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Beyond Opennes, the Presentation by +Simone Cicero at Open Design / Shared Creativity Festival, Barcelona is awesome and should be studied in-depth, discussed widely. Bringing clarity to evolution of P2P, sharing and collaboration paradigm going on in the economic, social and cultural spheres
This presentation was given as the Opening Keynote of Open Design / Shared Creativity Festival DAY 2 - In Barcelona on July the1st 2014 What does it mean today to be open, from a more holistic point of view: overcoming the open for the sake of openness approach towards a more pragmatic one, focused on meaning and impact. Beyond openness, there’s a lot of things one can do to make an open project really successful. The session will seek to define ...
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Abhijit Prabhudan

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Hierarchy is outdated. The age-old system originally designed by the military and adopted by corporate America has been rendered obsolete for the simple fact that it promotes irrelevance. Here’s why.
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Hierarchies in management are irrelevant
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Every startup I see invariably puts up a competitive analysis slide that plots performance on a X/Y graph with their company in the top right. The slide is a holdover from when existing companies l...
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If networks are the new companies, then what does a connected enterprise look like? connected enterprise.001 · connected enterprise.002 · connected enterprise.003 · connected enterprise.004 · connected enterprise.005 · connected enterprise.006 ...
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a nice write-up of what I am doing there,

I have the slides of the accepted research plan, just email me in case of interest
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