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What's most important?

What is most important to you when having your forklift repaired?
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speed of repair
quality of repair
warranty of service provided

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Gross bloody attempt by German filmmakers at humor. I suppose that it belongs here, since, at heart, it does preach forklift driver caution.

German audio with English subtitles.

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From a 1958 performance: a forklift delivers early rocker Duane Eddy and his four-piece band from the rear of the Miami Beach Auditorium to its stage.

It's a good thing that they were just miming to a recording. The wires to their amps could've been a problem during their forklift ride.

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We've acquired a new Mohawk mobile lift system for forklifts. To coin a phrase, "If the forklift won't come to the lift, the lift must go to the forklift." It's a clever system that lets us lift any truck inside our shop, regardless of its location, up to a vehicle weight of 36,000 pounds.

The arms on both posts are controlled simultaneously from a single control pad.

We predict that this system will allow us to turn around most forklift repair jobs faster than ever.

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We've brought a new website ( on-line. Can you suggest ways that we can improve its usefulness?

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Nissan forklift for rent

#forklift #fortlauderdale #browardcounty  

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Our web presence
How do you like our new Google+ business site? We like it because it's easy to post articles, links, videos, etc., without calling in "the computer guy".

Russ Bellew set up this site for us. He's located in Fort Lauderdale. He does websites, search engine optimization (SEO), computer networks . . . almost anything that concerns computers.


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The iBattery™  asset management system
This looks like a good system for users of multiple electric forklifts. Monitoring voltage, current, water level and temperature during charging makes sense in our sweltering hot south Florida summers. Overcharging batteries at high temperatures is brutal on batteries and shortens their lifetimes.

Extending the useful lifetimes of a few forklift batteries could pay for this system. Contact for pricing.

Read the iBattery™ system description:

Thanks to the original poster.

  #forklift #forkliftbattery #forkliftoperators  
 Lead-acid batteries for an electric #lifttruck can cost almost as much as the purchase price of the actual lift truck. Find out what you can do to #optimize #battery life and performance.

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Forklift specialists in Pompano Beach, Florida
Expert forklift sales, service, and rental in South Florida, USA, just north of Fort Lauderdale. Call (954) 942-0333  #forklift  
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