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Abigail Markov

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Hooray, an order for two stacking silver rings just came in!
Shown with our Stacking Copper Ring. Price is for ONE Hammered Stacking Ring in Fine Silver Simple, elegant, stacking rings in fine silver. Approximately 2mm wide, hand fused, hammered, shaped, and finished. All sizes are in US ring sizes, and PLEASE double check your size. These are custom made to order, so we do not accept returns, except in the case of shipping damage. NOTE: The price is for ONE RING. Multiples are in the photos to show how ...
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Abigail Markov

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Last call!! 4000+ already gone!! (This is fantastic for beauty uses to mosquito bites, which is how I use it most. Seriously.)
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Abigail Markov

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I REALLY have to stop using cheap flux brushes to paint with. Another one fell apart in my encaustic white paint. Fished it out with a palette knife.

#art #painting #encaustic #abstract #shit #makingdo
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yes it is :P the messier the better. :)
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Abigail Markov

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Abigail Markov

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Okay. I am going to go clean my half of the garage to take my mind off of Jamberry and Posh sales. (Checked the budget, I don't get to play this year. Maybe next!)

For everyone else - there are some really, really great specials going on between now and Tuesday, with different ones each day. Body butters are $5 off today. Massive tubs of heavenly goodness. And so are my favorite Face cleaner and moisturizer. Too many to list. New gel color, 12 wraps, one Black Friday free wrap with any order of $50, free shipping offer, and that's just today. Stacking rings are back! I'll keep them around as long as orders are coming in. Once demand is met, I'm taking them down again.

In other news: SHOP SMALL, Y'ALL!
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Abigail Markov

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It has begun!! 
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Abigail Markov

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Many thanks to +Lisa Rivero for turning me on to this theory. I love it a ridiculous amount.

"The most evident aspect of developmental potential is overexcitability (OE), a heightened physiological experience of stimuli resulting from increased neuronal sensitivities. The greater the OE, the more intense are the day-to-day experiences of life. Dąbrowski outlined five forms of OE: psychomotor, sensual, imaginational, intellectual and emotional. These overexcitabilities, especially the latter three, often cause a person to experience daily life more intensely and to feel the extremes of the joys and sorrows of life profoundly. Dąbrowski studied human exemplars and found that heightened overexcitability was a key part of their developmental and life experience. These people are steered and driven by their value "rudder", their sense of emotional OE. Combined with imaginational and intellectual OE, these people have a powerful perception of the world.[1]

Although based in the nervous system, overexcitabilities come to be expressed psychologically through the development of structures that reflect the emerging autonomous self. The most important of these conceptualizations are dynamisms: biological or mental forces that control behavior and its development. Instincts, drives and intellectual processes combined with emotions are dynamisms.[2] With advanced development, dynamisms increasingly reflect movement toward autonomy."


"Dąbrowski called OE "a tragic gift" to reflect that the road of the person with strong OE is not a smooth or easy one. Potentials to experience great highs are also potentials to experience great lows. Similarly, potentials to express great creativity hold the likelihood of experiencing a great deal of personal conflict and stress. This stress both drives development and is a result of developmental conflicts, both intrapsychic and social. Suicide is a significant risk in the acute phases of this stress. The isolation often experienced by these people heightens the risk of self-harm.

Dąbrowski advocated autopsychotherapy, educating the person about OEs and the disintegrative process to give him or her a context within which to understand intense feelings and needs. Dąbrowski suggested giving people support in their efforts to develop and find their own self-expression. Children and adults with high DP have to find and walk their own path, often at the expense of fitting in with their social peers and even with their families. At the core of autopsychotherapy is the awareness that no one can show anyone else the "right" path. Everyone has to find their own path for themselves. As Joseph Campbell described the knights on the Grail Quest: If a path exists in the forest, don't follow it, for though it took someone else to the Grail, it will not take you there, because it is not your path."
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Abigail Markov

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I've decided to start Small Cyber Business Sunday!
There's Black Friday for the big businesses, then there's Shop Small Saturday for the small retail shops, and even Cyber Monday for the likes of and other major online retailers. But where are the small cyber businesses?

They don't have brick and mortar locations. They aren't an online behemoth selling everything under the sun. They are artists and professionals with an online presence that provide products and services. Forget the 10 pack of socks this year. Buy something different and special.

Have something made for that special person in your life. Buy a one of a kind piece of jewelry. Hire a photographer for a portrait session, to shoot a family reunion, or to create an amazing conceptual photograph that will be cherished for decades. Hire a writer to create a special story or a designer's services to give a fresh look to your own website. Support artists and independent professionals by shopping with them today before you opt for the usual gift.

I've put together a list here to get you started. Please feel free to share this post and help to spread the word about Small Cyber Business Sunday. Thanks for your support!


+Abigail Markov
Abby creates gorgeous hand formed metal jewelry and each piece is unique and special.

+Angela Migliore
Angela creates one-of-a-kind metalwork and beaded jewelry. She supports fair trade and also offers charitable jewelry.

Design & Writing
+Kyla Palin
Kyla is a talented photographer, graphic designer and writer. She can help you with logo design, web design, writing, as well as portrait or event photography.


+Ugo Cei
Do you have a budding photographer that loves to travel on your list? Ugo leads amazing photography workshops in Greece and Italy every year. Would that special someone love the gift of shooting the Italian Riviera in May or Greece in June? Visit his site for more information on how to purchase a spot for that photographer in your life. 

+Anja Wessels
Anja offers gorgeous floral photography from the Netherlands.

+Carla McMahon
Carla is a tremendously talented photographer living in South Africa. She has amazing conceptual photos, food and nature photography as well as beautiful photographs of South African landscapes.

+Cathy Custer Donohoue
I call Cathy "The Butterfly Whisperer" because somehow she can get a butterfly to sit still for an up close portrait. She also has lovely floral photos and shots of her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.

+Charles Payet
Charles is a dentist in North Carolina but he's also a talented photographer who makes beautiful photographs. He really excels in landscape photography but some of my favorite work from him is fireworks shots. 

+Christina Lihani
Christina is part photographer, part graphic artist, and 100% amazing. She has her work available through Fine Art America so you have the option not only prints, but pillows, totes, phone cases and more. Go check out her gorgeous offerings.

+Cindy Voorhees
Cindy is a photographer based in Chicago, Illinois and her website offers great shots of the city and surrounding area.

+Corey Gibson
Corey is a talented photographer based in South Carolina and he can do it all. He shoots for weddings, real estate, portraits, nature and landscapes. Plus, he has a beautiful photography book published called "The Sky" which you find more info about on his website.

+Dave DeBaeremaeker
Dave is a unique and fun photographer living in North Carolina. He has his landscape photography available through Fine Art America but I bet if we asked really nice he'd upload some of his Lego images. He has such a creative eye and his work is different in the best way. 

+David R Robinson
David makes gorgeous images of places around the world. From Texas to Paris he captures the beauty of the moment.

+David Seibold
David is a diverse photographer making shots of the world around him in California. He has everything from macro nature to landscapes.

+Gary Paakkonen
Gary offers wedding and portrait photography in Canada. He has a unique outlook and a great sense of humor which translate into his varied images.

+Gene Bowker
Gene has a love of railroads and Americana so he creates wonderful images to share that love with others. If you have a train enthusiast on your gift list, this is the place for you to go.

+Heather Simpson
Heather is a wedding, family and portrait photographer from Washington state. She has a unique perspective and can create that special memory for you to cherish.

+Jayme Spoolstra  - YelloCoyote Photography
Jayme is an outstanding sports, dance, event and portrait photographer living in Elgin, Illinois. She can help you document that special get together or create a unique portrait.

+Lauri Novak
Lauri is known for her exceptional architecture and landscape photography but she also has a love of photographing ballet and dance. She has an exceptional eye and talent for creating stunning images.

+Lora Lee Chapman
Lora Lee is an award winning photographer living in the Santa Cruz, California area. She creates truly lovely photos of the beautiful nature around her - sunrise, sunset, beach, trees and everything in between.

+Marsha Leigh
Marsha is a photographer offering portrait photography as well as photo restoration. Do you have old family photos that need to be rescued? Marsha can help you preserve your family memories.

+Martin Heller
Martin is a creative photographer who enjoys macro, abstract and portrait photography as well as nature and floral shots. He has a nice collection of images available to purchase as prints.

+Melissa Beagle
Melissa is truly a talented nature and landscape photographer but some of her best work is her conceptual photography starring a family of walnuts. Seriously! Go check it out. You'll instantly be in love. If you have someone who loves whimsical or even just a nutty family of your own, go to her Fine Art America site. You can get her work printed on pillows, totes and more.

+Michael Bukraba
Michael is a portrait and event photographer in southern California. He also has an eye for nature and landscape photography.

+Patrick Kelly
Patrick has a diverse portfolio available on FAA. He shoots the world around him on his travels and offers images from macro nature to architecture and landscape.

Paula Contreras - +Art through the Aperture Photography
Paula is a talented nature and conceptual photographer who is also a poet at heart. She sometimes pairs her beautiful images with her poetry to express her special artistic voice.

+Sam Breach
Sam is a tremendously talented fashion and conceptual photographer living in the San Francisco, California area. She has an amazing artistic vision that is uniquely her own and her images are lush, sensuous, stunning, and unforgettable. Sam has a long list of very happy clients and she's available to travel worldwide. If you're looking for extra special and one-of-a-kind, Sam will create it.

+Shannon Adelson

Shannon is a nature photographer living in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania. He offers beautiful floral photography on his FAA site but I happen to know he's also a talented portrait photographer. If you're in the Philly area and want a portrait session, contact him to get more info.

+Shari Seibold
Shari explores the world around her through her camera lens. She has a creative eye and her sleeping baby images are magical.

+Sharon Ragner
Sharon is a digital artist that offers her designs on a wide variety of products sold through Zazzle and Society 6. These would be appropriate for anyone on your list.

+Tom Gort
Tom's photography focus is on black & white, street, and architecture photography with a smattering of sports photography. He sells his work through FAA.

+Tom Woll
Tom is a talented photographer with an eclectic collection. He recently had a month long gallery show of his work in South Dakota and has received accolades for his work. I would say that his work tends to feel rustic.

+Tonya Freed Tonya's photography is primarily nature along with some concept photography. Have you ever seen a hedgehog on a skateboard? Trust me, it's too cute.

+Wade Brooks
Wade recently started a collection of toy car photos shot as if they were life size cars. His work is beautiful and if you have a toy car collector on your list, these images would make a perfect gift. Wade also offers lovely nature and landscape photography.

+Yvette van Teeffelen
Yvette has a very special talent for creating entrancing minimalist images. Every one will draw you in and make you linger. Her work is available as prints but also on other products through FAA such as phone cases, tote bags and more. You will definitely find a great gift here.

Digital Art

Nancy Levan
I can't forget me! I create digital art - fashion illustration with an abstract, modern bent. Come check out my page and find a unique gift for the fashionista in your life.

#supportart   #smallcyberbusinesssunday  
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Abigail Markov

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Another update for just patrons. Finally finished a piece. 
Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions!
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Abigail Markov

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Still time left for these, and the FREE Black Friday exclusive wrap! The gel is already gone. ):
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Abigail Markov

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Detail of where I was trying to repair Maiden Voyage.

Guess I'll need to get more cerulean blue. That the major pigment in this piece, and one I love. (It's also so very expensive.)

#art #painting #encaustic #abstract 
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Abigail Markov

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The yellowing (due to mixing oils and encaustics) is so bad. I've been trying to repair that AND the cracking and damage it's taken, but it just may be time to let it go.

I'm going to go sit inside and cry in grief for a bit. The oils won't ever fully dry; the cost of experimental art - sometimes you lose a beloved piece.

#art #painting #encaustic #abstract 
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We're going to try an experiment with it, so it might be possible to sorta save part. 
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I don't watch TV, and only rarely watch movies. This is by choice, and has nothing to do with free time. If I have free time, it means I need a new hobby!

I consider the Bible an interesting collection of historical metaphors. 

I consider reality relative, subjective. If I say something is the truth or true, this is simply my opinion based on my understanding of events and my observation of the situation. If you tell me something is true, I'm going to assume that your statement is your opinion, as well. If you insist your opinion is truer than mine, I am going to suggest you read some Nietzsche and Julian Jaynes and then get back to me. 
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