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Abe Rahey

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Yep! Wow is the best way to describe that!
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Abe Rahey

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Haven't had time to watch this yet, but I already know it's going to be #epic .

+Disney  #StarWars   #Disney   #TheForceAwakens   #Epic  
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#awesome#what a wonderful movie.

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Abe Rahey

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You are in the presence of George Augustus, Duke of Brunswick-Lunenburg, arch-treasurer and prince-elector of the Holy Roman Empire, King of Great Britain and Ireland, and of you.

Also, I love Ian McShane. Whenever he speaks, regardless of what movie he's in, his voice just oozes swagoo.
From Disney and Producer Jerry Bruckheimer comes all the fun, epic adventure and humor that ignited the original. Johnny Depp returns as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of The...
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Abe Rahey

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I haven't even seen this trailer yet, and I know it's going to be #epic .

Here's the latest Avengers 2: Age of Ultron trailer. Keep up the good work, +Marvel Entertainment!

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Red eyes. Hmmm. What could that possibly mean? :)
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Abe Rahey

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Combining two of my favorites... Courtesy of +Wen-Ai Yu​​!

#GreenLantern   #InBrightestDay   #Minions   #SuperheroDutyNeverEnds   #Epic  
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yay, glad you got it! thanks for the delivery, +Austin Chang :)
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Abe Rahey

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Tonight's movie... one of my all-time favorites.

So much <3 for Toothless.

#HowToTrainYourDragon2   #Dragon2   #Toothless   #Epic  
From the Academy Award® nominated film How to Train Your Dragon comes the next chapter in the epic trilogy. When Hiccup and Toothless discover a secret ice cave filled with hu...
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The first was epic. The second was shockingly more epic that the amount of epic that dripped from it spawned a dragon right in front of me.
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Abe Rahey

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Very enlightening video. Stick around until the end for a message of #hope .

#WorldWar2   #History   #Peace   #War   #TheLongPeace  
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Abe Rahey

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I'm a little late to posting the teaser for this, but wow... Wow. Cannot wait!

#Bond #JamesBond #Spectre #DanielCraig #ChristophWaltz #WorldDomination #WeHavePeopleEverywhere #Epic
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Abe Rahey

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I can always put aside everything else when you share a new trailer Abe :)
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Abe Rahey

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I'm a huge fan of On Demand services, along with companies that bring services / experiences into the privacy of my own home. Being able to make myself look good in private (I need professional help), prior to saving the world, is one of the many reasons why I backed a startup named Pamper... And today I'm pleased to announce that they've launched their Android and iOS app, and are now available in the South Bay / SF Bay Area (with further city expansions coming soon)!


#Pamper   #GetPamper   #Beauty   #PersonalCare   #YesTheyTakeCareOfMenToo   #SuperheroDutyNeverEnds  
Beauty in your home. Pamper App connects you with top tier beauty and body professionals. Available on iOS and Android. Book same or next-day blowouts, manicures, facials, or private yoga sessions to your home.
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I see they also have Pilates. And waxing. And "date night" stuff. The concept of having someone dress you up for a date is blowing my mind.
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Abe Rahey

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I've been waiting for this router (announced Summer 2014) to finally drop. It's had numerous delays, but it appears to have finally secured FCC approval on December 19th, 2014! (Per

I currently have the ASUS RT-N66U "Dark Knight" router, and have been in love with it ever since I got it. 

And yes, the number of antennas is absurd... And I love it. :)

#Wifi   #NeedForSpeed   #NoSuchThingAsTooMuch   #Epic  
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Unfortunately, for range you want 2.4Gz if you can keep your neighbors out of it. But all of the beamforming magic is helping to even things out.
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Abe Rahey

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Goosebumps. Just serious goosebumps.

Star Wars - Episode 7: The Force Awakens

Just one year away! Can't wait, +Disney!

#StarWars   #TheForceAwakens   #Episode7   #Disney   #Lucas   #Epic  
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Cant wait! 
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Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

From Disney and Producer Jerry Bruckheimer comes all the fun, epic adventure and humor that ignited the original. Johnny Depp returns as Cap


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Alcove Room upgrade was amazing - the views of the Universal Studios Park are stunning.
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