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शीतला माता पूजा विधि - शीतला अष्टमी व्रत विधि
शीतला अष्टमी व्रत चैत्र कृष्णा पक्ष अष्टमी को मनाया जाता हे । निचे विस्तृत रूप में शीतला अष्टमी व्रत विधि पड़ सकता हे ।  सप्तमी के दिन  अष्टमी से पहले दिन यानी सप्तमी तिथि को शाम को सूर्य ढलने के पश्चात तेल और गुड़ में खाने-पीने की
वस्तुएं मीठी रोटी, मीठे च...

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Hindu Blog has created this new 'page' on Google + as a blog. Please join us! All updates will be available on Hindu Blog page.

Hari Om

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The chief aim of our religious exercises is to gain prosperity, good health and triumph over our adversaries. We flatter our gods with prayers, bribe them with offerings ‘wash’ our sins in sacred rivers and pay priests to carry out expensive rituals on our behalf. Even thugs and thieves do all these things in the hope, they will gain supernatural assistance in the performance of their nefarious deeds. This kind of religion does more harm than good.
Shri N. Kulkarni
Illustrated Weekly of India of 26th January 1973, Page 10.

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Ramayan in English with 660 miniature Paintings collected from Museums around the world. Perhaps the most illustrated Ramayana in the world.

The French version of it is already released.

All this is done by a team of French professionals. Salute the commitment and hard work of these professionals.

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Twenty monks and a nun were studying Zen under a master. The nun was stunningly beautiful. One of the young monks secretly wrote her a letter, declaring his love and asking her to meet him secretly.

The next day when the master finished his lecture, the nun stood up quietly.

She then looked towards the young monk and said loudly “if you really love me so deeply, come and embrace me now.”

A Zen Story

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After the great Mahabharat war, the Pandavas ruled the kingdom for 36 years. Then they decided to relinquish their kingdom and go on their last journey – Sanyasa and Vanaprastham. The five Pandava brothers – Yudhishtira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva –and their wife Draupadi left for the Himalayas. They were followed by a Dog.

The apparent multiplication of gods is bewildering at the first glance, but you soon discover that they are the same GOD. There is always one uttermost God who defies personification. This makes Hinduism the most tolerant religion in the world, because its one transcendent God includes all possible gods. In fact Hinduism is so elastic and so subtle that the most profound Methodist, and crudest idolater, are equally at home with it. ----- George Bernard Shaw

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For millions of people Diwali is the most cherished day because it takes them back to the roots – we go home to join our family, parents and relatives. But not all are lucky – job and numerous other reasons keep us away from home on the occasion of Diwali. For such people it is the memories of Diwali celebrated that brings a smile.

Away, at home or at work, we cannot keep Diwali out because it is part of our life. Diwali day is special.

But there are so many people who are unlucky – who cannot make the day special.

We can make our Diwali day more special and even happier if we can bring smile on the face of an unlucky person. Make an effort to bring smile on an unlucky person this Diwali and make it more special.

Happy Diwali….

Let there be peace, prosperity and happiness always….

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih
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