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We are no longer supporting the Vibrant due to the inability to dial 911. We consider the issues related to this unresolvable without source code from Samsung related to the Radio interface layer and its interactions with the Audio layers and have taken the decision to no longer support this. We apologize for the inconvenience and strongly suggest that Vibrant users use a Samsung ROM due to the 911 issues with any ROMs based on open source code.

-SGS Team/Team Hacksung/Teamdouche

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Can you explain why? I mean, you state your reasons above, but it isn't clear why the above warrants stopping support for the Vibrant.
+Andres Ruiz the above situation is a very severe issue in terms of public safety, our liability and responsibility to the community. We have been aware of this bug for a while, and have been working on how to resolve it, with no success. In the end, CM source is used in a variety of ROM's in the community, potentially impacting users outside of our immediate ecosystem. While some may see this as an issue that we can just acknowledge and move on from, the consequences of an actual emergency situation going wrong are not one we want to be a part of, whether the user is on CM or a derivative. The code base will remain present, hopefully a fix can be had; but until that day, we will not be releasing any further ROMs for the Vibrant.

I hope this helps clarify our thought process.
I applaud your commitment to the safety of your users. Is there anywhere that users could apply pressure? Could Samsung resolve this? What would be a productive move for those who dream of their Cyanogen modded Vibrants working out?
ok i own a vibrant but i've moved out of US. So there is no use of 911 for me anyways.I understand your position, but can you atleast provide the best alternative? Actually i'm running CM9 beta 2.5.1 at the moment. Does it mean you are going to stop further developments on this also?
+Akash Ramani the vibrant shares a common code base with the i9000 and captivate; so code that will work 'for' it will continue to be produced and in our github repo for others to work on if they want. What we won't do is continue to offer something that we feel has a legitimate safety issue, and one we can't fix on our own. In regards to CM9 for the vibrant, yes, this means further development on vibrant specific issues will be stopped.

As for best alternatives, I do not honestly know, as it has been a long time since I flashed anything outside of CM :s. Check out XDA for others (maybe a teamwhiskey release?)
I very much respect the decision of the team to do this. It is unquestionably the right thing to do. Question: does this same issue affect other SGS devices in the US? (Epic, Fascinate, Captivate)
So knowing that the vibrant will not be developed any further,will the wiki build instructions still work for people that want to deal with the risk, just no more nightlies or stable builds, or is the vibrant being stopped altogether?
+Ray Dull removing anything from the internet is impossible ;) The builds as they exist now are still available for those willing to take the risk and burden on their own shoulders. By dropping support, we are speaking to future development and Vibrant specific bugs on the tracker
ok, but more specifically what I was asking was since the major changes between devices are in the kernel, will the kernel source if I build for vibrant still keep getting the aries common changes,or is there someone that has to merge changes for the vibrant separately that won't be doing that anymore?
Since the other aries devices are in active development, any code sent to the aries common repo will be available for the Vibrant; that said, someone would have to cherrypick any additional changes for the Vibrant, and update mk files accordingly.
ok,then sounds like I have some work ahead of me,thanks.
Copying this comment from my response to you +Ray Dull on androidspin:

The patch:,7535

I would like to clarify that patch; but first a little history before that patch existed. Prior to that patch (which borrows code from the Nexus S); all e911 calls would fail, either by pushing the phone into airplane mode, or simply silently dropping the call. As the patch is titled, it did indeed fix e911 calling (emphasis on calling) for the SGS devices (aries based). However, even with that patch, the e911 calls made on Vibrant (in combination with Tmobile) would complete the call, but without audio. This becomes a situation where, if a 911 call is made, and the operator cannot hear the other end, they will assume the caller is unable to speak, thereby dispatching emergency services (which incidentally, Android sends GPS data along with e911 calls – which is also wonky, to say the least, on the Vibrant as a platform)

As for the patch itself, I have asked a CM team member to add a comment to further clarify.
OK,sounds good. So I'd guess the only way to truly fix this would be for a ton of us to bug Samsung to release the source?
How can I tell if the version of Android I have loaded on a Vibrant can't properly dial 911. I rooted my girlfriends phone to put an updated version but I don't want her to have issues dialing 911 if the need ever arises.
Thats actually a really good question, what would be the right way to test without actually calling them and telling them its a test? In some cases they still send people even if it is a test,and if the bug is present, they won't be able to hear you.
+Ray Dull +Jose Martinez Calling will always be the sure fire method; but as that is an abuse of the system, I can't recommend that. With that stated; any ROM that uses the Samsung RIL and Framework (that is a touchwiz ROM) is unaffected and working properly. If you have any questions regarding your ROM and the RIL used, you will have to contact your particular ROM dev.
A somewhat related question, why is the gps still wonky? Isn't it the same gps as the Galaxy S international or Nexus S?
Vibrant GPS hardware is crap. I can't even begin to say that statement in kinder terms
I'm not a developer but what is the difference from the SGH-T959V and the SGH-T959. Could you use the source code for the SGH-T959V for the Vibrant? I see they have the gingerbread source up there.
T959v is the galaxy s 4g (as sold in the US)...and no, its not of any help for this issue
I'd like to learn more about the issues you've faced. Why is the Vibrant differ so much in terms of hardware to the point where all other Galaxy S variants have already seen a successful upgrade? When you say GPS is crap hardware, are you simply referring to hardware or would software be able to fix it (or at least make the best out of a bad situation) if you had access to it?

I hope this ends up in tech news... maybe as a lesson or, with little hope, a way to make Samsung give out the rest of the code. Proprietary... ugh. Thanks for the support you've given. It's BS that they're making us simply disregard their crap support by just buying another phone. What kind of service is that? Who does that in any other service sector?!
+John Sparakov The issues are a combination of hardware and software. The RIL (Radio Interface Layer) is specialized software that allows for the phone to be a phone (placing calls and etc). e911 Service is another specialized feature. It's purpose is to allow for 911 calling and GPS location data to be sent upon an emergency call. This function is special in that it works on deactivated phones, phones in locked condition, or phones that haven't had service for years. Being a specialized tool, the RIL is setup to handle it equally as specially. Unfortunately, Samsung (on the Vibrant and Epic) used non-standard code to handle this functionality. We were able to patch the inability to dial e911, but the audio still fails on these 2 devices. In addition, the initial SGS devices across the line have been shown to have horrible GPS hardware, taking long times to get satellite locks. Software fixes have been attempted, but its not gonna get any better beyond 'working'. The GPS issue coupled with the e911 audio routing failure leaves 2 points on failure for e911: the inability for callers to speak, and the inability for dispatchers to provide accurate GPS data.
Where's a Samsung official ROM and how do I switch back? I barely know what I'm doing when it comes to hacking my phone, and only got Cyanogen on there by following step by step instructions
Who might we talk to or pressure to get Samsung to release this code? Sounds like to me, with such horrible GPS to begin with, Samsung's e911 functionality isn't satisfactory in the first place and they should offer a fix themselves.
Xda's vibrant subforum has a collection of stock and stock-rooted roms
+Abhisek Devkota: are there instructions somewhere on how to get a stock ROM back onto a phone that's already been rooted and had Cyanogen placed onto it?
+Shivian Balaris likewise, on the XDA Vibrant subforums, you will find instructions for Odin/Heimdall and returning to stock.

+Jason Blasi They could easily argue that while GPS is flaky, voice works, allowing for proper facilitation of 911 dispatches. As for pressure, maybe you can bug SamsungJohn on twitter or something, but given the age and relative lack of support they have given to their gen1 devices as a whole, don't expect much.

I would also like to reiterate that as this affects the epic as well, we have not given up looking for a solution ourselves, just, no roms will be released and no other bugs will be considered until a solution is found.
+Abhisek Devkota I could easily say that not everybody is able to speak in an emergency situation where they are critically hurt. This, to me, is worth getting on twitter and other social network forums because I have an Epic 4g(yet to even be supported by CM) and my gf has a Vibrant with CM7.1 on it now. :(

However, I agree with the position on no longer supporting these devices due to this problem without a solution. You guys do amazing work and to not be given the tools to make Samsung's and other companies phones a worthwhile investment is a disappointment to say the least.
+Abhisek Devkota I did . Was just hoping it could be modified to work with the Vibrant. Thanks for responding to my questions.
The issue is severe and is a good reason to stop supporting vibrant in cm. But as for other countries such as China which use 110 instead of 911 this issue is no big problem. I knew that the ril issue is tricky. Hope someone else would do a good job on keep it available. I really appreciate for your jobs.
+Abhisek Devkota I'm using my Vibrant in Australia, where the emergency code is 000. Is this bug specific to 911, or should I be concerned about this issue too? i.e. Does it affect all emergency dialling, or just 911?
From your own link:

"911 Works ? No, I am not sure at all.Frankly, I haven't tested. But as per latest PM from atinm, I am told 911 with SIM CARD works.
Without sim card doesn't. You are warned!"

That is not a 100% working e911. But, it is using our sources, and atinm is obviously aware of at least partial working behavior. Can't promise the device will get re-added as official, but it does look like some progress has been made.
Yes its really strange since it works for me with and without the sim. But I am hoping that official support will be re-added as the vibrant is the probably the most popular android phone in the US.
I have almost no coding experience but I can definitely test things, and I'm good at coming up with random ideas. 2 maintainers would be a great idea. I'm on IRC all day every day anyway, I'm up for it.
+Ray Dull I have high level programming experience (i.e. programs/apps, not operating systems), I've been trying to fix the headset buttons not working. I'm up for it. Which IRC are you in?
pretty much everything android related on freenode, lets see: #android, #android-dev, #htc-linux, #htc-linux-chat, #cyanogenmod, #cyanogenmod-dev, #cmsgs, #koush, #xdandroid, ##icssgs, #aospsgs2, #htc-evo, #dinc. < Thats my normal channel list. You're good at programming and I'm good at dealing with users. This could work out well.
If sammy does not want to release the source code needed they suck because cyanogenmod rocks in vibrant so far.
This is a really old post; we've actually already fixed the issue... :)
oh the think is that I was searching for a cyanogenmod 9 release for vibrant and I just found lots of posts like this one
So is vibrant support being dropped even thought the issue was fixed?
Check the date. This is old and has since been fixed.
I know its been fixed. I meant even though it has been fixed there aren't any new builds of CM for the vibrant. I was just wondering if it would get CM9
But Vibrant does have new builds, including 7.2 RC1; and a new yes?
CM9 on my vibrant!!! Cant wait.. You guys are awesome!