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#May  is an altogether interesting month for me. It is home to great beauty and great pain. It takes #courage  for me to live the month of #May . Do you have the courage for your places of pain? Jesus is here, so come. #facingyourpain   #allthingsnew  

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Do You Have the Courage?
May is an all-together unique month. Growing up it was the exciting month of my birthday. It was also the time of 'May flowers'. Of lacrosse championships, and yes, disappointing losses. It was the month of awards banquets and another school year ending. Th...

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Hope Is Born In Darkness
Like a newborn baby, skin so soft, eyes so wide open or in precious slumber, hair silky from a fresh bath, swaddled in cotton–I awoke to life, to a New Day. It was just after three days unable to breathe, unable to do for myself. I was in a cocoon of unknow...

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The Character of Hope
I lay on my right side. The spinning, buzzing of my hyper-manic mind still wreaks havoc in my waking and especially my sleeping. I am curled like a little child, hands under my cheek, eyes on him. My beloved speaks slow and strong the words of the psalms. I...

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Ever wonder at the end of the day, in the quiet of night, who you really are? The answer is only found in knowing who God is. There is a pearl of great price and you are meant to find it. #hope #whoyouare #godisenough #restinHim #peace

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How to Know Who You Really Are
I stand in front of 500 women. I speak words which sing in my soul. I am filled with overflowing passion as I talk about the elements of story and how God redeems it all. Less than one month later, I am laying, sedated beyond recognition, in a white-walled ...

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When You Are Torn Apart {Guest Post at SheLoves}
As the sunlight filters its glistening beams across the too-full room
in the ICU, I awake. To my right, head bowed, hands bent and clasped,
is the psychiatrist who loves Jesus. She lifts her head, smiles and says
in a gentle voice, “Good morning, Abigail...

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When I Failed At Missions
The whisper of summer breeze caresses my face as I perch on the concrete steps of New Creation Lutheran Church. This
has become a daily meeting hour. After dinner, my fellow team members
and I linger outside with the neighborhood kids. They’ll pop wheelie...

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The thing you never would have asked for could be the thing God uses to bring you home. #bipolar #hope #whatisyourthing 

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On Vulnerability, Bipolar and Living My Life
Sun streams through the windows of my van, golden and sure. I am singing, in and out of key, to a song from the radio. I am on my way to visit a potential preschool for my three year-old sitting in the seat behind me. I am happy. I am alive. I know everythi...
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