.. So let's start with The first tip ..
From our long experience (since 1929 abert and since 1818 broggi ) we want to point out the precautions in the use of knives in stainless steel.
Cutlery care.
All our knives contain a high element of carbon which enables the retention of sharp cutting edge. hovewer, this high carbon content reacts initially with various washing detergents and may cause the knives to stain. these stains are removable and stop appearing once cutlery is regularly used and our washing guide followed.
guide to caring for your cutlery :
--- when the cutlery is washed it should always be dried immediately
--- on no account should the knives be left to drain dry, otherwise stains will start appearing. At this stage the stains are easily removable, hovewer we cannot guarantee the removal of the stains if they are left to build up
--- on no account leave the knives to stand in either water or a dishwasher for long periods at the time
--- the knives should not touch other cutlery when being washed in a dishwasher
--- wherever possible avoid unnecessary contact with other metal objects when being washed

These simple steps will allow you to keep your knives in perfect condition.
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