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Unusual Solar Inventions
Imagine our world just fifty years ago. There was no moon landing yet and space exploration was still in its infancy. There were no such things as personal computers or even cell phones, we relied upon land lines for our telecommunication needs, hardly an e...

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Save Money on Tech Buys
As technology continues to advance at a blistering pace, we become more tied to the conveniences afforded by electronic gadgets and integrate them into the very fabric of our lives.  The never-ending evolution of high tech goods is a mixed blessing; making ...

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Windows Phone 8 vs iPhone 5
The smartphone has been around for quite a while now. However, when Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, it changed everything. Everything was finally wrapped together in one nice, tight, and very slick package. Before long, the copycats began to surface. T...

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Google+ Comments for WordPress plugin
Now if you ask your user to
create an account before they can leave any comment then you are actually
asking that user to leave your page as this site is not for them because
nowadays leaving a comment has become much easier. They just need to have an

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Looking For a Smartphone – Which OS is Best for You?
Ready to buy a smartphone , but confused by the plethora of options available these days? Picking an operating system (OS) helps narrow down your choices quite a bit. Currently, there are four major smartphone operating systems, or platforms.  Here are a fe...

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How Mobile Apps Developers Can Save Smartphone Battery
Free applications have to make money by bombarding users with advertisements. They’re generated by specialised iAd network servers which generate advertisements based on things like the location, age, and gender of the user. It’s why you can have a differen...

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Getting quick access to your saved Files across all your Devices using Dropbox
With over 200 million users dropbox is the top rated online file storage and syncing utility available on all devices.  According to one of the stats, around 1 billion files are uploaded at every 24 hours to dropbox servers. Now that's a huge number. Well, ...

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iPad Mini Retina 2- Worth the wait?
The scene - The last leg of 2013 has been exciting for many gadget freaks and also consumers alike. We saw the release of a slew of i products from Apple and also several droid smartphones flooding the market. People have been waiting for iPad Mini 2 Retina...



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Fresh Wallpapers in 2014 for Your Smartphone
Spice up your smartphone with some of the latest crispy wallpapers you can Google on net. Here are couple of hand-picked HD pics to lessen your efforts. A collection made of beautifully designed awesomeness for you. Razor sharp images with beautiful color t...
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