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If McDonald’s Advertised Like Apple. So well done. I can hardly wait for Fri Plus.

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And then someone asked me why I need more RAM in my laptop...

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The Manifesto is the “Gran Premio Assoluto” #Ferrari Top Design School Challenge 2015's winner.

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Introducing Shared Albums – Everyone’s photos, together at last

Privately sharing all the photos you took – and getting the ones you didn’t – is hard. Texting and emailing lots of photos is slow and data-intensive, and sometimes photo sharing apps don’t work across different devices.

Introducing shared albums – a fast and simple way to pool photos with friends and family, no matter what device everyone’s on.

Just select photos and tap “New shared album” to create a link with collaboration on. Friends and family with the link can add photos, get updates, and save photos with just a tap.

Shared albums are rolling out now on Android, iOS, and the web.
• On Android, shared albums will automatically become available in the app, as long as you have v1.10 in the Play Store:
• On iOS, get the v1.6 update in the App Store:
• Shared albums are available now on

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Pretty much the dopest thing you'll watch this week.

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M is For Android Marshmallow. Time to enjoy another tasty treat from the Android team. The official Android 6.0 SDK is live for app developers! #AndroidDev #AndroidMarshmallow

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