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web hosting, Joomla extensions, Canadian hosting
web hosting, Joomla extensions, Canadian hosting

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Version 1.6.8 of our Multi-Twitter module for Joomla has been released. Details here

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We weren't immune to bad releases last week. Multi-Twitter 1.6.6 has been released, corrects problems in 1.6.5 details:

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This morning Twitter made a change to their timeline pages that broke our Multi-Twitter extension. We've issued an update to fix the problem.

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This update takes care of recent changes made by Twitter.

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At this point it looks like the hardening has just highlighted a problem with mail client configuration. Now fixing on a case-by-case basis.

Many customers have issues with outbound mail. This is the result of an overly tight security policy. We'll have it resolved soon.

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Reason 6,732,489 why you should always make your own backups:

It's been an interesting week here at Abivia. We got a referral from another client to help out someone with SEO on her e-commerce site. When we contacted the customer, we found out that their ecommerce service provider (it was a hosted application) was having serious problems. Very serious problems.

It turns out that the general manager of the service provider had gone rogue. He had been redirecting company invoices to his personal accounts, and if the clients didn't pay these new (larger) invoices, he'd hack their sites with malware, adware and redirects -- and then charge extra for cleaning up! All the while he played the innocent victim, so that the business owners -- who had less hard technical skills -- remained in the dark for some time. When they clued in and fired him, he took a crash-and-burn approach, changing both root and client passwords and a fair bit more. At least he didn't start deleting files!

As you can probably guess from the title of this post, neither the host nor the client had useful backups.

So the first phase of this process was helping the managers regain control over their systems. Root password resets on the host plus some cPanel advice from us, and we're on our way. Once we managed to get the account copied across, phase 2: clean out the bad stuff, configure the account for the older PHP the code requires, and do some tests. By Monday we'll have her shop back online.

So here's the message: no matter how great your host is, how many backups they have in multiple locations (like us), you should still take (and test) backups on a regular basis. It's easier than you might think, all you need to do is log into cPanel and download the latest backup.

All servers that were exposed to the "heartbeat" bug in OpenSSL have been updated. #ssl #security

Often diagnosing a server is like diagnosing a sick baby; it doesn't tell you what's wrong. 24h after drive swaps, ssc001 is happy again.
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