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Go Prez! President Barack Obama says he supports same-sex marriage:
President Barack Obama, said Wednesday that he supports same-sex marriage, raising the political stakes on an issue dividing Americans.
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Absolutely Amazing! Started my #BrittFit tour at the beginning of March. Finally relaxing from that.

How about you, Doll?
+Britt Howell I wasn't aware of your Britt Fitt Tour! That sounds exciting. Congrats. I have to check into it, mamacita.
You know him. personally to call him, evil?
+Jack Dorrian Thanks for your comments, my friend, but unlike our country my G+ page does not position itself as a democracy. For your absurd use of the term
evil," consider yourself persona non grata. Cheers!
That doesn't make him evil, it makes him, human. I'm so sick of PPL using catastrophic words for non-catastrophic situations.
Way to go +Abiola Abrams I'm the same way on my page. Not hear for that kind of traffic. Nope! Not Today!
Right!!! That's how I did the Kids growing up. If their Parents didn't teach them to play well w/Others. I removed them.
It's that simple.

I treat Social Networking as I do my Real Life. I don't hangout w/Idiots in Real Life. Why would I do that here? Duh! LOL!
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