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Oh, my goodness. Your eyes will pop right out of your head. Thank you +Barb Roberts I would never have seen this
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OMG! I watched the whole thing. Now I'm going to have to watch an Ingmar Bergman film to re-balance my mind.
I'm still seeing the larger lady in the fencing mask and the marabou hair cavorting around in my mind's eye.
It amazes me how this culture, so known for its traditional seriousness, loves to get into such silliness.
The only thing that comes close for me is the time I was stuck on "It's a Small, Small World" ride at Disney World for an hour. Only the boats broke down, not the music or the dolls whirling overhead, around and around, singing, singing, singing. OMG! I'm having flashbacks.
I think Katy Perry has been watching this for inspiration!
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