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Common grass yellow butterfly. 
For more on butterflies follow
Able Lawrence originally shared to Butterflies:
Common grass yellow Eurema hecabe 
A bright yellow butterfly found in Asia and Africa where it is known simply as grass yellow, it flies low over the ground in grass and scrub. Its color shade varies with season with darker shade during long days and lighter shade during shorter days. Its apex of the forewing (upper side, not seen) is black while the underwing (in picture) has a lighter shade of yellow than upper side. 
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It's other name should be sunshine. These are almost always around and are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing! +Able Lawrence :) The collection is amazing as well!
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Able Lawrence

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Electron-Ion Collider plans to smash high energy electrons with protons or heavy ions, hoping to probe the structure of protons in greater detail 
Proposed US electron–ion smasher wins endorsement from influential nuclear-science panel.
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+Keith Pollock For Americans it seems they have to feel threatened. If they are they can literally put people in the moon. 
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Able Lawrence

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Colombia University researchers led by Latha Venkataraman developes the first single molecule electronic device
Single-molecule diodes with high rectification ratios through environmental control #MolecularElectronics  
Molecular electronics aims to miniaturize electronic devices by using subnanometre-scale active components. A single-molecule diode, a circuit element that directs current flow4, was first proposed more than 40 years ago5 and consisted of an asymmetric molecule comprising a donor–bridge–acceptor architecture to mimic a semiconductor p–n junction. Several single-molecule diodes have since been realized in junctions featuring asymmetric molecular backbones, molecule–electrode linkers or electrode materials. Despite these advances, molecular diodes have had limited potential for applications due to their low conductance, low rectification ratios, extreme sensitivity to the junction structure and high operating voltages. Here, we demonstrate a powerful approach to induce current rectification in symmetric single-molecule junctions using two electrodes of the same metal, but breaking symmetry by exposing considerably different electrode areas to an ionic solution. This allows us to control the junction's electrostatic environment in an asymmetric fashion by simply changing the bias polarity. With this method, we reliably and reproducibly achieve rectification ratios in excess of 200 at voltages as low as 370 mV using a symmetric oligomer of thiophene-1,1-dioxide. By taking advantage of the changes in the junction environment induced by the presence of an ionic solution, this method provides a general route for tuning nonlinear nanoscale device phenomena, which could potentially be applied in systems beyond single-molecule junctions
Under the direction of Latha Venkataraman, associate professor of applied physics at Columbia Engineering, researchers have designed a new technique to create a single-molecule diode, and, in doing so, they have developed molecular diodes that perform 50 times better than all prior designs. Venkataraman's ...
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What kind of future applications this could have?
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Able Lawrence

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Irreproducibility - Are antibodies to blame? 
Many a promising breakthrough have been forgotten in time due to lack of reproducibility and blames have been placed on reasons from methodology to poor laboratory practice or worse but it could also be due to variations in antibodies. Antibodies are more than just proteins and carbohydrate residues on them (glycosylation) plays an important role in antibody functions and manufacturing methods and even batch variation can affect glycosylation and function. This much had become apparent following the debate over biosimilar drugs. (After original innovators critcised the generic biosimilars, it turned out that even the different batches from innovators were widely different).  There is increasing evidence that lack of specificity of antibodies (they might find something other than they were supposed to bind) could be a serious problem. 
Antibodies are the workhorses of biological experiments, but they are littering the field with false findings. A few evangelists are pushing for change.
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Well pathogens for the least, can readily blame on antibodies the non-reproducibility of infections.
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Able Lawrence

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Life Sciences collection 
I have organized my Life Sciences posts into a collection, the googles implementation of subject based channels. Now you can selectively follow (or even get notified by opt in) my posts category wise. 
There are other collections too such as Healthcare and Medicine, Ecology and Wildlife, Gravitation and Cosmology, besides the popular Birds and Butterflies 
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+Vladlen Nikulin I am planning to shift more and more of my postings to collections rather than post publicly and then shift. I basically want to encourage people to follow collections individually so I can post each category freely, holding back nothing. 
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Able Lawrence

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Common Jezebel Delias eucharis 
A brightly colored (and poisonous) butterfly that is widespread in South and South Asia which can be seen anywhere except the arid areas. Unlike most butterflies, this one has a bright underside and dull upper side. This is so because, it flies high in the canopy only to come down for feeding nectar, so as to signal to birds (about danger) flying below. 
As can be expected, another butterfly Painted sawtooth is a close Batesian mimic (where the mimic gains protection by being a look-alike of a poisonous and bright butterfly) 
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Kya ho rha h..
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Able Lawrence

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Common sailor butterfly Neptis hylas 
Widespread in south and south-east Asia, this nymphalid butterfly has a stiff gliding flight due to the shallow wing beats just above horizontal. 
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Nice ...
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Able Lawrence

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Would the world have been a better place, a more liberal world, minus the world wars that followed if the battle of Waterloo never took place. An apology for Napoleon on the eve of the bicentenary of his last battle. 
"[...]  That night Napoleon sat down to eat the dinner that had been cooked for Louis XVIII, who had fled Paris only hours earlier. Not one shot had been fired in the Bourbons’ defense. “Never before in history,” said Parisian wags, “has an emperor won an empire simply by showing his hat.” [...]"
On the bicentennial of the most famous battle in world history, a distinguished historian looks at what could have been
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I still don't get the title though. None of it argues the title, excepting the last paragraph. As if after all that discussion of history, such a conclusion was obvious.
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Able Lawrence

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Is Alzheimers the price of intelligence?
Humans are the only animals that get Alzheimers disease and was it a mere coincidence that the genes linked to it are the same ones that might have given us that extra intelligence. A study that compared variability among humans from different continents suggest that these genes were under strong selection from 200,000 - 50,000 years ago, the time when the brains and intelligence of our ancestors evolved rapidly.  _A Chronological Atlas of Natural Selection in the Human Genome during the Past Half-million Years_   #dementia   #alzheimer   #evolution
Factors that drove evolution of intellectual capacity also implicated in memory disorder.
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Able Lawrence

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Common grass yellow Eurema hecabe 
A bright yellow butterfly found in Asia and Africa where it is known simply as grass yellow, it flies low over the ground in grass and scrub. Its color shade varies with season with darker shade during long days and lighter shade during shorter days. Its apex of the forewing (upper side, not seen) is black while the underwing (in picture) has a lighter shade of yellow than upper side. 
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A beautiful picture of a beautiful butterfly.
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Able Lawrence

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Indian peafowl male dancing Pavo cristatus 
Male peacocks dance to attract mates and I wanted to get a good picture for a long time (always, the view was partially obscured or had wrong background). Finally got lucky today to get a frame covering shot. The image was overexposed by two stops and then down processed giving the vivid details. [The correctly exposed image didnt have details] 
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Beautiful photo!!+Able Lawrence..
From now good night and sweet dreams.💤😴
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Able Lawrence

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Normal skin harbours accumulates mutations in cancer genes 
Cancer is a multistep process (orignally described in colon cancer) where multiple sequential mutation lead to genomic instability and uncontrolled cell growth. But how common are these mutations in normal tissues? 
This study looked at somatic mutations in 74 cancer associated genes from multiple samples of normal skin from four normal healthy individuals and found that normal skin carries a large number of such mutations. The burden of mutations was quantitatively similar to cancer tissue. More over, these mutations seemed to be under positive selection. This shows that cancer arises from a continuum of accumulating mutations in otherwise normal behaving tissues and combination of mutations and other factors tip the balance in a stochastic manner. Now we have to wait for more studies in other tissues capable of self renewal and continued replication such as immune cells and other mucosal cells. 
High burden and pervasive positive selection of somatic mutations in normal human skin
Abstract: How somatic mutations accumulate in normal cells is central to understanding cancer development but is poorly understood. We performed ultradeep sequencing of 74 cancer genes in small (0.8 to 4.7 square millimeters) biopsies of normal skin. Across 234 biopsies of sun-exposed eyelid epidermis from four individuals, the burden of somatic mutations averaged two to six mutations per megabase per cell, similar to that seen in many cancers, and exhibited characteristic signatures of exposure to ultraviolet light. Remarkably, multiple cancer genes are under strong positive selection even in physiologically normal skin, including most of the key drivers of cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas. Positively selected mutations were found in 18 to 32% of normal skin cells at a density of ~140 driver mutations per square centimeter. We observed variability in the driver landscape among individuals and variability in the sizes of clonal expansions across genes. Thus, aged sun-exposed skin is a patchwork of thousands of evolving clones with over a quarter of cells carrying cancer-causing mutations while maintaining the physiological functions of epidermis. #cancer
Image courtesy
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Excellent share Able Lawrence :-)
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Bought two items from their online store. Total fraud. Over several weeks one item still remains pending. The other was totally damaged and they dont have a return policy other than trying to force customers to accept them. They dont even email an order confirmation Their call center does not work. Here is a link to a facebook page of aggrieved customers. Buy at your peril
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Tardy delivery (Took weeks) Nasty fine print. (It says goods once accepted during delivery won't be returned or refunded). No return or refund policy for bad goods. Extremely poor packaging. Both the package and the furniture (showing outside through packaging) were damaged. Once the damaged goods were rejected, they had no policy to return it. They want to force the customer to accept the damaged goods while their terms say that they will not refund once the consignment is accepted. This is contrary to industry practice followed by other e-commerce sites like amazon or fabfurnish or shoppers stop! "This is with regards to the mail appended below. We Sincerely understand the concern. We would request you to kindly accept the consignment. The damage part would get replaced once we get to know the details. Kindly confirm back , so as to make an arrangement to deliver the material at your residence. Thanks for the assistance and patience. Warm Regards, Anand A. Asst Manager E- Commerce."
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Such a wonderful but not very famous bird sanctuary. Quite place ideal for Birding. Lots of varieties of birds. If seriously into Birding, worth several days. I went there with +Nigil Haroon
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24 reviews
Online customer. Extremely poor delivery and post delivery service. Took weeks to deliver and then delivered damaged goods. Packaging torn and everything showing with all corners damaged. Also read fine print before buying which says, goods once accepted (at delivery time) wont be returned or refunded! Once you refuse to accept the damaged goods, they have no policy. No return policy on bad goods in this day and age unlike other main ecommerce sites like amazon or shoppers stop or fabfurnish
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Worst Movie 3D theater and the most atrocious experience ever. Glasses were so scratched and dirty, it was way better without glasses despite the double images. Avoid if you can. Saw the Sunday evening 7.50 pm show on 25th May (X Men)
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