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Treat Bruxism with BOTOX

If you’ve ever been awakened at 2 a.m. with your spouse’s elbow in your ribs, you may have been grinding your teeth. The technical term is bruxism, which also includes clenching of the jaw. These two common sleep disorders are caused by a malfunctioning chewing reflex.

Normally, bruxism involves the front six upper and lower teeth moving laterally, which can cause problems from ear ache to depression.

Bruxism is far more than a nighttime annoyance for your partner. It can lead to:

• Gum recession
• Tooth fracture and loss
• Arthritis in the jaw joints
• Muscle pain and headaches

Bruxism can also lead to stress, anxiety, sleep apnea, and fatigue. If you notice any of these symptoms, ask your Lethbridge dentist to see if you have the condition. And if you do have bruxism, BOTOX® dental treatments in Lethbridge may be able to help you.

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