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Happy 17th birthday, you! (Okay, I know you're not THAT young, but you certainly look it!) Hoping you have an awesome day!

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Nolan is in this Screenprinters video.

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Hi there! Just wondering something. While I am in the USA, I know that Field Hockey is more popular outside of our borders. As such, I am wondering if anyone knows if Estonia has an Olympic/National/professional team. I have checked everywhere I can think of, with no confirmation either way. Thanks!

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There are so many amusing things about this post. Scott isn't one of them, but I can definitely say "Oh Marvel," and shake my head and sigh.

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Binge eating, bulimic habits, drastic diets can all be amplified during this festive time of the year . Festing times such as Christmas, New Year, Halloween , Easters.. etc can play havoc with most of our eating habits.. if you are prone to disorderly eating or have eating disorder like bulimia, this time can be devastatingly more challenging! Here's a video of the Q&A section of my Webinar on FESTIVE COPING STRATEGIES I ran exactly two years ago today . You may find some of the answers to other's concerns useful to you around now too! With wishes ~ Vathani x
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