There are already too many discussion going on and issue raised for the KitKat device unable to backup WhatsApp message using SMS Backup+.

Lots are keep on blaming Jan for this failure, but his hands are also closed. It is not problem with SMS Backup+ rather WhatsApp has changed its encryption algorithm to encrypt all the chat history messages saved on the SD card. This new encryption method backup message with .crypt7 filename extension.

Some must have heard about the WhatsApp Tri-Crypt known as Tri-Crypt and have already give a try. But wait, it need a rooted device to make things work. So what about other, do we need to root our device to backup WhatsApp message or shall we look for any other alternative, but currently no other alternative is available. So what to do?

Is it possible to use Tri-Crypt in a non-rooted device?
Yes, we can. Using the ADB backup method as explained below

If you have a linux machine with you then let's start...

Please download and extract and run '. ./', you are done.

Manual Process:

WhatsApp stores the keys in a file at following location and you can't access this path without rooting your device.


To retrieve the key we need to use the ADB backup feature.
Make a backup of WhatsApp data by running:

$ adb backup -f whatsapp.ab -noapk com.whatsapp

This will cause a prompt on your phone as shown below. Click on the “Back up my data” button without providing a password.

Once the backup has been completed, you will see a file called whatsapp.ab on your computer. The .ab extension stands for Android Backup. To extract files from the file, run following command:

$ dd if=whatsapp.ab bs=1 skip=24 | python -c "import zlib,sys;sys.stdout.write(zlib.decompress("

This will create a  directory app at current location, now we need to extract the key and upload it to our phone:

$ adb push apps/com.whatsapp/f/key /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/.nomedia

Then install WhatsApp Tri-Crypt:

Tri-Crypt service will check for a new backup file every 15 minutes. If it finds one then it will re-crypt it to legacy crypt format that SMS Backup+ can read.

WhatsApp automatically backup its mesasge at 4 AM. Tri-Crypt will decrypt crypt7 file to crypt format, and your SMS Backup+ will start working again. If you manually backup your WhatsApp, then either wait for 15 mins so that Tri-Crypt will automatically do decrypt/recrypt or you can invoke it from the app, just remember you have to do two operation: decrypt (decrypt crypt7) and recrypt (create crypt from decrypted crypt7).

And now what about Windows system?

Please download and follow the following steps:
 1.) Extract "" on your computer maintaining the directory structure.
 2.) Browse to the extracted folder and click on WhatsAppKeyExtract.bat.
3.) Few have complained that it's keep on asking to install Java though Java is already installed, then you can click on WhatsAppKeyExtractNoJavaCheck.bat.
4.) Connect your device via USB, unlock your screen and wait for "Full backup" to appear. (If you have never used USB Debugging before, you may also need to verify the fingerprint.)
5.) Leave the password field blank and tap on "Back up my data".
6.) The key will be copied back onto your machine in such a way that WhatsApp Tri-Crypt will work.

This method is now 100% tested for Windows and it will work for KitKat 4.4.x and L too.

Now you can use Tri-Crypt and have a Happy Backup :)

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