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Dear All,
I want us to contribute to the development of this forum. I believe we can share ideas and knowledge in tandum with other forums.
I look forward towards your contributions.


What is the recommended percentage opening for a control valve during normal operation?

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You're right!!!

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I am grateful to God for sparing my life and protecting me from the devourers.

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I am grateful to God for His mercy and faithfulness.
At times in life, we are face with challenges to jostle to reality about life.
I was afraid, but i remembered His word. I pray the word and in due time, my prayer was answered.

Indeed, I know God hear the cry of His children. Christ give me the power to overcome the situation. Forever and ever will I worship God Almighty and praise Jesus Christ.

I am a testimony. More battles to fight, but the victory have been ascertained for ever through eternity. Praise God.

Try him, if you don't know him.

Try Christ and see the difference is clear.......
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