets done
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A very enjoyable experience. Good Bollywood themed entertainment show which you will enjoy more if you know the filmy dialogues and songs from old Hindi films. The Culture gully was also interesting and novel, although it could have been bigger with more regions covered. The Kerala stall was a disappointment, what with the "Boat Bar" ignoring all the good things in Kerala for the Keralites penchant for the small peg.
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Bought two items from their online store. Total fraud. Over several weeks one item still remains pending. The other was totally damaged and they dont have a return policy other than trying to force customers to accept them. They dont even email an order confirmation Their call center does not work. Here is a link to a facebook page of aggrieved customers. Buy at your peril
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