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For The Ladies (Or The Men, If You Like)

I wanted to take a moment to pimp out some of my naughty, naughty erotica writing friends here on Google+, for Internation Masturbation Month.

First off is +Nan Allen, with her book A New Order, which can be found here:

And then, the inspiration for this share, +Bliss Morgan and her ebook Bits Of Bliss, which can be found here:

#nationalmasturbationmonth #erotica #ebooks #blamebliss #internationalmasturbationmonth
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I wonder if we can get enough people to share this and get it into What's Hot!

After all - Masturbation is hot. My stories are hot. Nan's stories are hot. The Abi is hot.

I hear there is someone to turn to for such things, the trending game. I try to avoid that stuff, but I support this message!
I know someone. And he might be into this, although his focus this week has been on philosophers and obscure famous people...
This is a better cause than some dead people... #justsaying
Even dead people would partake in masturbation month with MY erotica!
Oh, +Bliss Morgan, you might have to do a teaser about that to celebrate this month!
A dead people teaser?

I DO have that zombie erotica to rewrite...
I wasn't thinking that so much as historical/obscure famous people, but Zombies always get the attention.
must read more +Nan Allen........worth having to sign up for smashwords. :)
+Robert Paldino Did you miss the other post? I have one with the penis illustration on it. :P
What, you don't support masturbation? What are you, some Puritan!?
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